The Farmer’s Dog Review

As many of you know by now, I am extremely anti-dog kibble. Not only is it not a well-balanced, fresh meal, the links to numerous health problems and the fact that it is high heat processed and likely carcinogenic was enough for me to know I had to dump it. Also, according to Dogs Naturally magazine, a study of 522 dogs by Lippert and Sapy (2003) showed that dogs who were fed high-quality, freshly made, real food diets had an average life expectancy of 13.1 years versus just 10.4 years for dogs fed commercially processed pet food! That’s an extra THREE years, hopefully, with your favorite fur baby. Not to mention, once you get your pets off kibble or low-quality food, you will be blown away at how much healthier they become. Any skin issues or allergies will often clear up and their coat becomes so shiny and strong!

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Why I Don’t Take Synthetic Birth Control

Please remember- I am NOT a doctor and this is NOT medical advice, however, I will be noting much of my information from two doctors I trust to speak on this topic. You must always find your own doctor to assist with your health and hormones, but be sure to find one with values and methods that align with yours!

Many of you know how much I avoid synthetic drugs as often as possible, so one of the most frequent questions I get here is what do you do about birth control!? While many people think things like hormone-free IUD’s may be a better option, the sad reality is, anything your doctor may suggest for you can come with a slew of side effects, yes, even non-hormonal options and thousands of women are suffering because of it. I honestly have never had more messages, from any other topic, than this one which truly has me heartbroken to learn that so many women are struggling to clean up the mess their birth control has left them with.

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How to Make Your Own Dog Food

When it comes to choosing the best food for your pets, it can be so very overwhelming. Depending on who you ask, you can get a million different responses on what the best diet is for dogs. Grain-free, raw, soy-free, corn-free, Vegan, so, who do you trust? I can not tell you that one, but, what I can tell you is the route we took in hopes that it helps you decide what’s best for you and your pet as well!

For the last few years, I was feeding my dogs Acana dog food thinking it was a more “high end” and clean option, however, after watching the pet food documentary called Pet Fooled I, unfortunately, learned that even nicer brands of kibble, like my fave Acana, can become carcinogenic due to being heated at high levels that in return creates a carcinogenic effect which, for us meant, bye-bye to all kibble. I wanted to have a blog on how we make our dog food but please note, this is just our personal routine and you should look for your own holistic vet in your area to get the perfect, well-balanced diet for your pet!

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Got Botox? I Don’t, Here’s Why

Let’s talk about it, the elephant in the green beauty room, botox, and fillers. One of the most common questions I get here is women asking me if I have had any work done to my face and the honest answer is no, never. For me, personally, it would feel incredibly misleading and deceptive to know I had work done but, instead, passed it off as some magical skin care item or healthy diet.

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