How To Make Clean Protein Shakes

Starting up my new Organic Bunny store has been so much fun, however, my body and overall fitness frequency has taken a serious back seat to it all. That, in combination with wedding planning, home renovations and just life in general really has me in need of a serious health revamp which is why I am going to start posting more healthy recipes to keep myself accountable and hopefully inspire others to do the same! Sometimes we can’t do it all, and that’s ok, but it doesn’t mean that at any point we can’t simply choose to hit the reset button so that’s exactly what I am going to do starting now!

This morning, I really did not want to go on a run but, I forced myself to while the dogs still slept. I woke up, made myself a clean pre-workout drink using the Rootz Nutrition Paleo Energizing Superfood and off I went. The key to making changes is to flat out just start them, it’s really the only option! Just get up, put the workout clothes and force yourself out the door 🙂 I love using this pre-workout drink also because it really does give me a serious boost of clean energy, made with only natural forms of caffeine like Yerba Matte, Asian Ginseng, Matcha Green Tea and more! Simply mix this with water, add a little ice for tastiness and within 30 minutes you will feel a powerful boost of energy for an amazing workout, without the crash.

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Quick Get the Look

So, you all have been asking me to type up a list of products I use in my videos so, here it is! Today, I did a quick Insta-story on a fun everyday look and to make ordering the items easier, here is what I used! Everything used is available in my new online Organic Bunny store which packs the same day and ships super fast with 2-day Priority shipping! Any order over $125 also gets FREE shipping which is nice if you need to stock up on new clean items.

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Best Supplements- MegaFood

Because I have been on the quest for truly clean supplements for some time now, I just had to update you all that I have finally found a brand I feel great about supporting! Before finding the MegaFood brand, I was using many of the New Chapter vitamins because they were easy for me to access at local health markets, however, after I learned that they were sold to Proctor + Gamble, I personally wanted to find a new brand to support. While I appreciate that more and more big brands are hopping on the Organic + Natural train, it seems so contradicting for me to support a parent brand that still actively produces toxic products. So, while I applaud P+G for buying these Organic brands, I do hope that they clean up their entire roster to prove they’re not just in this for the trend.

With that being said, after I learned all of the above and was bummed I had to change vitamins, the more I researched about supplements, the more I realized how hard it was to produce a really quality one. Many smaller brands were not testing the products properly and so I was left wondering, will I ever find a brand I feel confident in supporting? Feeling frustrated, I emailed my go to girl, Food Babe to get her input on supplements and which she suggests. Sure enough, she also suggested MegaFood which made me feel even more confident with my choice to switch over to them.

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Organic Bunny Approved SPF

Still using conventional sunscreens? If so, check your label for ingredients like Octinoxate, Oxybenzone, Homosalate, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Benzophenones or Fragrance as some are possible carcinogens with links to hormone disruption, endocrine disruption, allergic reactions and more!

Wondering some cleaner forms? This Yerba Mate {SPF30} by 100% Pure is a must-have item you will find in my beach bag at all times as it applies effortlessly which is perfect for fussy husbands or kids all while being 100% Natural and free of all of the above toxic chemicals!

Made with antioxidant-rich Yerba Mate and Non-Nano Zinc, this protects against UVA/UVB damage and yes, it really works! Kyle tested this out for me at a long, hot training day out in the desert and he came home burn free. This is water resistant for 80 minutes, Vegan and doesn’t leave me too white which is always a plus. It does have a bit of a white tint to it but it does rub in easily!

Hitting the pool or beach this weekend? If you order from my store today, you’ll get your clean suncare items in just 2 days! To find this, and all of my other must-have Summer items, head to my online store now!

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