VERED Organic Botanicals Review

It’s been a minute since I posted about new skincare lines, mostly because I like giving my skin breaks here and there from trying out too many products in short periods of times. While I try to keep a steady flow of content for you all, sometimes my face gets irritated with me so I have to try things out in moderation. This month I have discovered a few new skincare lines for you all and the first one I am excited to tell you more about is called VERED Organic Botanicals.

Like most of the other lines I review on this site, VERED Organic Botanicals is an Organic skin and body care line, integrating therapeutic 100% Certified Organic essential oils, plant oils, and herbs into one oh-so-amazing line of products. The creator, Vered is a master herbalist and esthetician who brings twenty-seven years of combined experience to VERED Organic Botanicals. Before I tell you all about the items I tried, here are a few of my favorite features of this line!

VERED Organic Botanicals products are-

  • 100% Natural, Certified Organic, Vegan & Cruelty-Free!
  • All plants are Certified Organic, biodynamic and hand selected from the finest local farmers.
  • Hand-made in small batches, and made with love from NYC.
  • All of the plant extracts are created in-house with no chemicals involved ever.
  • All oils are Certified Organic, cold-pressed and unrefined.
  • All of our essential oils are Certified Organic therapeutic-grade produced by steam distillation.
  • All products are scented with Essential Oils which deliver an increase of energy, induce relaxation, and reduce the effects of depression and stress.

VERED Organic Botanicals Product Reviews-

Le Chocolat Citrus Foaming Face ScrubThis was the very first item I tried out from this line and because I loved this item, it was a great item to start off with. This foaming face scrubs not only smells divine, it really feels great on the skin as it gently exfoliates off dead skin effortlessly. Made with a decadent combination of Raw Organic Sugar, Cocoa Absolute, and blend of Citrus Essential Oils, this fabulous foaming wash exfoliates awesome all while leaving the skin polished, protected and hydrated! You can use this item 1-2 times a week for a fresh-faced gorgeous new glow. Warning- it smells so great you will want to eat it!

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Bali Botanic Lavender Essential Oil

Because I refuse to use any synthetic scents, lately I have been having a lot of fun exploring essential oils. Not only do EO’s smell amazing, almost all of them come with awesome, all natural healing properties for a variety of ailments we face each day. Right now, one of my favorite EO blends is this Lavender Essential Oil by Bali Botanics, as it is amazing to use when I need some serious rest & relaxation. Lavender Essential Oil has so many great benefits, check out a few of my favorite ways to use it!

Lavender Essential Oil can be-

  • Diffused to calm anxiety
  • Dropped on pillows for a deep sleep
  • Added to a warm bath to eases muscle tension
  • Massaged onto temples to reduce stress
  • Mixed with a carrier oil for a fragrant massage or body oil
  • A natural way to repel bugs or to heal bug bites
  • Used to treat sunburns or acne
  • Oil burned for a natural home scent
  • Used as a natural room spray, new fave!
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Favorite Natural Makeup Items

Many of you ask me my most favorite makeup items so I wanted to do another post on the items I use each and every single day when I am wearing makeup that is. This will be a really to-the-point blog, showing you a photo of my makeup and then linking you to each item used! If you have any specific questions just email me or comment below! Also, almost every single item below has a coupon code so be sure to read entirely to get the codes to shop!

