100% Pure Must Haves

Have you been wanting to try out the 100% Pure line but holding out for a good SALE!? If so, now’s your chance to take 25% OFF your entire first order, this applies for new customers only! I have been a 100% Pure affiliate for over a year now, so I figured, why not share some of my favorite products with you all, to make it a bit easier to shop!

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Berkey Water Filters

For months, I researched what the best water filter was, and review after review, all I kept reading about was the Berkey Water Filters. Because I know water in plastic filters or pre-bottled water is not the best, because of the plastic, I decided to give the Berkey stainless steel water filter a try. After testing it out for about 2 months now, I am so happy with this system that I decided to become an affiliate so I am here to finally share a full review, enjoy!

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nūdus Lipstick Swatches

One of my all-time favorite Organic lipstick brands is nūdus, so now that I have a fabulous intern to help me with swatches, I figured why not show you my nūdus collection swatched!? For those of you not familiar with the brand, here are a few reasons why they’re one of my faves!

Reasons to Love nūdus Lipsticks-

  • nūdus lipsticks are handcrafted in Australia.
  • All colors are made with Certified Organic ingredients.
  • The beautiful colors are made from Organic flowers, fruits & oils!
  • NO FD&C colorants are ever used making this one of the cleanest lines around.
  • nūdus is certified by the ACO (Australian Certified Organic) which have some of the highest standards in the World today.
  • Always free of Cruelty, GMOs, Petro-chemicals, Coal Tar Dye + Gluten.
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