How to Prepare for Fire Season, Naturally

Oh, July, how I love/hate you. On the one hand, you bring the sun! On the other hand, you bring high heat, which, combined with 4th of July illegal fireworks, brings fires. You would think that we would regulate the use of fireworks, given the traumatic outcome of their misuse; however, somehow, they are still not regulated, and the fires blaze on. Last year, we were evacuated for a fire, and sure enough, many more have again erupted overnight after fireworks, so to help those of you who may be in the same boat, I wanted to share how we prepared for the 2023 Fire Season, naturally, of course! Take this seriously too, as you truly never know when your time will come. Be ready!

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Best Natural Beauty Products To Take On Vacation!

Vacations seem to be a year-round thing these days, so I wanted to be sure to have a really great blog post on my personal favorite green beauty travel items for you all to have access to whenever it comes time to plan your next trip! I personally love finding clean and green products but when they come in travel sizes, it’s even better because nothing sucks more than lugging your giant shampoo and conditioners all the way to Mexico and back. After traveling to Berlin, Paris, China, Hong Kong, Cabo, and Tulum within the last few years, I really have found some good travel-friendly items so I hope you enjoy my tips!

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Azulik Resort in Tulum Review

Ah, Azulik Resort in Tulum, I had such high hopes for you! Many of you asked how my stay was at Azulik aka the treehouse hotel in Tulum and sadly, it was a true nightmare. I typically do not like to leave negative reviews but our experience was soooo bad, I had to share for those considering this place as an option as we lost thousands on this place. First, yes, this beach is stunning, the rooms overlooking the water, the outdoor swing, the unique structure… it’s all so instagrammable and fab but, the reality is, your actual stay there is anything but. When choosing this place, we did read that there was no- AC, wifi, showers or electricity and honestly, I thought it sounded fun and romantic as I love a good ocean breeze. Turns out, it’s well, not. In attempt to save others the agony, here is my PRO & CON review of the Azulik Resort in Tulum! And no, our whole trip was not this way, we had so much fun at the other resorts, UNICO was totally worth the money in my opinion and I will share more on that soon.

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tspheres Aromatherapy-Infused Massage Balls

Looking for a natural way to soothe Headaches, Anxiety, Sore Muscles + more? If so, these tspheres Aromatherapy Infused Massage Balls you found in your August Organic Bunny Box are beyond miraculous! ????????✨ Designed to be an at-home solution for various ailments, these massage balls are made from double-purified rubber infused with pure essential oils which allows your system to respond to stress levels naturally! ????

Great for improving your range of motion, lymph flow, oxygen flow and circulation, simply use these balls to relieve symptoms whereever needed! I love how convieniant these are, it really makes them great for taking with to the gym, travel, or just next to my bed for relaxation.

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My Fijian Adventure

If you follow me online, you know by now, thanks to my endless uploads, that I just got back from the most magical vacation in Fiji. At first, I did not want to post a ton of pics to the @organicbunny page, because it’s not directly “Organic” related, but the more time I spent in Fiji, the more I realized it really is such an Organic place, in so many ways! From growing their own fresh fruits and veggies to never using any hormones or antibiotics in their meats, Fiji is an amazing place I really hope you all can visit some day! Many of you also mentioned that you did want to learn more about my trip, as it really is the most perfect place for a honeymoon, special occasion or just your next exotic getaway! Instead of breaking my trip up day by day, I will break this blog up by activities, that way you can pick and choose which parts appeal to you.

Travelling to the Island of Vanua Levu, Fiji-

There are many places to visit when traveling to Fiji, however, we called the town of Savusavu “home” for this trip, which is located on the island of Vanua Levu, Fiji. Getting to Savusavu was probably the hardest part, as there are no direct flights to this island. We took the train from San Diego to LA, which always works out nice, no traffic and relaxing on the train beats a car ride and $30 daily airport parking any day. Once we arrived to LA, the train station has a bus that takes you directly to LAX airport for under $20 bucks. We finally arrived to LAX, where our 9:30 pm red-eye flight awaited.

The flight was 11 hours straight to Nadi, Fiji and then from there you take a 1-hour small commuter flight to Savusavu. The 11-hour flight was rough, as you are not really comfy at any point, however, we made it work because we had to. I packed a ton of snacks as Fiji Air’s food is not edible, so, I ate those and half slept/half watched movies the entire time. They do have a nice entertainment system that plays current movies, TV and music so at least we had that. They also have plugs on the plane, which I did not know or else I would have surely brought my work laptop to pass some time!

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