Clearlight Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna Review!

Finally! The post you all have been waiting for… info on my brand new infrared sauna! For those that follow me closely, you will know by now that I have been on a huge detox kick lately. After a possible Candida scare and then being contaminated with Gluten, I have been hell-bent on flushing out the bad toxins all while slowly rebuilding the good and one of the most important steps in this entire process is making sure I am sweating as much as possible. So many of you expressed a deep interest in this topic so after testing out my sauna for a few months now, I am finally prepared to share my review!

Why I Wanted an At-Home Sauna-

Because our skin is a major organ of elimination, sweating consistently really helps the body eliminate and flush out the harmful toxins and according to my doctor, Dr. Jess, sweating is critical to any detox. I bet you are wondering, well, can’t you just go outside and run? The answer to that is yes, physical workouts that lead to sweat are amazing for detox, however, some people are not physically able to work up a strong enough sweat and that is where the sauna comes into play. Besides detoxing, check out all of the other health benefits of saunas!

  • Increased Metabolism & Weight Loss
  • Muscle Pain Relief
  • Boosting the Immune System
  • Detox from toxic metals, alcohol, mold, candida, nicotine etc…
  • Improves the Appearance of Cellulite
  • Eases Joint Pain and Stiffness
  • Great for Skin Health, Acne, and Clogged Pores
  • Lowering Blood Pressure

What Type of Sauna Is Best?

As you know by now, there are a zillion different types of saunas on the market but like with anything, you must know that not all saunas are created equal and the type of sauna I was interested in was an Infrared, Near, and Far Sauna which means they use special lamps to heat the body from the inside out instead of actually heating up the entire space. This type of sauna is best known for its ability to detoxify the body as it heats the body several inches deep to naturally boost your metabolic process which then can lead to blood circulation and oxygenated tissues.

What Brand Did You Choose?!

Because I knew I wanted a Near and Far Infrared Sauna, I set out to research the best on the market. At first, I thought I was going to go with one popular brand many influencers have reviewed, however, finding one with the lowest EMF was my top priority and sadly, not all influencers I found were researching that enough. Many saunas, especially lower-priced options, can emit dangerous electromagnetic fields so you really want to make sure you are only buying a brand with third-party EMF testing results as more and more studies are showing the negative health effects EMFs come with.

After lots of digging, I came across a brand that seemed to have everything I was looking for and more. That is Clearlight – makers of Jacuzzi® infrared saunas, as their EMF levels were by far the lowest on the market reading at about 0mg which was 3-5 times below the threshold of concern. All of the other brands I came across were about 20 times over the concern which was alarming to think of how many people were buying those instead!

Clearlight Infrared Sauna® models are the only ONLY infrared saunas that cancel out both EMF and ELF with the lowest and safest EMF and ELF levels of any infrared sauna on the market which is why it was my #1 choice. On top of their commitment to third-party testing, they also use non-toxic materials something other brands do not use. As you can imagine, when saunas heat up, all of the glues and materials they are made from heat up and yes, then off-gas into the air.

What Model Did You Get?

Because I wanted to be able to lay down and use it with several people if needed, I went with the Sanctuary 3 sauna as it can comfortably accommodate up to three people at a time. Besides being super cozy, this one is made with medical-grade Chromotherapy (color therapy), a built-in audio station, and Eco-Certified Cedar sourced from Vancouver Canada. I also went with this brand because all models come with a comprehensive lifetime warranty which most others did not.

If my model is too big, they do have much smaller versions that could even fit in an apartment! If mine is too small, they also have even larger models for those that may have more people to hold or more space to fill. You can check all models out by selecting the SAUNA MODELS tab from here.

How To Install It?

Installation was super easy because they do it for you hehe. I think it took about 1 hour maybe? But it was really simple. The only thing you have to make sure of is that your outlet can handle the electricity load so once you decide on your model, be sure to check the spec sheet to ensure your power is set up for it! You also want to measure the space you plan for it to go and make sure the size will fit before they arrive. We placed our sauna in the garage which has been working great for us.

So far, I have been very pleased with this company, its installation, the sauna’s performance, its quality, and the entire experience.

How Long Do You Use the Sauna?

I personally have not been in it as often as I would like because we have construction going on right now which means the garage is constantly being walked in and out of. Ideally, you want to do the sauna 3-4 times per week for about 30-40 minutes per session. You can start with less and work yourself up as you’re able to endure the heat! For me, the heat feels really cozy and enjoyable for about 35 minutes and then I start to get too hot and want out. For beginners, start off slow at about 15 minutes and increase as you are able to.

After just one session, you will feel so much better though. Your skin feels clearer and after chugging back some water, you will feel so refreshed and relaxed.

What is Chromotherapy?

Chromotherapy is basically color therapy with a history that dates back to the Mayan culture. The concept is that depending on the color you choose, each color has a specific purpose to restore. The lights in the sauna are medical grade which means that they are known to be effective in reducing swelling, pain, and inflammation, soothing sore muscles, boosting moods, resetting circadian rhythms, improving sleep, and even reducing the appearance of fine lines and age spots! Talk about magic in my garage, I love, love, love my sauna.

My personal favorite colors to use are red as it promotes cellular growth and helps restore energy and blue as it is a mentally relaxing color ideal for anyone with sleep problems or nerves. Blue is very calming and it really feels so cozy relaxing under the blue light.

Each color has a different focus, to learn about each color and what it helps with, click here.

How Much Do These Cost?

So yes, these are expensive but, for a reason. When it comes to a sauna, you truly do not want a cheap one. Like all things in life, you get what you pay for and this is no exception. Not only can cheap saunas have dangerous EMF levels, but you also need to trust that they are being well made with research and third-party testing behind the brand. Many of you ask about saunas from Costco or Amazon but the quality is just not anywhere near this brand or something I would personally risk. I would advise you to get no sauna instead of a cheap sauna as you really do not want to expose yourself to possibly dangerous EMF levels or cheap materials that when heated becomes toxic. Really research any brand you are considering and make sure you know their third-party testing and EMF results.

The model I got was about $6,000 so yes, it was a major investment but, I was paying almost $60 a session at a local spa so I figured, over time, this would eventually be worth it for lifetime use. While it is a huge chunk of money, to know that I can literally use it forever, was really important.

Organic Bunny Discount Code-

Because I know that this is a huge purchase, I asked the brand if they would like to share an affiliate deal with you all and they agreed! If you mention the Organic Bunny blog, you will now get $400 to $600 off the sauna of your choice as well as an ergonomic backrest and aromatherapy holder. To request pricing with this deal, click here.

I do believe they have payment plan options, shipping is FREE in the USA.

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  1. I see the premier ones are a little cheaper on their site. Did you find anything negative about those models?

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