Naturally Glam Daily Makeup Look-

  1. Skin Care- First you want to prep your skin with a hydrating facial oil to allow the foundation to sit properly. I use Kypris Antioxidant Dew first and then layer the Beauty Elixir III on top. Let each saturate in for about 5 minutes before applying makeup. Be sure to not overdo the oil or you will be left with super oily skin.
  2. Foundation- Now that your skin is hydrated properly, you now want to apply your foundation. I am in love with the Kjaer Weis cream foundation in the color Just Sheer. I apply this to my entire face using their Blush Brush which really allows for the most amazing, smooth, flawless application. This foundation is my #1 must have item as it truly covers everything, all while being non-toxic and made with Organic ingredients. Once my KW foundation is applied, I then will apply a bit more with a Beauty Blender when I want fuller coverage. Because this makeup is so lightweight, you can apply it with a pretty heavy hand without it ever looking heavy or thick.
  3. Bronzer- Now that my foundation is on, next up is a bronzer. I start with the Vapour Luminous Foundation Stick in a darker color than my face to contour (#135), applying it along my cheekbones, forehead, chin, and nose for dimension. Once I have it drawn on, I then blend in with the Blush Brush, it really blends out so nicely and almost effortlessly. Once that layer is blended into my foundation, I then go over certain areas I want shimmery with the Vapour Bronzer in Spicy. Apply where needed and then, blend again.
  4. Powders- After all the bronzer is applied, now it’s time to set it all! I set my makeup with the RMS Tinted Un-Powder in 2-3, my absolute favorite way to set my makeup! This soaks up all extra shine, leaving you with a matte, flawless finish. You can also add more, as needed, throughout the day, this never looks cakey or heavy which is why it’s my fave.
  5. Brows- I only use Eco Brow to fill in my brows, it’s 100% Natural and lasts all day long without ever smudging. I use a small amount of the Penelope color, dipping my Defining Brush into the pot and using short, light strokes to fill in the brow. With this product, you only need a tiny amount so this will realistically last you all year, if not longer.
  6. Lashes- My all-time favorite mascara is the Lily Lolo classic black mascara. This gives me long, clump-free lashes that do not smudge and hold up all day. PS- My lashes look like crap because I got lash extensions that damaged them.
  7. Lips- My go-to combination right now is the Jane Iredale liner in Spice paired with a nude or taupe lipstick like Naughty by Red Apple Lipstick or 27 Kisses by Nudus. This gives a darker wine colored outer with a nude inner to blend into a nice soft berry color.
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Flu Fighting Juice

I am going to keep this blog pretty simple and to the point, mostly because I still am sick and have no energy to type up an elaborate blog. Most of you know I have been pretty sick and now that I am feeling a tad better, with enough energy to actually walk to the kitchen, I really wanted to load up on some natural foods to really fight off this flu for once and for all. Whenever your immune system is feeling down or weak here are some of the best fruits and veggies to load up on!

Immune Boosting Fruits, Veggies & Spices-

Ginger- I used to hate ginger but after learning about how good it was for me, I’ve found a new love and appreciation for this spicy little root. Another way to fight inflammation and bacteria, Ginger is a very effective root to add to juices when sick thanks to Gingerol, the bioactive substance in it which helps lower the risk of infection.

Cayenne Pepper– Cayenne Pepper is one of my all-time favorite spices to cook with, but did you know that by adding it to your juices you can ease upset stomachs, ulcers, sore throats, and irritating coughs? Cayenne pepper also aids in breaking up and moving congested mucus which means relief from flu symptoms generally follows making this one of the best detoxifying ingredients ever.

Lemon– Not only are lemons known to fight the free radical formulations known to cause cancer, they’re also great for fighting the flu. Lemons are high in Vitamin C which helps the immune system battle germs that cause a cold or flu. Even sipping on warm water with lemon and cayenne pepper each day is extremely beneficial for preventing these illnesses from happening in the first place. 

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Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X Review

I have wanted laser hair removal for the loonnngest time, but because of the super high cost and need for various, inconvenient office visits, I have yet to try it out, that was until now. I saw this Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X at Sephora a while back and have had my eye on it ever since. I began reading more about it, learning the risks as well as the success rates, and after hearing almost all rave reviews I decided to try it out for myself. I have always been envious of the girls with barely there hair, so I am really hoping that this helps thin my coarse hair out, eventually eliminating it once and for all.

This Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x is the first and only FDA-cleared hair removal laser available for home use, using the same diode laser technology preferred by dermatologists. The Tria Laser 4X targets and permanently disables the hair follicle to stop hair growth on the face and body for permanent results, score.

I was very concerned that there would be radiation or skin damage risks associated with this device and honestly, I have yet to read anything alarming enough to prevent me from trying it out. This device comes with a skin sensor that scans your color of skin and lets you know if it is safe for your pigment or not. You also are urged to test patches of your skin on low settings before so you can gage your skin’s reaction to the treatment before going to town on your entire body.

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