Organic Bunny Custom Consults

Want to get into cleaner beauty but not sure where to start? Let the Organic Bunny team help by emailing us today! With holistic estheticians and hair care experts on standby, we can easily help you clean up your routine with a FREE custom consult to ensure you get the exact items you need! Here is how it works!

We can help with skincare, body care, makeup, color matching, hair routines, cleaner product dupes, sunless tanning tips & more, for all ages and members of the family! Because we spend about one hour per customer picking out the perfect new item for your needs, this time-intensive process is reserved for our new or returning customers only. Because we carry thousands of items, please shoot us an email letting us know what items you would like help with first! Skeptical? Be sure to read some of our client reviews below to see how beneficial this service can be!

Please allow 2-3 days for your custom consult to be completed as we do them in the order they are received, we are looking forward to helping you make the switch to cleaner beauty soon! Email us below to begin.

[email protected]

66 thoughts on “Organic Bunny Custom Consults

  1. Hi, My name is Samantha.
    I’m interested in buying some makeup but I’m not sure what color I should pick or where to start.

    I’m just looking for a cover I don’t use too much makeup something natural

    1. Just email us at the above email 🙂

    2. I originally found out about Organic Bunny through her dog rescue page Bunnys Buddies. She had advertised a dog shampoo recommendation and with a swipe up I found myself immersed in Green Beauty Heaven. What started out as a totally foreign concept turned into a day to day routine thanks to Amanda and her licensed esthetician Alex. If you think clean beauty is “one size fits all” that is not the case. The Organic Bunny team does not ever short end you and they work with you to tailor a custom routine to make you comfortable in your own skin. They start off by sending you a quick questionnaire to really get to the bottom of what will get you, your desirable result. You may be casually browsing her store, reading reviews, and reading what the product can offer you but keep in mind we are all different. Yes, the product may lead to great results for one but that doesn’t mean it will for you. That is why it is essential you get a suggestion from the organic bunny ladies, who just want the best for you. Not to mention, it’s FREE. They genuinely get to know your skin or hair needs, and they offer the best suggestions natural beauty has to offer. Start now, hit that email button and get on your way to the best results ever imaginable.

    3. I got my skin care routine a few years ago, I came from not knowing a lot about make up nor skincare but I was lucky enough to I’ve normal skin. The esthetician’s is beyond wonderful and kind: she made sure she found items that fit my skin care needs as well as my budget. I am forever. A bunny girl because of this company. Forever loyal and wanting more.

    4. I received a consult at the beginning of the year and have been using the products recommended and couldn’t be happier. I have dry/ dehydrated skin and was recommended the Earth Harbour line and some other things and I love the way they smell, feel and how they make my skin feel. Amazing!!

  2. I’ve received 2 consults over the past couple years and loved everything they recommended! Definitely give it a shot! The foundation matching was spot on! They give you step by step routines and when to use everything! I also got a consult for my tween daughter that was starting to show signs of pimples and wanted to start her out on a clean regimen that was also simple. Her skin is practically clear now! Thank you guys so much!!!

  3. I submitted the consult form on Friday and was surprised to receive my custom skincare routine just two days later on Monday! The form that I was emailed to fill out with my information was so easy to go through, and the questions are personalized in such a way that I knew I would be a getting a routine that’s unique to me. I ordered everything in the routine that the Organic Bunny esthetician recommended and I am so excited to get started on using the products. The thought that was put into choosing each product for a holistic, comprehensive approach to the skincare solutions that I need was so apparent. I also appreciate that budget was taken into consideration. This is the best service! Free to Organic Bunny customers, detailed, personalized, and I love that I can be confident knowing each product is clean and healthy for me without having to dive in and do my own research. The fact that this service is even offered is so indicative of the kind of company Organic Bunny is and the reason I will loyally shop here versus other places online. Can’t wait to try my new routine!

  4. Hi! I recommend this amazing custom consulting service done by Organic Bunny’s very own esthetician. It’s very specific to your needs and budget, too. I live in a tropical climate and have acne prone skin- I was able to get the recommendations from Alex and even some samples before committing to a certain product. Thank you for helping my skin!

