Best Natural Bug Spray

The heat of Summer is most people’s favorite time of the year, but on the flip side, it also brings peak mosquitos and ticks; oh my! Another problem is, like most other products, the bug sprays on the market are super toxic, loaded with risky chemicals like DEET, which, when studied, has been shown to cause brain cells to die!? I don’t know about you, but I would happily take some bug bites over killing brain cells, so today, Organic Bunny is breaking down DEET, why it’s so toxic, and what safer options I recommend instead! So, what is the best natural bug spray, you say? Let’s go!

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Best Natural Perfumes

Did you know that perfumes are one of the most toxic products we apply each day? With links to hormone disruptions, skin + lung irritations and possible carcinogenic effects, if you’re wanting to clean up your everyday routine, perfume sadly, has to go!

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Swap It Out- Face Wipes

Do you know what’s hiding in your favorite facial wipe? Take these Oil of Olay wipes for example, the very first ingredient is Petrolatum, followed by PEG-100, two Parabens, lab-made fragrances, Phenoxyethanol, Disodium EDTA, more PEGs, and various other irritating ingredients, not to mention, they are owned by Proctor & Gamble, a brand that still actively tests on animals.
When choosing a facial wipe, or any skincare product for that matter, I also choose fragrance-free as synthetic {fragrance} can have various links to allergic reactions and hormone disruptions. I also personally avoid the use of controversial {Parabens} as there are many studies finding they may cause healthy cells to turn into cancerous cells and more hormone disruptions. Many brands then replace Parabens with {Phenoxyethanol} which still has similar links to skin irritations and is considered a potential neurotoxin. Another synthetic I avoid is {PEG-100} as it has links to kidney toxicity with the possibility of being contaminated with carcinogens.
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What’s Hiding in Your Favorite Chapstick!?

You know what it is, it’s Swap It Out Sunday which means today I will be encouraging everyone to take a closer look at their beauty routine, hopefully eliminating at least one bad guy from the bunch! Because this can be an overwhelming task, I find it works best to eliminate things one by one, once a week. Today’s topic? Chapstick!

Because the seasons are changing and our lips are becoming dryer than ever, it’s easy to want to reach out for your favorite chapstick and slather your lips in some moisturizing ingredients. However, did you know that most conventional chapsticks found in drug stores or from promotional freebies are full of toxic ingredients with links to cancer, hormone disruptions, brain development, allergic reactions and more? Check out what is in this Blistex Complete Moisture chapstick!

  • Octinoxate– This is a known and studied endocrine disruptor, shown to disrupt the endocrine, hormone, and thyroid with links to breast cancer.
  • Oxybenzone– Known as Benzophenone-3, this helps other ingredients deeply penetrate into the skin with links to cancer.
  • Butylparaben– A preservative toxic to reproduction with links to hormone disruptions and cancer.
  • Ethylparaben– Another preservative with links to endocrine disruption and allergic reactions.
  • Methylparaben– Another preservative that has been found in breast tumors.
  • Propylparaben– Another preservative that shows up in breast tumors with links to possible endocrine disruption and allergic reactions.
  • Petrolatum– This is mineral oil which can cause itchiness, irritations, and allergic reactions, possibly contaminated with carcinogens depending on the source.
  • Sodium Borate– This has links to respiratory and skin irritations with possible fertility-damaging risks.

As you can see, all of the above is anything but clean or healthy for our lips. Why use a product full of so many synthetics, artificial flavors, carcinogens, and irritants when there are endless safer swaps to try instead!?

Safer Chapsticks To Try Instead-

  1. Osmia Organics Honey Myrrh Lip Repair– $22
  2. Osmia Organics Lip Doctor– $12
  3. Henne Organics Luxury Lip Balm– $22
  4. Kiss Me Honey Lip Balm Trio– $15
  5. Malaya Organics Lavender Lip Savior– $12
  6. Pogo Lip Balms– $4
  7. Laguna Herbals Lip Balm w/ SPF– $3.75
  8. 100% Pure Lip Balms– $6
  9. 100% Pure Lip Butters– $12

All of the above chapsticks, lip balms + butters are the very best I’ve found. All of them apply smoothly, last forever and are entirely free of all possible bad guys! I love that you can still get amazing products without the crazy chemicals many sneak in and sell to us, and this list is proof some good guys do still exist!

Coupon Code- Code organicbunny should work on all of the above! Some of the links here are affiliate links, however, not all are as I truly only share the ones I use and love.

All facts are from the Think Dirty app, give it a download to find studies and more info! 

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Swap It Out- LipSense

I’ve been seeing way too many girls becoming Lipsense reps lately so today’s #SwapItOutSunday is all about this brand as it’s surely one I avoid. If you are new to my blog, every Sunday I encourage women to swap out one dirty item for one clean item, with the goal being to reduce their exposure to toxins. LipSense is not the first, nor last brand I will bring ingredient attention to and the point of this post is mostly for those that may be misled by this brand as many email me asking if this product is clean or not.

This post was inspired by various groups like EWG and Think Dirty, with all sources are linked in each ingredient. Also, to everyone saying these are not the ingredients, these are from various Lipsense products, not just one product. If you go to the Lipsense website and explore the LipSense products, you will find every single ingredient listed below in these items- LipSense Liquid Lip Color, LipSense Gloss, LipSense Ooops! Remover and the LipSense Lip Balm.

There is also a blog Lipsense reps love to dispute this with by some Chemist and while yes, she is sharing some truth in her scientific findings, she is completely ignoring the fact that there are various studies out there showing that using similar products can come with health risks when used collectively, over time. I have also worked alongside chemists over the year on different projects and let me tell you, they share incorrect information too. The research is out there for those that seek it and ultimately it is up to each person to decide what products they desire to use. Using Lipsense once will likely not cause these issues but when used alongside 30 other products with similar ingredients for years on years, that is when you start to create a greater risk for yourself. 

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