How to Moisturize Your Scalp

I have done several blogs on dry skin recently, but I really wanted to give you my tried and true, holy grail routine right now for the scalp. A huge part of proper scalp moisture is removing dead skin so your products can actually penetrate and work, so today, I want to show you, step by step, exactly how I accomplish that on the scalp. As someone with a VERY dry scalp, let me tell you, following these steps will make a huge difference in your scalp’s health and happiness, try it! Keep scrolling to the bottom for info on how to get FREE samples of two of my faves in this blog today!

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Black Friday 2023 Details

Because I only have ONE sale of the year, I wanted to help you maximize it by putting together a list of my tried + true personal and customer faves so, in case you want to go BIG, you will have a great list to shop from! Black Friday starts NOW! There are various parts to this SALE, so please read the details in full before ordering so you will be ready to go come Friday at 6 am PST. Open the full post for details!

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Matte Foundation for Summer

Happy Monday bunnies! It felt so good to get ready today, I don’t know about you but it feels like it has been ages since I have done a full get ready. The best part of my “job” here is that I get to play with clean makeup for a living so today I decided to do exactly that and mix things up to try out some other items that are great but get overlooked due to my not wanting to stray from faves. Many of you ask me for a more matte foundation so I went ahead and played around with an old favorite matte foundation. With Summer here, I find myself extra dewy during these warmer months so it’s nice to have a more matte option available. Want to try a more matte foundation but not sure your color match? Email me! [email protected]

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MLMs I Avoid

We all know them… and while some are amazing, sadly, for the most part, multi-level marketing companies are not the best choice when it comes to both food and beauty products. Most of the food companies like Shakeology and Isagenix are loaded with non-Organic ingredients, sugar, natural flavors, inflammatory fillers, processed ingredients, and vitamins made in a lab instead of from real food. Many reps also falsely represent these brands, labeling them Organic, yet so many times, there will not be a single Organic ingredient in the product. The truth is, navigating the MLM world is HARD, so I wanted to generate some responses for those of you that want to avoid these products but are not sure how to explain it to your friends!

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Tek Hair Brushes

I have been searching high and low for a plastic-free, eco-friendly hairbrush for years now and I am happy to say that I have finally found one I love! After personally testing out these brushes out for performance and durability for the last few months, I have decided to add the TEK Brushes to the Organic Bunny store!

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How to Repair Damaged Hair, Naturally!

Let’s face it; if you own hair styling tools or like to dye your hair, chances are your hair might be suffering from some damage! Considering I used to have bleached blonde hair, then jet black hair, and now have a more natural hair color, I am no stranger to hair damage, which is why I wanted to do a blog on exactly how I repaired my hair after some significant self-inflicted damage!

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Holiday Hair ft. Harry Josh Pro Tools

My Holiday Hair tutorial is now up on my YouTube channel, just in time for tomorrow! ???????? For anyone wondering how I curl my hair, this tutorial is specifically for you! And, as a bonus you can save {25% OFF} all of the Harry Josh Hair Professional Tools I used in this video, thanks to Dermstore, and if you like these videos, please subscribe so I know to make more! PS- omg it’s so noisy, I will fix the volume in the next one! ????

To watch the tutorial, continue below, and to shop all of the tools in this video head here! <SHOP> 


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Jordan Seban L’Huile Oil

Need a clean body oil that works on both hair + skin!? If so, this Jordan Seban Hair L’Huile oil does exactly that and then some! Made with just 7 Certified Organic Oils, this product works hard to restore hair damage from heat or over processing all while also working wonders to protect the hair before both styling or swimming!

When using as a body moisturizer, simply massage into the skin to create a satin-soft finish! I love this oil because it actually absorbs into the skin and doesn’t leave me feeling sticky or oily at all! My favorite use for this is probably applying to my dry hair before swimming as the oils protect the hair against the harsh effects of chlorinated pools and even sea salt! This has a more plant-like scent so if you prefer products without a super girly floral scent, this would be a great option.

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Best Organic Hair Care

One of the most asked questions around here seems to be about hair care so I figured it was time to dedicate an entire post to just that, my current green beauty hair care routine! For the most part, I have very straight, fine hair, so finding Organic hair care that did not weigh my hair down and still cleaned well was my top priority! It took me a lot of time to find these favorites, but since I have, here are my current faves. Need a new hair routine and not sure where to start? Email us for your very own routine [email protected]

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August Organic Bunny Boxes are Here!

Keep missing out on the Organic Bunny Box!? Finally, more boxes are in, shipping out to arrive on or before the 15th! Know someone who could use a glamorous new green beauty gift or just want to spoil yourself!? Head on over to the Organic Bunny Box store now to grab yours and be sure to tell your friends, more are finally in stock!

What is the Organic Bunny Box!?

Each month, I hand select 6-8 of my current favorite items, for those that want to clean up their routines but are not sure where to start! In these luxury boxes, you can plan on finding a great variety of the following:

  • Non-Toxic Makeup
  • Organic + Natural Skin Care
  • Organic Snacks + Drinks
  • Green Household products
  • Organic + Natural Hair Care
  • Organic Sunscreens + Sunless Tanners + more!

All items are always Non-Toxic, Natural or Organic, and will still perform just as fabulous as your old toxic faves! The retail value is $59, however, the items are medium to full size and you always get MORE than the price of the box, most of the time it’s well over $100 value! Want to see an August spoiler? Head on over to my Instagram later today!

Overall, this is the perfect box for the glamorous girl with a green heart! <SHOP>

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