  5. I’ve gotten multiple custom consultations from organic bunny! All of them have gone far beyond my expectations. My first was skin care and the esthetician was amazing! They have a survey that I filled out that helped them pin point what I needed. I am on a budget but also have some complex skin issues. They were able to help me find something that worked and also recommended some lifestyle changes and other things I can do. My second was for makeup and I got a perfect match for my foundation. Super impressed and I certainly go back to them any time I have any questions about the products that I have purchased or wanting to purchase! Highly recommended trying out a consultation, you’ve got nothing to loose!

  6. The free organic bunny consultation SAVED MY SKIN! I have been ordering from Amanda’s store since my freshmen year of college and today it’ll be 5 years now that my whole routine is green and clean! In the beginning I was just ordering random products I thought would be cool and fun but didn’t have a set routine that I knew was for ME. Then I starting wondering why my skin was still dry and nothing was helping but I was using all great products. Well I finally emailed the organic bunny esthetician Alex [email protected] and my skin is glowing, soft, hydrated, and most of all happy! I didn’t realize that I had a specific skin type that was determined by age, diet, stress levels, etc. which was all explained to me! Even now, when I try to be adventurous with my skin (lol) and order things I think would work I ALWAYS ask and there has been times were I didn’t ask and my face went all dry because the product wasn’t for me lol but don’t worry, I’ve learned my lesson! Anyway, I trust Amanda and Alex with my whole bodies skin and this is a great resource that’s offered for customers! Did I mention my boyfriend also did a customer consult and his skin is looking so beautiful lol needless to say, YES they also give recommendations for men too. Give it a shot and before you order, email!

  7. Have received a few different consults over the past few years while going green. They asked all the right questions and are very thorough giving you the best possible solutions for your skin care. I got the perfect match a number of times on foundation and make up. I also have a great routine and back up routine for various times of the year based on how my skin is acting. Starting to shop with the organic bunny completely changed my skin. I never felt comfortable going make up free and now I barely need to use any. Thanks to the OB team for all that you do.
    If you’re on the fence my advice is do it!

  8. Have always have the best experiences with recommendations from consults over emails, everything is perfect & my skin matching also spot on esp with crunchi foundation. I’ll never go anywhere else for clean beauty & getting help with trouble shooting esp of something isn’t working as I thought it should, guidance is always a plus when getting it right the first time doesn’t take place for me!

  9. I cannot thank Alex and the entire Organic Bunny team enough for all the hard work and effort they put into this business. I’ve been using Organic Bunny for about 2 years now and have loved all of the products I have received. Alex has helped me numerous times with a new skin care/hair regimen and has been patient answering all of my questions. Since I have acne prone skin and live on the east coast, my skin care routine varies base on weather, etc. She has not only helped me heal my skin, but also made sure I was sticking within my budget. Even though the products are more expensive, It is 100% worth it for the quality and results you see. You can tell Amanda really does her research with each product on her website and the reviews and praise from everyone validates her research. I also love that they include pet products as well as other non-beauty products on their website. They also have the fastest shipping ever! I am so happy I stumbled across this page and love everything this company stands for. Thank you for making such a huge impact on my life. You have a lifelong, happy customer!

  10. I have received a skincare routine, as well as color matching and they have been SO helpful. Each time, I have started with the most important products they recommend and then move my way down the list as my budget allows. The color matching and makeup recommendations have been life changing – I love knowing each product works with my coloring and skin type. The skincare routine – the more recommended products I add to my regime, the better my skin looks! Hair routine is next! 🙂

  11. I believe every business, no matter how big or small should have this amazing feature available to the public. They are time saving, quick response and above and beyond to say the least.. I’ve gotten a consult for a foundation match (Nu Evolution) Concealer match (Fitglow) and skincare recommendations on my specific skin type (Kypris Detox mask which is hands down my holy grail)
    The ask the right questions and need the perfect photo of you in order to give you the most accurate recommendation possible and honestly, life in general would be so much better if business we love to shop at follow these simple yet effective ways of customer service like Amanda has incorporated in her business!

  12. I have gotten a consultant on skincare routine that I absolutely love! Alex recommended Earth Harbor skincare routine that was budget friendly and worked so well for my skin.

  13. Super easy process! All her recommendations were spot on. Delivery was quick. All my new products worked well for my skin. I look forward to using this service again!

