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April 4, 2020

Best Organic Tea

If you follow a bunch of health-focused peeps on Instagram, you have probably heard of the Pique Tea brand before but for those that have yet to, you must and here’s why! If you are someone that loves drinking tea each day OR are someone that simply wants to start consuming various teas for their amazing health benefits, this is truly the best tea on the market but don’t just take my word for it, keep reading to learn more about why this is the #1 choice among health experts worldwide!

Why Clean Tea Is Key-

First, let me start off by telling you why I became more interested in finding a super clean tea. Did you know that even if a tea *claims* that they are Organic, that you still have to worry about things like the materials their tea bags are made from? Many tea bags are actually made from plastic or bleached materials which is then added to very hot water risking the very toxins you are avoiding to head right back into your tea. Paper tea bags are also made using glues and more plastics which means shoot, we’re screwed again. Why is being healthy so damn hard!

In addition to all of the above concerns, when it comes to actual tea leaves, you have to be very careful as well. When it comes to traditional tea, this is the riskiest choice. In a study done by CBC News Canada, when they tested popular tea brands like Lipton, they found those had the highest pesticide levels, some even over the allowed limit! Another concern is how long tea sits on shelves and if they grow mold over time. Most brands heavily spray their tea with pesticides to ensure an unnaturally long shelf life. Yuck.

So, bottom line- the tea you choose matters, more than you may have thought, especially if it is part of your everyday health routine.

What Tea I Drink-

I do have a variety of store-bought brands in the home but by far, the cleanest option on the market is by Pique Tea. Not only is their tea made through a gentle extraction process but it is then triple toxin screened which is a game-changer for those serious about what we consume. Besides leaving the tea with a higher level of purity than any other tea on the market, this screening process also screens for pesticides, heavy metals, and toxic molds and their tea is 100% Organic, of course. Talk about the tea of my dreams!

Here are a few major selling points on why I am team Pique.

Why I Drink Tea Everyday-

I took a break from drinking tea for a bit but after learning how good it is for our guts, and considering how critical gut health is for us right now, I am back on the tea train. If you are someone that has anxiety, I do notice that drinking too much tea can increase my symptoms so that is something to keep in mind OR simply choose one of their caffeine-free options instead!

Tea is known for its polyphenol content. Polyphenols are a prebiotic-type substance that helps feed healthy gut bacteria, such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria. A healthy balance of gut flora has been linked to digestive support, healthy weight management, immune support and more! Out of all of the superfoods in the World, tea has some of the highest levels of polyphenols around.

Wondering which tea is best for boosting your immune system and what times are best to drink each? Head to their website here to find out!

Which Pique Are My Favorites?

Curious my faves? Here are the ones I find myself reaching for the most! Also, I must note, these are so easy to make since they are in powder form. You literally just take a tiny pouch to go and pop it into warm or cold water when you’re able to! The temperature of the water needed will be stated on each package. Some do require hot water so double-check.

Coupon Code-

Right now, Pique is offering my readers 10% OFF my faves with code ORGANICBUNNY! This is something you will drink daily so the bundles seem like a lot but you will go through them quickly making this a great deal. I hope this tea tip helped and if you give them a try, let me know what you think! <SHOP>

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