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After receiving hundreds of messages from pet owners wanting to do better for their pets, I am very excited to announce my newest and most exciting venture yet – Organic Bunny Educational Center for Pets! That’s right! You can now have your very own one-on-one virtual educational session with our licensed veterinarian, designed to help you create a healthier lifestyle for your pets! This is for educational purposes only, no treatments or other veterinary care will be provided, and the consultation will not create a veterinarian-client-patient relationship.

There’s a saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” And, as you know by now, I whole-heartedly believe in following a proactive approach for both myself and my pets, focusing more on the prevention of “dis-ease”, by strengthening the body and immune system through diet, supplementation and proper microbiome health!


Who This Is For-

This service is ideal for those who already have an established veterinarian-client-patient relationship with their local vet but that would like additional education on things like-

  • Wholesome pet nutrition
  • Naturally combating seasonal and food allergies
  • Identifying reliable supplements
  • Promoting gut health
  • How to support a pet’s overall best life!

To schedule your virtual educational session, head to this link here to choose a time that works best for you.

3 reviews for Educational Consults for Pets

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Diana Dreher

    I’ve booked a few of these consults with Dr. Kristen, particularly during trying times for my senior pup and when it was difficult to find vets that were willing to respect my desire for holistic treatment. Based on those consults, I can say with utmost certainty that Dr. Kristen is truly an angel and a wealth of information. She is so thorough and considers every aspect of the pup’s history and present circumstances before making suggestions, even more so than vets I’ve met in person and that have worked with my pup multiple times. In fact, I’ve honestly never come across another veterinarian with such an obvious heart for the animals she is helping, and as a result, I consider Dr. Kristen to be my most trusted source on what to do for my pup in his golden years. If your pup has any problems whatsoever, or if you’d just like to optimize his or her health, I’d highly recommend booking a session with her. It is worth every penny and I can’t thank Amanda enough for making these consults with Dr. Kristen available to her community.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Winston’s mom

    Dr. Kristen has been a literal lifesaver. When our boy was showing signs of fatigue and chronic infections, we took him to 3 separate vets including two holistic, months of appointments and no one could figure it out. Dr. K recommended our vets run some different tests, including more thorough blood tests. Despite lists of push back from our vets, they finally agreed. Those tests came back showing multiple infections and hypothyroidism. He is on daily meds and got the correct treatment & Dr. K’s recommended supplements to get through the infections and he is FINALLY acting like himself again. We are so thankful for Dr. K. She looks at the whole picture of your dog’s life, food, environment etc and helps recommend ways to improve their overall health and empowers dog/cat parents to advocate for their pet’s well being.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    lindsay Paluba

    Dr. K helped us so much with Henry’s weight gain. Our other vet just suggested putting him on a Royal canin puppy diet to help him put on some pounds. When I told them I did not want to do that and I wanted to stick with either homemade or a dehydrated food, they said they are not educated in that field and are unable to help. Dr. K helped us find the best, most affordable yet still healthy option! She calculated based off his current weight how many calories he should get per day in order to gain weight. Once she did that, it was super easy to come up with a plan that wouldn’t put weight on him too fast. So far, Henry has gained 11 lbs in 4 months! We very much so appreciated having access to Dr. K!

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