Best Natural Beauty Products To Take On Vacation!

Vacations seem to be a year-round thing these days, so I wanted to be sure to have a really great blog post on my personal favorite green beauty travel items for you all to have access to whenever it comes time to plan your next trip! I personally love finding clean and green products but when they come in travel sizes, it’s even better because nothing sucks more than lugging your giant shampoo and conditioners all the way to Mexico and back. After traveling to Berlin, Paris, China, Hong Kong, Cabo, and Tulum within the last few years, I really have found some good travel-friendly items so I hope you enjoy my tips!

Best Natural Beauty Products To Take On Vacation-

  • Babo Botanicals Daily SPF- This is a dream sunscreen for me. Not only is it made with super clean non-nano minerals, it applies super lightweight and sits fabulous under makeup. Bonus tip? Your whole family can use and love this, including men! This is Kyle’s all-time favorite SPF as well.
  • Saint Beauty Concealer- I don’t know about you but for me, when traveling, I do not want a full face of makeup but I do want something for any small blemishes which is why I can’t go without this concealer. Just a tiny tap covers so amazingly, it’s really like fresh new skin without feeling heavy or looking caked on. This may be my #1 must-have item ever! I am shade Light Peach.
  • Henne Organics Lip Balm- My lips tend to get very stressed and dry when traveling which is why I can not leave home without this super smooth and creamy lip balm. A must-have to keep lips moisturized!
  • Body SPF- I have several favorite body SPF but for vacation, I love the Suntegrity or Babo spray options! Both are super easy to apply and without any thick white cast! We also just got in the new, big Suntegrity SPF stick which packs perfectly.
  • Suntegrity SPF25 Lipglosses- Lips tend to be neglected when it comes to SPF protection, especially when lounging on the beach or exploring outdoors all day. These Suntegrity lipglosses come with SPF25 in them which is super rare and hard to find! Plus, they come in some amazing colors and apply super smooth, semi-sheer and creamy. Personal favorite colors are Creamsicle, Skinny Dip & Tahiti Breeze.
  • LUMION Oxygen Mist– I can not travel without this cleansing spray as it really works great to keep my skin clean and hydrated while flying around tons of germs! With just three ingredients, cleansing Hypochlorous Acid, moisturizing Oxygen and balancing Dead Sea Salts, this magical mist is perfect for those looking to rid their skin of daily toxins!
  • Aleavia Travel Body Wash- One of my favorite items to pack is this body wash by Aleavia, mostly because it’s my favorite wash, fun sized! I love the size of this because it’s the perfect amount for about one week of travel. I use this to cleanse and shave, all while it then balances my healthy bacteria to keep skin happy and healthy on the go.

  • Suntegrity SPF Tinted Moisturizer- Most days, I would skip makeup all together so having a tinted moisturizer was key. These 5-in-1 tinted moisturizers provide a pop of subtle color but also a big dose of clean mineral SPF protection. I am the shade Light. Want something with a bit more coverage but also with SPF? Check out the brand new Impeccable Skin! I am the shade Buff.
  • Under Luna Minis- Because traveling with big shampoo bottles sucks, don’t leave home without these cute as can be Under Luna minis! I personally use the Warrior one daily so having a travel option was a lifesaver!
  • Agent Nateur Rose Deodorant- Deodorant is an extremely personal item and I have yet to find one that works for all, however, this one is my current fave. It smells like a fresh garden rose and really does keep me smelling fresh all day, even when traveling!
  • Chocolate Sun Sunless Tan- Because you can’t actually go on a vacation without a tan ?, I always apply my Chocolate Sun tanning lotion in shade Dark before any trip! This stuff smells like fresh chocolate and is as clean as a sunless tanner can possibly be! The colors are very subtle so 1 is very, very light, 2 is subtle and 3 is the perfect pop of not-too-dark color.
  • Cleo + Cococ Dry Shampoo- This is a life saver for vacations because let’s be real, who likes doing their hair on vacay? Just a quick poof of this before bed and you’ll wake up with hair that’s ready to go! We also carry some smaller sizes by Wildland to make packing a breeze.
  • Bye Bye Shone Setting Powder- Traveling to a more humid destination? Be sure to pack this setting powder as it really helps makeup last a ton longer and can be used as needed throughout the day to keep your makeup shine free!

  • Epic Blend Body Oils- My skin always seems to be so very dry while in the sun, ocean, pools, traveling etc… so having a trusty body oil on my trips is key. I also love how it makes your skin look so dewy and glowy, Vacations + Body Oils are just made for one another, especially the Epic Blend Coconut Vanilla as it smells exactly like a vacation in a bottle! Hello fresh, tropical coconut! Bonus Tip- These also double as a sun tanning oil without the toxins and come in minis!
  • WithSimplicity Bronzer- On vacation, I really do not do a ton of makeup so having this bronzer stick was a life saver. Just one swipe to my cheeks and I was date night ready! This provides a gorgeous, creamy pop of color to the cheeks and can be effortlessly rubbed in with clean hands. This can be applied lightly for a more subtle splash or darker for a more bold pop!
  • Conscious Coconut Travel Wipes- I can not tell you how many times I was left with dirty or sticky hands or skin while on vacation, making these to-go wipes a life saver as well! Individually wrapped and made with nothing but super clean ingredients, these are a travel must-have as they can remove makeup, swipe away grime and sweat and they pack easily!
  • Mini Perfumes- Because no one wants to pack their giant perfume bottles, why not pack a cute, all-natural perfume instead!? I carry a wide variety of travel-friendly roller ball options, take your pic! I love the Holistick options, they just scream tropical vacation!
  • Lily Lolo Big Lash Mascara- After traveling to China in super humid and pollution-filled air, I found that this mascara held up the very best! My skin would get pretty dewy by the end of the day and this mascara did its job flawlessly. This will not smudge or smear and really does give the best volume around!

Besides the above, I do have an entire Travel-Friendly section on the site so be sure to check out all things TSA friendly sized here. Overall, I hope you loved my must-have travel items and if you have any of your own, be sure to leave me a comment below!

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