Project Juice Organic Juices

Starting today with a fresh, Organic juice from Project Juice! Today I woke up and drank this {Green Ginger} juice on an empty stomach to fill my body with lots of Kale, Spinach, Celery, Cucumber, Green Apple, Lemon, Ginger & Romaine! The Kale helps provide natural energy while detoxifying the liver, Romaine strengthens bones, Spinach provides protein and iron, Celery pushes out toxins while balancing electrolytes, Cucumber flushes excess water while hydrating the skin, Lemon stimulates digestion and Ginger purifies the blood!

You could easily make this juice yourself at home with a juicer, or, if you want juices already made without the mess, Project Juice has FREE shipping right to your door and code {organicbunny} saves you 10% OFF at checkout! Seeing so many people around me sick, Organic juices are something I am never ever without! Fuel your body with health now to hopefully avoid major sicknesses later!

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Au Naturale Lipstick in Ibiza

Wondering what the hot pink lipstick in your Organic Bunny Box looks like on? Check it out! Now before you write it off as too bold for you, give it a try, it’s fun! This Ibiza lipstick by Au Naturale is not only perfect for Spring, but it’s also made with no FD&C dyes making it one of the safest ways to get color to your lips to date! Made with Organic, Vegan & Non-Toxic ingredients, this lipstick is pink perfection!

To apply: Use the included lip brush to paint on the pink color of your choice! The fewer coats, the lighter it is, the more coats, the bolder it gets! For those wanting a more subtle pink, simply apply a light coat and then top it with your favorite sheer gloss! For anyone shopping this online, it comes in a lipstick form only, the pot was a special item made exclusively for my box.

Want to stock up on Au Naturale cosmetics ladies? Shop it in my online store now! <SHOP>

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