  14. I highly value their input! I have had three consults with OB. The first was to ask for product advice to help clear up my acne. The second consult was a color match and advice for products to help with fine lines. The third was a inquiry on my skin care routine.

    My most recent consult with Organic Bunny was about making a swap from brands. I was interested in switching up because I was out of most of my product at the time. I wanted an opinion first from the Organic Bunny Esthetician because I wasn’t sure if it was the right product line for me.

    I let her know my current skin type and what I wanted from my skin care line. After a few emails we decided for me to stick with my original product routine but add in one extra moisturizer to help protect my skin from the cold climate.

    Her advice was really helpful! It was nice to hear from someone about why the products I was using was the best option, and why the other brand was not a good fit. Thank you, Amanda, for offering this wonderful service!

  15. My organic bunny consult provided me with the absolute BEST skincare routine for me! Alex was very thorough and provided me with explanations for how to use the products she recommended. My skin has seriously never looked or felt better! Furthermore, I feel so confident using these products knowing they have the Organic Bunny stamp of approval! The skincare consultation took all of the uncertainty out of deciding what products might work for me.

  16. I love the custom consultation service! I have used it for a full skincare revamp as well as tweaking it to perfection! I took a big jump into green beauty about a year ago and haven’t looked back since. The skincare routine I was given has changed my skin for the better so much! In addition to skincare, the ladies at OB have also helped with my makeup questions as well. I wasn’t familiar with many brands found at OB, but their email consultations are more detailed than any in person store experience I’ve ever had.

  17. Amanda + team are fabulous! The experience is so customized and thoughtful at every step. I struggled to get the right lighting to be color matched and the OGB team was so patient and helped me get there, then gave a custom reco that you can tell they really took time to curate to my specific skin type and needs. I have rosacea and super dry skin and the Crunchi products they recommended are amazing and exactly what I was looking for.

    I come here for all things switching to natural and cleaner products and this experience has made me a loyal buyer!

  18. Hi All!
    If you haven’t had a consultation yet with Alex, I in time soon hope you do.
    Amanda’s licensed esthetician Alex 🙂 is absolutely amazing.
    The process is very simple answering questions and be able to express your wants & worried target areas. She creates a list with explanations of importance while creating your own personal beauty routine.
    You are able to give estimate amount on how much you want to spend which is so very much appreciated. My first consultation covered all my needs and wants and even giving information on things I never thought about… those things made such a huge change in my makeup routine. Thank you Alex!
    I appreciate Amanda and the work she has done and being able to create such an amazing platform for women and men.
    I love bringing attention of clean beauty to the women around me and finding the fun and excitement for the little girls who are growing up around me too. I thank the whole team with Organic Bunny and am very happy I made the switch & know you will too! 🙂

  19. I’ve received so much help from OB and everything recommended is incredible!!! I’ve recommended several of my friends do the same and they are also thrilled!

  20. Just do it. Send the email it will be so worth it. I was so happy with my recent experience. I have been buying things at random myself for a while but it was time I got some help. I emailed and got recommendations based off my current needs and it was so helpful to get my routine down. 🙌🏼

  21. Ever feel like you go to a mall and the girls at the counter kinda know what their talking about but not really? So they trick you into buying some crap that’s bad for you

    Well imagine…talking to someone who ACTUALLY knows about the benefits of each product and how it might work and not work for you skin/hair type. I’ve had 2 consults with OB (both a year a part and for different types of items). This process is so simple and INFORMATIVE. Not only did I learn about what products would be good for what I was looking for (there are so many options and if you aren’t a make up guru, you don’t even know where the heck to start), but I also learned about why each product would benefit me too!

    I wanted to get the newer Crunch foundation (which is amazing btw) and a new blush, after sending my pics in, the team was able to match my and also give me different options for blush depending on what kind of pigmentation I was looking for.

    I could go on and on about how Alex/Amanda and the team really help guide you through the process of “going green”, but that’s just another one of the things that make OB so great!

  22. I’ve gotten a few consultations for makeup and skincare and Amanda’s service has been a life saver! I have a problem with acne on my face and after using some affordable products OB recommended. So glad I did it!!!

