Think Pink!

How cute are all of these pink non-toxic items!? I am a huge fan of all things girly and glamorous so I wanted to capture a few of my favorite current pink things! Everything with a * next to it means there is an organicbunny code you can use to save a little money. And now for the details!

bkr Glass Water Bottle- I am SO excited my bkr glass water bottle arrived, I can now finally toss plastic water bottles for once and for all! These refillable bottles are not only reusable, they come with adorable silicone cases that you can also switch around.

100% Pure Pretty Naked Palette- I really did not think I would end up using this palette as much as I currently do! The far left blush color is so amazing, it’s the perfect pinky gold blush for the cheeks. I use this almost every single day now!

Kjaer Weis Blush in Lovely- I have not tried this color out yet but from the looks of it I am already in love with its loveliness! I love all things Kjaer Weis so I anticipate this product winning me over as well. To apply these blushes, I dab a bit on my fingers and then onto my cheeks, using a Beauty Blender to blend it into the rest of my foundation. * 

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Quinn Organic Popcorn Review

I’m not normally a popcorn fan, mostly because up to 93% of our corn is genetically engineered and sprayed heavily with chemicals, but when Quinn Popcorn contacted me asking if I would like to sample their Organic Popcorn I thought, hell yeahhh, I can finally eat popcorn again! I have tried a few of the Organic popcorns I have seen in the stores, however, most are pretty dry and plain so I never really bought them again. Not only is Quinn Popcorn Organic and non-GMO, their popcorn comes in so many delicious flavors it’s hard to pick a favorite!

Besides making pre-bagged popcorn, Quinn also makes microwave popcorn, without all the scary chemical coatings and toxic plastic & metal bags. Because I refuse to use microwaves, I was happy to learn that these bags of organic corn kernels can also be popped the old fashioned way by using a pot and healthy oil of your choice.

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Prim Botanicals Review

One of my all-time favorite beauty products has to be hair oil, and after learning about how damaging my beloved Morrocan Oil is, I was desperately in need of a much cleaner alternative. Before I tell you more about my safer swap, I would like to take a second to talk about why products like MorrocanOil are so damaging for us. While most people probably assume that these products are simply natural oils that nourish and tame our wild tresses, the ingredients of these products are anything but.

So, what’s really inside MoroccanOil’s hair products? Take a peek!

  • D&C Red-17– This is used as a colorant and is considered a class 3 carcinogen. You should avoid all products with this ingredient in it, at all times. Skin absorption has been seen.
  • Parabens– These preservatives may cause healthy cells to grow and survive like cancerous cells and can also be found in various breast tumors. Parabens are also endocrine disruptors with multiple links to allergic reactions.
  • Fragrances– A combination of over 3,000 fragrances can be added to our beauty products, which very often lead to hormone disruptions and allergic reactions.
  • Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone– This is added to leave a pleasant fragrance, however, this is toxic to aquatic organisms and can cause various allergic reactions.
  • Cyclomethicone– This is a silicone-based compound.
  • Coumarin– Used to increase aroma, this ingredient can lead to skin irritations or allergic reactions.
  • Behentrimonium Chloride– Another ingredient known to cause irritations to the skin.
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Woodroze Sunglasses

Who doesn’t love a cute pair of coral mirrored sunglasses in preparation for the warmer Summer months rapidly approaching? And what’s to love even more about these cute sunglasses is that they are also eco-friendly and recyclable to ensure we are not polluting the Earth in the process of our cuteness.

I recently came across this line of handcrafted, wood sunglasses by a company called Woodroze, and because I fell in love with so many of their unique designs, paired with their commitment to a happier planet, I just had to share them with you all today.

A few of my favorite things about Woodroze:

  • For every tree they cut down, three more are planted and left untouched.
  • A portion of every sale goes to reef restoration in the Florida Keys.
  • Their sunglass frames are made from Pine Trees.
  • The glasses are extremely light weight, comfortable and very durable.
  • They only use high-grade Italian optics and hinges on all styles.
  • They make cute styles for both men & women!
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