Think Pink!

How cute are all of these pink non-toxic items!? I am a huge fan of all things girly and glamorous so I wanted to capture a few of my favorite current pink things! Everything with a * next to it means there is an organicbunny code you can use to save a little money. And now for the details!

bkr Glass Water Bottle- I am SO excited my bkr glass water bottle arrived, I can now finally toss plastic water bottles for once and for all! These refillable bottles are not only reusable, they come with adorable silicone cases that you can also switch around.

100% Pure Pretty Naked Palette- I really did not think I would end up using this palette as much as I currently do! The far left blush color is so amazing, it’s the perfect pinky gold blush for the cheeks. I use this almost every single day now!

Kjaer Weis Blush in Lovely- I have not tried this color out yet but from the looks of it I am already in love with its loveliness! I love all things Kjaer Weis so I anticipate this product winning me over as well. To apply these blushes, I dab a bit on my fingers and then onto my cheeks, using a Beauty Blender to blend it into the rest of my foundation. * 

Fit Glow Beauty Gloss in Joy – I can’t get enough of these non-toxic lipglosses, they really do apply smoothly and last for hours! Check out all of the colors here! *

One Love Organics Coconut Salt Lotion- I love the size of this lotion, it’s perfect for tossing in my purse for the day, it pumps out easily, isn’t too heavy, smells amazing and moisturizes thoroughly. *

Jane Iredale Golden Shimmer- For those that love a bronzed glow on a warm Summer day, this Jane Iredale shimmer is so perfect for it! While I do not use this too often, anytime I am outdoors and want a little sparkle I just rub a little on.

And there you have it, a few of my favorite pink, non-toxic things!

5 thoughts on “Think Pink!

  1. You have a beautiful blog!!! Love these pink products!!!!

  2. Is the bkr glass bottle portion made in the USA?

  3. what is the name of the silicon sleeve for the bkr bottle? 🙂

    1. There are no sleeves, the entire bottle comes in one piece! You can find them on this site under WELLNESS / BKR!

  4. What color is the bkr bottle? 😉

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