  23. I was a HUGE skeptic that Amanda and her incredible team could really color-match me for makeup, but dang did they nail it! I was shocked! I’ve never had makeup match me truly perfectly until now, and I’m THRILLED with my Crunchi foundation and Fitglow concealer! She also found me amazing mascara (Fitglow ayyyy), a brow product (PLUME OMG), a liquid eyeliner that I love (zuzu luxe), and a clean hair and skin routine. I honestly can’t say enough good things about the quality of the products, but especially how freaking amazing the consult process was. It was SO easy and gave me amazing products that I love!!! You will not be disappointed!!

  24. Before I bought anything from the OB store I did a consultation with Alex, their in house esthetician, and boy did I have a spectacular experience! She asked me some detailed questions about my skin type, goals, Allergies, location (to understand the weather and level of pollution in my area), current skin care/beauty routine and the products I was using at the time. She also asked me to check out some different brands, in different price point ranges so I could let her know what was realistic within my budget. After responding to her questions, Alex came back to me with the products she suggested and a proper skin care routine incorporating all of the products she recommended. It was so thorough and in depth that I was absolutely floored by the level of detail, Carr and guidance that she provided! She even gave me some tips and recommendations for my boyfriend who suffers from eczema. Overall, I was very impressed with this service and the fact that it was FREE! I’ve never felt this supported or guided with my skincare and beauty routine, even after going to in store consultations in the past. It always seemed like they were selling me on their most expensive products without really considering all the aspects and points that the OB consultation considers before making recommendations. After receiving the recommended products and routine from Alex, I immediately purchased everything and haven’t ever gone back to my old products or routine because this one really works, feels good for me, my budget and my skin and at the end of the day, I felt so supported and cared for by the consultation that I’m a forever customer now! Thank You so much OB team!!

  25. Almost two years ago I was at my breaking point with my cystic acne. I had tried everything and spent hundreds of dollars. I saw several dermatologists with no luck.
    I reached out to Alex for a skin consult and was recommended a regime specific to my needs. Since implementation of the regime I have had minimal breakouts and have noticed a significant change in my skins health! I have had an additional consult to discuss decreasing scars and discoloration. I’ve learned so much from Amanda Joe and Alex over the last two years. I. Beyond thankful for all you do!

  26. The consult I received was very thorough and the colors I was given were perfect matches. The questions asked enabled me to tailor products to my budget, which was great coming from someone just starting into clean beauty and on a tighter budget. They even recommended I could ask for samples of some of the more expensive items until I am able to purchase full size! My consult included everything from cleanser, moisturizer, foundation, concealer, masks and toner. I have loved every item I have tried from the recommendations!

  27. I just had a consult! It was great! Quick feedback with lots of product recommendations based on the way I filled out the questionnaire. I ordered my products on Saturday and they were delivered today (I live in Arkansas). I was also happy to find a foundation sample in with my new skin care because I mentioned in one of the emails that make-up was going to be my next purchase. Very helpful!!

  28. I had my first consult with Alex a couple years ago. Alex’s recommendation was just what my skin and budget were looking for. I’ve emailed since with additional concerns or questions, and she had adapted my routine to fit my needs. Amanda and Alex are also amazing at answering color questions and virtual matching. My makeup colors are perfect! I am beyond satisfied with my current skin care routine and makeup products. I am an Organic Bunny customer for life!

  29. I had a consultation done last year I think it was and it was super easy. I’m grateful that Alex was able to answer so many of my questions and help my incorporate some items I had already purchased too

  30. I have received a couple personal consultations now!! I always receive prompt help. My first consult was for new skincare for mature skin! I purchased all of the recommendations and it changed my skin tremendously! I have finally gotten the nice dewy, clear complexion when i use foundation thanks to the Organic Bunny consult! These ladies know their stuff!

  31. I have gotten a consultation for both makeup and skincare, and with both all the products recommended are amazing! Got my color just right and the foundation works perfect for my skin type. All the other makeup I love and has perfectly replaced all my more toxic ingredient high end makeup. I cannot day enough about the skin care recommended. They worked with my budget and I was able to get products that worked great for my skin type. My skin is no longer dry and I rarely get acne now! Organic bunny has so many great products but it is hard to know what is best sometimes especially when switching over your entire routine, so these consultations are life saving! I could not be more thankful!!!

