Valentine’s Day Natural Glam

Happy almost Valentine’s Day bunnies! I don’t know about you but I am obsessed with this holiday and always have been. Even when single, I could not wait to hit up Target’s dollar zone to stock up on all things pink, red and heart shaped! What can I say, I love love. I hope whatever status you are this year, that you have an amazing day with friends, family or even your furry friends. In hopes to get everyone in a more festive mood, I figured why not do a blog on my current faves for Valentine’s Day as well as a breakdown of today’s Instagram tutorial.

If you are just now getting into green beauty, I would suggest emailing us for any color matching needs OR buying a sampler pack like this one by Crunchi! To be professionally color matched by the Organic Bunny esthetician, email us at Please include a clear and quality selfie taken indoors with bare skin, facing a window to see your tones in natural light.

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Clearlight Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna Review!

Finally! The post you all have been waiting for… info on my brand new infrared sauna! For those that follow me closely, you will know by now that I have been on a huge detox kick lately. After a possible Candida scare and then being contaminated with Gluten, I have been hell-bent on flushing out the bad toxins all while slowly rebuilding the good and one of the most important steps in this entire process is making sure I am sweating as much as possible. So many of you expressed a deep interest in this topic so after testing out my sauna for a few months now, I am finally prepared to share my review!

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