How to Use Crystals

Whether you believe in the magic of crystals or not, one thing is for certain and it’s that for those that choose to believe, the healing powers of crystals work. While many argue on the science behind crystals, to me, it’s beyond that. For me, using crystals is an effective way to connect positive intentions with a beautiful, natural stone that reminds me of my intentions all while doubling as beautiful decor. Using crystals takes a conscious effort to not only open your mind to their magic but also your heart. For those that believe, the results will blow you away!

How Do Crystals Work?

Did you know that our technological devices actually use clear quartz to communicate? There has also been scientific evidence done by IBM scientist Marcel Vogel that when watching crystals grow, he observed that their shape changed depending on what he was thinking about. He also found that clear quartz was actually able to store thoughts after testing their metaphysical power, how crazy is that?

We must also remember that everything in life is energy and vibration which means by simply believing in the crystal’s power while using it will create beautiful, healing moments. With all of the clutter that runs wild in our minds, with all of the noise from the outside world, for me crystals quiet and calm this. Using crystals allows me to disconnect from the noise and, instead, reconnect to my truest intentions. Seeing them daily also serves as a constant reminder of the intentions I gave to the stone so it really does hold you accountable in a beautiful way.

Which Crystal is Best For Me?

When picking out your first crystal, don’t overthink it! First, think about what you would like to accomplish with the stong. Whether you want a better job, protection from negativity, more compassion, or abundance, write down your intentions for your new stone so you have a goal in mind. Ask yourself, what am I looking for more of in my life? Courage? Confidence? Wealth? Success? Your answer here will determine which stone is best for you.

Next, browse through the crystals I carry here. Take some time to notice their beauty and read a little more about each stone and what they are used best for. Let your intuition guide you here. When you find the one, you will know. Here are some of the current stones I carry and what they are best for!

  • Black Tourmaline Quartz– Clarity, Anxiety, Making Choices, Growth & Joy.
  • Blossoming Bunny Kit– A custom mix to encourage Compassion, Positivity, Growth & Healing.
  • Cherry Blossom– Softness, Feminity, Growth, Trauma & Confidence.
  • Citrine– Abundance, Creativity, Protection, Happiness & Positivity.
  • Clear Quartz– Manifesting, Energy, Calming, Clarity & Healing.
  • Fluorite– Healing, Health, Detox, Removing Negativity, Focus, Making Choices & Happiness.
  • Howlite– Inspiration, Expression, Calming, Inner Strength, Grounding & Patience.
  • Lapis Lazuli– Speaking Your Truth, Intuition, Protection, Self Expression & Peace.
  • Rainbow Calcite– Heart Awakening, Releasing Negativity, Healing & Emotional Trauma.
  • Rose Quartz– Love, Healing, Compassion, Peace, Romance & Connection.
  • Selenite– Worry, Healing, Absorbing Negativity, Fertility & Clarity.

I also highly suggest ordering this Crystals Guide alongside your crystal as it was my personal favorite when getting into them last year. Many books can be confusing and complicated but this book really keeps it simple and to the point, letting you know more about the varying stones, their magic, and how to use them best.

Setting Your Intentions-

Once you get your stone home, it’s time to cleanse it. This means removing any energy that is currently attached to the stone, it does not always mean physically cleansing. There are many ways to do this. You can surround your stone with smoke from Palo Santo or Sage OR you can simply leave your stone under the moonlight for at least 4-5 hours.

Once your stone is cleansed of anyone else’s energy, it’s time to give it a job which means setting an intention! Setting an intention is simple, it really is just giving your stone a clear purpose or call to action. Intentions are powerful and they work so pick your intention and watch the stone make it happen! Take some time to again review what you’d like more of in your life. Here is an example of an intention I have set and watched come to life.

Intention Setting With Selenite- After taking many deep, calm breaths in, I held my Selenite Worry Stone and admired its beauty, connecting with it. I admire all of its unique inclusions and markings while sending loving and grateful thoughts to the stone. Because Selenite absorbs negative energy, I asked the stone to suck the negativity out of my body and life, and then, I actually pictured it sucking it out like a vacuum. You can get creative here, sometimes I would move the stone around areas that felt tense and literally picture it being sucked right out of me and locked inside the stone, banished forever. I also picture it’s white, healing, glow surrounding me fully, and protecting me from outside evil. Picturing a white glow surrounding your body for protection works wonders.

I also love writing down my intentions on a torn piece of paper. Rip up a little piece of paper and set your intentions on paper first. Then, fold it up and place it under your stone as another way to serve as a reminder. I then place the note and stone in a place where I can see it always.

I also tried to write notes and the best ways to use each stone on the pages they are on so you can always refer back to each page for more info! Overall, crystals really are amazing ways to reconnect with what is most important to you. Many people overthink or question crystals but that defeats their purpose. If you believe in their magic and if you put in the work, your life will change for the better.

Organic Bunny crystal orders over $125 come in a luxury blush pouch!

Crystal Jewelry & Decor-

For those that really love crystals, I also carry handmade crystal jewelry and gemstone-infused beauty products! Be sure to browse the gemstone section of my store to find gemstone-infused candles, bath bombs & more!

Need Help Choosing a Crystal?

Need help choosing the perfect crystal for you or a friend? Email us at any time for help! [email protected]

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