  32. I just utilized this FREE service. It’s amazing! They responded quickly. They are very thorough and even included a FAQ document about the products to make sure I used them correctly. But the BEST part, it included hyperlinks to each product so it was very easy to click & add all of them to my cart. THANK YOU!

  33. After YEARS of discomfort and visiting doctors and hospitals left and right (since middle school and now im 30), I went to an amazing Holistic Health Coach who discovered I had many severe food, fragrance, and heavy metal intolerances. Upon finally finding out the news, I was introduced to OB by my cousin. I never had any idea that non-toxic makeup/skincare products were even a thing so OB made the transition easy. All my silly questions were answered without judgement and with complete understanding. I tossed EVERYTHING i had and replenished it all with a custom skincare routine, makeup perfectly matched to my skin tone and condition, shampoo and conditioner that is l.i.t.e.r.a.l.l.y life changing (finally got rid of alllll of my frizz after 30 years!!!), makeup/dry brushes, and more. OB also helped introduce me to other brands (cleaning, laundry, bedsheets, etc.). There are no words to THANK or show my deep and heartfelt appreciation to OB. As a result of this new, clean switch, EVERY.SINGLE.ONE. Of my symptoms have completely vanished and I can finally live my life pain free, like a regular person. The process was quick and easy and I truly felt like the OB team was with me during every step of the way!! (I’m not crying, you’re crying!)

    1. A BIG CONGRATS to you, you are the winner of our $50!!! Thank you for being an amazing customer! Please email me for your GC! [email protected]

  34. These online consults are everything!! Alex and Amanda know so much about all the products in the Organic Bunny Store! I got a consult for a foundation match! And they were so patient with me in getting the perfect photo to get a perfect match! Of course they nailed the color! It is so much easier to ask for help from the experts and get it correct the first time! Thanks for offering such an amazing service to your customers!! 💜

  35. Between Alex and Amanda they put together an amazing green beauty routine for me. And they took budget into account as well. Green/non toxic beauty does not have to break the bank and is comparable to “normal” brands.

    They really helped me jump into a world that was somewhat. Foreign to me and provided me with detailed steps on how to make a clean beauty routine. I absolutely love Organic Bunny and cannot recommend reaching out to these amazing and kind women.

  36. Love this service! Got the perfect skincare and makeup routine. Then they were able to help with a hair routine. I love that they have different options for different price points for me as well. The best company with all the best products.

  37. For as long as I can remember I’ve been trying new skincare to try to manage my dry, acne prone skin. After following the Organic Bunny Instagram page, I decided to switch to all natural products in hopes of improving my skin and overall health. The aorgsnjc Bunny team went above and beyond sending back a long list of recommendations specifically for my skin, described each product in detail, and told me exactly how to use it. I received my new cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, eye cream and exfoliate so fast and WOW I am in love. My skin no longer gets dry patches that I have always struggled with and it’s so soft and smooth. I am very happy with my new skincare routine and I have been recommended an Organic Bunny consult to all of my friends and family. I am now working on switching over to clean makeup products and the Organic Bunny team took the time again to match me with the perfect concealer and foundation. I am obsessed with these new products too and I can’t wait to swap out the rest of my make up and hair products!

  38. Hello,
    I first reached out through email September 2017 when I was overwhelmed with big bumps with dark acne scars that were showing up, along with clogged pores and dry patches. I didn’t know where to start at all and where I was lacking. It didn’t take long for a reply and the email was so thorough even with maybe 5 questions I needed to answer back such as my age , skin type, skin goals and budget! Etc. which is crazy rare that a company wants to work with you at every angle so you are comfortable, happy and trusting. Apart from a very custom routine that they gave me they also went out of their way to explain why maybe these things occur, such as the skin needs to be exfoliated 2-3 times a week. Very very grateful with Amanda and Alex, and Fast forward to 2020 my skin has been happy since and always a happy customer 😊

  39. I had my consult over a year ago and have slowly been switching over my whole routine! I must say my skin has never been better!! They are amazing to work with both in getting your consult and ordering from organic bunny!! It’s 100% worth it! I am a customer for life!!

