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I don’t know about you all but I haven’t felt like leaving home lately **sarcasm**, so finding businesses that deliver local, fresh and organic produce has been key for us! I have posted a few different options to choose from this month but now that I have had time to try them out, I want to share some more in-depth feedback on the food delivery services that I have been loving. I purchase all of these items on my own with the intent being to truly find you the best options so keep on reading if you’re in need of some produce deliveries, discount codes included!

Farm Fresh To You

This Farm Fresh To You box is my current favorite box as their produce really has been so beautiful and plush with the most unique and fun mix of produce to choose from. From exotic mushrooms and beets to vibrant rainbow carrots and chard, this box is simply so cool! All of the produce is certified Organic and sustainably grown which is just icing on the cake. This is a box I truly plan to get forever and ever as it has been such a great experience thus far.

Like the above box, this also does not let you customize your options until your delivery window opens so, sign up here and then wait for your email to choose your items! Mine just came today and I stocked up on so many amazing things and for such a great price.

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Imperfect Foods

I love the concept of the Imperfect Foods box as they take “imperfect foods” that typically would be deemed not good enough to sell, and made a box out of it! In the 5 years that they have been in business, they have saved over 100 million pounds of food from being trash, how awesome is that? Imperfect can mean the item has been discontinued, changed packaging, surplus stock or have cosmetic imperfections which sounds sketchy but so far, I have been super impressed and not let down. I was worried that the items would come sort of icky but they really have been great!

To try it out, you can head to their website here and sign up. Once you sign up, you then have to wait for your selection window. They will email you when it’s your time to load your box up which means you can customize what goes in your box when your time comes. They offer both conventional and Organic options so you really can choose exactly what you want. I love getting those emails that it’s my turn to pick, it’s always so fun seeing what they have in stock!

Unlike some of the other boxes I have tried, they have a wide variety of things to shop from like Organic Coconut Oil and dry goods to meats and milks. I have been pretty happy with this so far and plan to keep my weekly subscription for quite some time.

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Daily Harvest

While this is not a fresh food option, it’s still a really great Organic produce option to avoid going to grocery stores while still ensuring your family has healthy food at home. I also really like being able to stock up on frozen food items in case of an emergency and Daily Harvest allows me to do exactly that and for about $8 per meal. While they are not fully Organic, they are mostly Organic and they have a ton of super tasty options to choose from. From bowls and bites to smoothies and soups, Daily Harvest makes access to healthy meals so easy.

Some of my personal favorite items are their harvest bowls, chia and oat bowls, smoothies, lattes, pizzas, and bites, so… basically everything. Because they do not add sugars or flavors to their items, some people say they are too bland, however, that can be easily fixed. Simply pop in a Medjool Date to sweeten things up or your favorite flavors like Vanilla or Cinnamon if you want it to have a bit more umph.

I love this as a great base option which means I use the meal as a base and will alter as needed. Example- smoothies and adding more to them, bowls and adding more rice or tortillas, soups as meal bases etc… I just love how most of the work is done for me and they arrive right to my door, easy breezy.

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So, there you have it, a few great options to look into for fresh, Organic produce delivered right to your door! If any of the above do not deliver to your area, you can try searching for local farm deliveries in your city, you will be surprised how many might be out there! I sure hope these tips helped you feel more prepared during these crazy times. Do you have a similar company you love?

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