What’s Really in Your 5 Free Polishes?

If someone is totally ok with using a certain product, even after knowing the truth of its risks, I respect that as everyone is entitled to make their own choices in life. What I do care about, however, is when brands we trust deceive us. Ever since people started paying closer attention to what is in their beauty products, more and more businesses are pretending to care, inventing new ways to market their still dirty cosmetics, and that’s what I find upsetting.

Take Treat nail polish for example. Treat contains Benzophenone-1, an ingredient with links to hormone disruptions and certain cancers, which got the attention of the brand after consumers that trusted they were safe, became upset. Treat also actually claims to be Non-Toxic which shocked me even more. I get it, Treat is making polishes without many of the worst ingredients the conventional polishes contain, and that’s great, but they still contain toxins so it seems very deceptive to still label the line Non-Toxic. That’s like someone labeling ice cream Vegan, it’s ice cream, it’s not Vegan.

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