  40. I did a custom Organic Bunny consult in February and it has changed my skin! I am trying to stop the hands of time on both my face & body, lol. Tall order, I know, 😉but from the Fitglow Cleansing Oil (which is EVERYTHING) to the Cloud Balm to the Kyoto’s Body Elixir, all seem to be helping with my goal…and at a minimum have my
    skin super soft. The Sea Toning mist is refreshing and I imagine will be great on a hot summer day. I love the Aleavia body wash as well…the honeysuckle smells divine and it truly cleanses my skin without drying it out. I cannot wait to do a makeup consult!

  41. I am obsessed with Organic Bunny, I love Amanda and Alex. You guys have totally changed my skin with the products I use. I went from having breakouts all the time to having beautiful hydrated glowing skin. I love how personalized this service is as well, Alex worked with me to get a routine that is perfect for my skin and I couldn’t be happier. I love Organic Bunny!

  42. I can’t say enough good things about this service. One it’s free but honestly I would pay for it that’s how happy I am with the custom plan that was created for me. I was lost in my skin care routine for years. I was suffering from acne, scarring and extreme dryness. I didn’t know what to expect when I reached out but I knew I already loved the products I had purchased before. The process was quick and I got my regime shortly after. I’m now a few months in and my skin has never been better. I’m so glad I made the switch and had the help to do it!

  43. I waited awhile before I finally caved and emailed for a consult. All I can say is getting a consult is like eating one potato chip. It started with one for a new skincare routine. Then it was for an issue, for my 3 yr old’s skin, for trying foundation and bronzer, and this list goes on! I’m so addicted and grateful because I’ve never been steered wrong and my skin has never looked and felt better. And not having to check the ingredients on the products because Amanda has already handled that part just makes this whole thing a slam dunk!

  44. Oh my gosh it’s been a few years since I’ve had my consult and since then I’ve gone through hormone changes due to pregnancy and just stressful life but those recommendations I received after filling out the questionnaire held up through everything!!! It was recommended for me to use the Kypris line and let me tell you my dry skin has never looked better I don’t ever have to worry about flaky skin anymore and veryyyy few breakouts. For not having an in person consult it is amazing how spot on it was. I definitely highly recommend anyone to do it. My skin thanks both Amanda and Alex for everything! I never thought I would have good skin 🤍🤍🤍

  45. I loved my Organic Bunny consult. The products they have recommended for skin routine as well as hair routine have really worked for me. I also LOVE the products. They feel so luxurious with still being within my price point. I love that you can continue to reach out if you have something change that you need to address and they will help you out. The products Amanda carries in the store are absolutely top notch, I’ve got my boyfriend and mom starting to swap out for non toxic skin care thanks to the consults as well.

  46. I was blown away with this service! It’s incredibly accurate & thorough. And it’s FREE y’all. You can get an entire routine for you that fits your budget. The best part? You can order different brands from ONE website. So convenient! Plus, shipping is so fast. I’ve honestly never received compliments about my make up or foundation, let alone skin care until I made the switch to clean beauty. And Organic Bunny is the ONLY place I trust for 100% clean, toxic free make up, skin care, etc.

  47. I had been buying OB products for over a year and it finally came time to nail down a solid skin care regimen. I reached out to their esthetician and team and my experience was hands down great! They took the time to go through what I had purchased, what would work best and also helped me match my skin with previous foundation I had bought and matched me with newer crunchi foundation. If anyone is reading this and lost on where to go for recommendations regarding their skin care look no further than OB team. I really appreciate that they care about their clients and take the time to offer this service when numerous places do not. Will buy from them over and over again. They are theeee best!

  48. Hello!

    I got my consult earlier in the year. So nice and so helpful. They really worked with what you needed at the price point you want. I love that they gave you a lot of options and also gave a good details description of why it would be good for you. I have been using the products they recommended ever since. I have hormonal acne which has always been difficult. My skin has truly changed since these products and I will never go back. Thank you for your help!!!!!!!

