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Curious about your dog’s wellness? Try this energetic analysis using biofeedback technology from Glacier Peak Holistics. Unlike traditional allergy testing, the Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan uses Biofeedback Technology with hair and saliva samples. They use these samples to measure food and environmental factors that an animal has been exposed to. The ultimate goal is to show you what removing or reducing incompatible items can do to help the dog allergy type symptoms. It is so much more than a dog allergy test kit, as it can identify energetic imbalances based on over 300 food and environmental factors.

So many people ask “what can I give my pet for allergies?” and they invest in an allergy medicine without ever truly understanding the cause of symptoms. Many people are looking for natural remedies for their pet’s allergies and don’t realize it may be as easy as changing the food or environment of your dog. Changing your pet’s food or avoiding specific environmental items is an excellent place to start, however, there may be additional support they can provide.

What’s included in the Kit for both Cats or Dogs!

  • Sample sheet of items that may be affecting your pet (200+ Food Items, 100+ Environmental triggers, and Beneficial Herbal and Holistic Remedies).
  • Information Sheet & Legal Disclaimer must be SIGNED & accompany the samples.
  • Small Comb
  • 3 Organic Cotton Swabs
  • Plastic Zip Bag to place the hair and saliva samples inside.
  • Return Box with Pre-Paid Return Shipping (for customers within the contiguous United States – sorry Alaska and Hawaii but we do not offer return postage at this time).

Glacier Peak Holistics cannot process your kit without a signed copy of the paperwork. They recommend that you mail back your scan samples with a “Signature Confirmation” for added security and proof of receipt for both of us. Please keep the tracking number until you receive your results via email.

6 reviews for Glacier Peak Holistics Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Saran (verified owner)

    This stress scan has been so eye opening and helpful when it comes to ensuring the best life for my dog. Having grown up with and known plenty of dogs with allergies my whole life, I wanted to find out what triggers my dog could have. The test itself is super easy and comes with instructions to provide saliva and hair samples. Mailing the samples back is included in the price, and the results are sent to you via email. So many common ingredients found in dog treats and food were identified as stressors, including ingredients that were in her pre-made frozen food and her treats. With this information, I’ve been able to switch my dog’s diet to avoid her stressors. Changes I’ve noticed are that she is much less itchy and her coat is glossy and healthy. This test is 100% worth the investment in your pet’s health and keeps the guessing/random elimination out.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Emely Wexler (verified owner)

    This scan is a life saver, thanks to this test I have been able to improve my dogs health substantially.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Emely Wexler (verified owner)

    This scan is a life saver, thanks to this test I have been able to improve my dogs health substantially through their eating .

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lauren Stanfield (verified owner)

    I got one for my two dogs who suffer from allergies! It has helped so much by showing us what to eliminate in their diets!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    abbss.catherine (verified owner)

    Love that you sell this on your site. This has been very helpful in figuring out how to ensure we’re doing what’s best for our Luna girl. This confirmed some sensitivity that she has with certain foods and gave us some solutions on how to fix, as well as a free consult with a wellness coach. I will say though, I’m unable to schedule an appt for that for MONTHS, which stinks.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kortney Borowitz (verified owner)

    My dog really struggled with hot spots and allergies, and was diagnosed with severe dermatitis. This test along with the companies consult helped completely turn his diagnosis around. I am now able to make informed decisions about potential food triggers and allergies, almost fully eliminating his hot spots year round. My dog still struggles with environmental allergies, but symptoms are significantly reduced. This test, along with the consultation/guidance has given my dog his life back!!

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