Best Green Beauty Lipstick Dupes

Looking for a cleaner swap for your old conventional lipstick faves? Here are some of my personal favorites that I have successfully swapped out over time. Some of them are almost identical, while others are simply the closest I have found yet! Please keep in mind, all colors will look different depending on your natural lip shade and the lighting, so it’s best to Google image swatches if you are unsure of the shade. I will continue to add to this as I come across cleaner options, and please share any faves you have found as well! These options are free of hormone-disrupting plastics, harsh FD&C Lake Dyes, parabens, BHT, fragrance, and more!

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Best Natural Cleansers for Dry Skin

One of the most common issues we often see people complain about is dry or irritated skin but what many do not realize is the ingredients in their cleansers and toners may be the reason their skin is feeling oh-so-dry and fussy! In efforts to really help you ladies get the skin of your dreams, Alexandra the official Organic Bunny Esthetician, and I have been having so much fun making you these informative posts to hopefully leave you inspired to make some beneficial changes.

To help you possibly determine what steps are drying you out or bothering you, today we want to focus on facial cleansers and the worst skin-drying, irritating ingredients often found in them! At the end, we will also suggest the best natural cleansers for dry skin so keep scrolling!

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