  49. Ohhh how I wish I could post pictures. I’ve battled acne my entire life. As a 35 year old female, I was hoping it would be gone by now! I’ve contacted the Organic Bunny for a consult twice now. The first time m, I didn’t really end up sticking to the routine bc I thought it was taking too long. I wanted fast results like the infomercials for other terrible-for-you products advertise. This time, I have stuck to the recommendations I’ve received. I have been using the Fitglow Sea Toning mist as my cleanser I’m the morning and as a toner after I wash my face at night. I’m using Osmia Blqck Clay Facial Soap at night as a cleanser or on days when I feel like my skin needs a deeper cleanse. Then at night, I’m also using a combo of Osmia’s Balance Facial Serum and Purely Simple Face Cream. As a spot treatment, I’m still using up the sample of Earth Harbor’s Glow Juice Refining Face Mask and it’s seems to be helping, plus I love the smell!! Soon, I’ll be adding Osmia’s Spot Treatment and Detox Exfoliating Mask to my routine as well.

    I have to say that this combination makes my skin feel HEALTHY. Yes, I still have acne, but the breakouts are fewer and less intense as they were. The texture of my skin is also changing!! I’m trying to be kinder to my skin and the routine I was given has helped tremendously with that. 🙂

    It is important to note that I’m also only using makeup suggested by OB as well!

  50. I have not yet had a costume consult but after reading all the comments, I can’t believe I haven’t reached out already! I was recently diagnosed with scalp psoriasis and melanoma. Since then, I have been trying to switch my skincare routine to clean products. I scour The organic bunny website almost daily to find products and learn more about safe, clean skincare and makeup! Thank you for all you do Alex and Amanda!

  51. Yes! I started having her create a whole new skin routine for me which is absolutely amazing. My skin is completely clear for the first time in years! Then I had her do a makeup consult and even that has been amazing! Everything she has recommended has just been perfect and the process was so simple. She really does customize it just for you!

  52. I first discovered Organic Bunny when my company went out to your home to restore your countertops. I have been so intrigued and wanting to bet some products for my hair and skin since!!!

  53. I’ve actually had a few consultations. My first consultation was to get a whole clean skincare regimen down. Alex recommended asked lots of questions about my skin, where I lived, concerns etc. We must have emailed each other at least 6 times before she was able to recommend a whole regimen. (That’s a good thing! You want to make sure that whoever is giving you a consultation is thorough!). Over time, my skin changed so I emailed again to update my regimen. I’ve also emailed to be color matched and to see cleaner alternatives of my favorite makeup. I made sure to save that email because let’s be honest, swapping everything out at once can be expensive. So I would order a few things at a time and switching it out little by little to build up my clean makeup collection!

  54. I had a consult with Alex after I was having concerns with my natural foundation. She helped me come up with a skincare routine to start exfoliating my face… something I admittedly never do. This has helped a lot with making my foundation look more natural and smooth. She was easy to get in touch with and made great recommendations. I love that some of the product last a long time and a little goes a long way. Thanks Alex!

    1. Two years ago I reached out for help with my skincare routine. Alex was so great and provided a custom routine for me that helped with my dry, red skin. A few months after I found out I was pregnant which created a whole new set if hormonal face issues. Alex was so helpful- she provided a few recommendations and explained why they were beneficial. She was mindful of my budget and my skincare goals. I can’t recommend Alex and the Team enough. Now my skin is healthy and glowing- the best it’s looked in years!

  55. I’ve been consulting for weeks now and my skin is glowing! She’s always so responsive and helpful and really takes the time to get you exactly what you need for you skin type <3

  56. Why are all the comments and feedback from the exact same day and almost the same time?

    1. Because I asked my customers to share their reviews 🙂

  57. I’m interested in switching to clean products that work.

    Products I’m looking for:
    foundation. I currently use IT Bye Bye Foundation Full coverage color is medium
    primer: I currently use Tula face filter. It says its a clean product, should I stay with this one?
    concealer: currently using IT bye bye undereye light and I’ve used medium as well. I like this product.
    lipstick: currently using REALHER shade family name is I define beauty myself and no filter
    bodywash need a recommendation
    shampoo: currently using pureology for blonde color treated hair. My hair is fine.

  58. Seriously the best service ever! I threw out all my old makeup and got color matching and recommendations through their free consult service. So glad I did! They color matched my makeup so well and I am in love with my new makeup. It makes my skin feel so good too and I never break out. I was happy with every purchase I made and bought literally15 items. If you’re looking for high quality products that work, definitely order from organic bunny! I also got a hair consult and am going to purchase some hair products soon too! <3

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