Teaonic Wellness Tea Review

If you’re a tea lover like I am, get excited because I have just discovered a brand new brewed, bottled, and ready-to-drink herbal wellness tea from a company called Teaonic! This line of herbal tea tonics is unique because the teas are specially made to address the common health needs of today! From detoxifying the liver and aiding digestion to relieving stress, and suppressing the appetite, Teaonic really does have a wide variety of wellness teas to treat the issue of your choice!

Not only are the Teaonic teas great for you, they’re also Organic and all-natural, with no sugar, no calories, and no artificial flavors or preservatives. And, for icing on the cake, they are made locally in Los Angeles, in their very own micro-tea-brewery.

So, How Do They Taste?

These teas have a very “tea” taste to them because, well… they are pretty much just blends of teas, roots, berries and plant extracts! Because there is no added sugar, these teas are not sweet, however, you can always add an Organic sweetener of your choice if you need that extra sweetness.

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Smokey Eye Essentials

Today’s Friday Favorite definitely goes to this Zuii Organic Black Diamond eyeshadow as it really is the very best black, non-toxic color I have come across so far. Because I love, love a smokey eye, I have gone through so many different natural black shadows but have never really been satisfied with any of them entirely besides this one.

I tried this color months ago and loved it, but after trying out several others since then, I can confidently say that this is my favorite. Not only does it apply heavily pigmented, it lasts all day and has yet to crease up on me. I also love using this shadow as a bottom eyeliner, simply use a thin brush to apply this to the lower lash and bam, you have yourself the perfect smokey eye.

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What’s Really In Vaseline Products?

While I applaud Vaseline’s recent attempt to glamorize their brand, it’s pretty disturbing to know that people around the world are being fooled into thinking these products are safe! As you know by now, skin is our largest organ, soaking up almost everything we apply to it, which is why it is not ok to be lathering up in Vaseline’s products, packed full of some of the worst ingredients ever! Wondering what’s inside?

First of all, Vaseline uses synthetic fragrances which can totally disrupt our hormones as well as cause allergic reactions. This product also contains Propylparaben AND Methylparaben, both known to mimic estrogen, causing healthy cells to survive like cancerous cells. Parabens continuously turn up in biopsies which is why I will never ever touch a product that contains them, ever! Vaseline then uses Phenoxyethanol, a potential neurotoxin that is known to depress the central nervous system. Long story short, Vaseline is not a brand that is safe to use daily and there really is no reason to when SO many organic and natural alternatives are out there!

Some safer moisturizing lines to look into are TASTYFACE OrganicsK.Vossnyc or MAHALO. All of these lines have Organic, Natural body moisturizers that work amazing and that will never put your health at risk. Even better, code organicbunny will get you a discount at checkout! Be sure to share this with a Vaseline loving friend.

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Henne Organics Lip Balm Review

Growing up I was super addicted to those Carmex lip pots, however, knowing what I now know today about conventional lip balm’s, the only products I will use are natural/non-toxic, which is why these Henne Organics Lip Balm’s are some of my absolute favorite, must-have products, some I keep in my purse at all times. Not only are these Lip Balms made entirely from 100% Natural and Organic ingredients, they hydrate my lips for hours, all while looking super chic in their quality, high-end Miron Violet glass packaging. They also are Cruelty-free and USDA Certified Organic which means you won’t have to ever worry about what’s hiding inside of these!

So, wondering exactly what these products are made from? Henne Organics Lip Balms are made with:

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