Non-Toxic Makeup of the Day!

I have so many cool makeup products to play with, but really… nowhere to wear them to! I rarely leave my house these days, so when I do, I must share the makeup details! This is the look I wore to the Green Meets Glam event with Shop Conscious Beauty, and because this look was done using all Non-Toxic makeup, here are the details!

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  1. Citrine Beauty– First-time shoppers can use code organicbunny at checkout!
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Just when I thought I found a great new natural lash serum, yet another is released and has me wondering now, which one is truly the best!? Because it’s basically my job to figure this stuff out, I decided why not put these two to the test and try both at once, one set of lashes at a time!?

So, for the next few weeks, I will embark on the ultimate lash growing mission, with today being Day 1! Each morning and night I will apply a few coats of each product to one specific eye, so at the end of this journey it will be easy to see the winner with your very own eyes! To be honest, these products are very similar so the results will basically determine the winner, but before I start, let’s chat about the differences between the two!

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Organic Bath Co. Organic Coffee Scrub

Love coffee and exfoliating? If so, this Organic Bath Co. Java Jolt Organic Sugar & Coffee Scrub will be a must-have item for you! Made with 100% Organic, Fair Trade Certified Sugar & Coffee, this super moisturizing scrub features a super special blend of almond, apricot, and sunflower oils, plus coffee and mint to really kick start your senses each day! Not only does this scrub remove both dirt and dead skin, but the Organic oils also leave your skin oh-so-soft ready to take on the World!

Because I sunless tan often, I always need a good exfoliating product in the shower which is why you can find one of these Organic Bath Co. scrubs in my bathroom at all times. When I exfoliate, I do prefer a more coarse scrub and I find that these satisfy that need, all without being too harsh on the skin. I also am a sucker for anything that includes Almond Oil as I find it really does brighten and tighten the skin! Some of my other favorite scents by them are the Lavender Stress Less & the Refresh Mint, both so aromatic without being overwhelming!

To Use: Once the skin is wet from the shower or bath, scoop out a decent amount and begin scrubbing onto the areas in need of exfoliation. I use this scrub on my entire body, with the exception of my face. This scrubs is a bit too coarse for facial use, in my opinion.

Coupon Code: Organic Bath Co. has a variety of enjoyable scented scrubs and Organic products, so be sure to check out their entire lineup over at Shop Conscious Beauty where code organicbunny will save you 10% OFF your entire purchase, these would make the perfect stocking stuffer if you ask me!

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