Viva Las Vegas! My Must-Have Travel Items!

So, as some of you might now, my birthday is this weekend which means it’s time to not be a bore and do something fun! Because last year I was low key, I decided this year to go big, that’s right, I’m heading to Vegas! I have never been the club or party girl, I was always the boring one my friends probably wished stayed home, but I figured Vegas would be really fun to just catch some shows and relax by the pool.

Many of you ask me my must-have travel items, so I thought it would be cute to do a Vegas edition, what to pack when it’s a special occasion per se? Now, I wouldn’t say these are the only 5 items I would bring, however, these are a few of my current favorite must-have items you certainly don’t want to go without!

Natural Products I’m Packing for Vegas-

1. Antonym Criosette Palette– For those of you that desperately want a safer shadow that actually performs great, this Antonym palette is amazing! One of my absolute favorite ways to get a seriously smokey eye, I couldn’t hit Vegas without this quad by my side. These shadows apply very smooth and are Vegan, Non-Toxic and made with Organically Farmed ingredients.

Antonym Criosette palette

2. Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation– You know I wouldn’t leave home without my beloved Kjaer Weis foundation, and neither should you, or anyone else for that matter. If you have yet to try this foundation out yet, you really are missing out. Made with Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Carnauba Wax, Jojoba Seed Oil and more, this Organic foundation truly is second to none, even the bad guys! As a former Estee Lauder junkie, I can guarantee this will be just as good, if not better than whatever it is you are using now, even the toxic lines. This foundation sits on the skin lightly but with a flawless coverage, you can adjust to suit your specific needs. From light to full, this foundation is a must-have. Not sure what color you would be, or if you would like it? Citrine Beauty not only color matches but also has a sample program so you can try this before you buy it. To sample it out, shoot them an email here [email protected].

3. One Love Organics Cleansing Oil– You can’t go to Vegas without a serious makeup remover because, let’s be real, I’m going to be out and about with my Antonym smokey eye and will certainly need some help removing it when I get home! I tried this makeup removing oil last week for the first time and it was definitely love at first lather. To remove makeup, warm 1-2 pumps between your hands and apply to your dry skin. Add warm water and massage this into a delicate milk. I like to then wipe it off with a warm washcloth to ensure every last spec of dirt, makeup and grime have been removed.

4. Jane Iredale Lip Crayons– These brand new crayons have quickly made their way to the top of my favorites list as the colors are perfection! I am a sucker for any sort of plum or berry lip product, so when I saw that Jane released these new colors, I had to have ’em! Pictured here is the Naughty color, a creamy brick red, along with the color Luscious, a creamy rose brown. Not only do these crayons pack a long-lasting and colorful punch, but they’re also made to keep your lips kissably soft all day long. I plan on wearing these out to dinner for color I won’t have to re-touch as often as other natural lip colors.

Jane Iredale Lip Crayons

5. May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon– Because I will be in the desert, after all, I had to pack my May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon along for the ride. This beautiful blue balm doubles as not only a facial oil but a treatment for sensitive skin also, it really is up to you to decide how you use it! Because I enjoy my Kypris oil for a daily facial oil, I only use this product when my skin feels extra dry or irritated. You can use this on any skin inflammations, blemishes, red areas or even on eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea and more! The blue in this product is actually from Blue Tansy, which on its own calms and soothes skin and even anxiety! To use, simply dampen your skin and then massage a pea-sized amount onto skin. You can also use this as a spot treatment instead if you prefer. I plan on using this to restore my skin’s balance after night 2, I know I will need it with all that dry, filthy air.

Coupon Code-

And there you have it, my top 5 favorite non-toxic products that will get me and my skin out of Vegas alive! Most of these items are from Citrine Beauty Bar, pretty much one of the only green beauty stores I shop at, and as always, code organicbunny10 can save first-time shoppers 10% off at checkout. If you have any questions or need any help picking out products, the owner Melissa is the best at that stuff so feel free to reach out to her now for a free skin or color matching consultation. Her online store has so many amazing items, I am sure you will find a few you love.

Are any of these on your current fave’s list? Let me know in a comment below!

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  1. thank you! Do you like the olo makeup remover on mascara and waterproof eyeliner ?

    1. Sorry I do not know what “olo” makeup remover is?

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