NATIVO Skincare Review

Because it’s hard for me to find products that my boyfriend and I can actually use, and enjoy together, key word being enjoy, I figured I would share this NATIVO Skincare line with you all, in case you’re looking for a line the man in your life can use as well! I first discovered this line while shopping at Urban Outfitters, and after trying out the Beard Oil and having my boyfriend enjoy it, I figured I would have him try out the other items as well!

NATIVO is a Panama-based all Natural and Organic line, made for both men and women to enjoy, featuring shave creams, aftershaves, body scrubs, body oils & more! I really love this line because it’s almost as if you made it yourself right at home, all of the ingredients are very simple and clean, yet still very effective when used. To give you a little more info on the brand, here are some of the favorite items we tried!

Beard Oil-

For any man who is trying to keep his beard full, soft and shiny, this Beard Oil is a must have item! Made with Certified Organic Sesame Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil & more, condition and protect his beard with this all natural beard oil! I call this the shine serum for beards, ladies you know what I mean ッ

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Buckaroo Organic Laundry Products

Did you know that toxins even exist in our laundry detergent and dryer sheets!? Yes, chemicals really are everywhere and it’s time I dump these too! Before starting this blog, I really was oblivious to the dangers surrounding us each day in products like this. Like most people, I was taught to go to the store and pick out the best smelling laundry detergent without ever really questioning what was inside. Most laundry detergents make it extra hard to even see what’s in them because the truth is pretty bad. Once you do find the list of ingredients, you will find carcinogens, formaldehyde releasing agents, more carcinogens, chemicals that put you at risk for reproductive issues, allergic reactions, hormone disruptions, lung damage and more… all in our laundry soap. To check out a good chart on the chemicals in detergents to avoid, along with their risks, click here.

Now that you know how filthy conventional detergents are, I want to share an amazing, high-performance alternative instead, meet Buckaroo Organics! Like most products, I found these guys online and knew that I had to try their items out as soon as possible. Not only did they make an Organic Laundry Soap, they also made All-Natural Wool Dryer Balls, Bath Bombs, Odor Eliminators, Body Butters, and Baby Products! Super score! Naturally, I ordered a few of their goodies out and put them to the test, here’s a bit more about the items I tried!

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Au Naturale

Calling all San Diegan green beauties! I’m excited to announce that there is a fun meet up in the works thanks to Shop Conscious Beauty, and you’re all invited! If you have not heard of Shop Conscious Beauty yet, they are an online based green beauty retailer, however, they’re based out of San Diego which is perfect for me! There are so many fun things in store for this night, check it out and share it with your friends!

  • Meet and greet with the founders of Au Naturale Makeup and Botanical Me!
  • First looks at new product launches.
  • Mini facial treatments from One Love Organics.
  • Manicures from TREAT polish.
  • Holiday makeup tutorials live at the event!
  • Holiday gift ideas for the green beauties in your life!
  • Healthy treats from Local Juicery and more!
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Non-Toxic Vegas GLAM!

Thankfully, I am home from Vegas in one piece… Honestly, Vegas is fun and everything, but it’s soooo much work, I’m happy to be home. Not only do you have to get there, hello 6 hour car ride, once you’re there it’s never-ending cabs, dinners, shows, lounges, walking, etc… and while yes, that is super fun for a few nights, by night 3 I was more than ready to be back at home haha. Anyway, I really did not get to create any amazing makeup looks to share with you, I really was just in such a lazy mood, but here is one ok one I can share! This was my I want to get ready, but not really makeup, as I just did a quick, simple smokey eye paired with a bright, bold lip! To learn about how I did this look, check out this play by play recap below!

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Viva Las Vegas! My Must-Have Travel Items!

So, as some of you might now, my birthday is this weekend which means it’s time to not be a bore and do something fun! Because last year I was low key, I decided this year to go big, that’s right, I’m heading to Vegas! I have never been the club or party girl, I was always the boring one my friends probably wished stayed home, but I figured Vegas would be really fun to just catch some shows and relax by the pool.

Many of you ask me my must-have travel items, so I thought it would be cute to do a Vegas edition, what to pack when it’s a special occasion per se? Now, I wouldn’t say these are the only 5 items I would bring, however, these are a few of my current favorite must-have items you certainly don’t want to go without!

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