Clean Swap for NARS Orgasm

Back when I used to use conventional cosmetics, one of my all-time favorite blushes was Orgasm by NARS which is why I was so excited to come across a cleaner swap that really looks almost identical! Formulated Talc Free, with Certified Organic Rose petals to soothe and tone, Jasmine buds to encourage the repair of scar tissue, and Chamomile flowers to further calm the skin, this Melon Blush by Zuii Organic really is the perfect swap for those in need of a cleaner Orgasm dupe!

Shop Melon Blush $29

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What To Expect When Switching to Green Beauty

One of the most common emails we see here at Organic Bunny is from people switching to new, cleaner routines and not getting the results they were hoping for right away. So, today’s Skin Saving Sunday tip for those transitioning into green beauty is to remember- many things can disrupt your transition from conventional to clean, however, one major cause, that we see almost daily, is that people are still using irritating products alongside their new, much gentler options OR, they are not using their new products exactly as directed.

While we never insist people buy everything at once, we do strongly urge people at least swap out the same areas of the skin together as using an irritating cleanser but then using a gentle lotion over, can sometimes be pointless as you are still irritating the skin with the harsh cleanser. When it comes to your face, it is most ideal to stop everything conventional entirely, literally stop everything, and allow your skin that time to adjust, detox, and rebalance. 

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Best Natural Products to Pack for a Mani Pedi

It’s rare I find time to get a pedicure these days but when I do, you better believe I like to pack my own products to bring along! I have done this a zillion times and I’ve never had any issues with a salon not letting me, you may get a few weird looks but hey, people already think we’re crazy so you might as well just go for it! I usually just ask them when I check in if they will be able to use my products due to having allergies to certain things. This just makes it easier for them to understand instead of trying to explain why you do not want to use their most likely toxic products. So, to give you a better idea of how I go about this, here are my favorite items to pack when pedicure bound!

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