Best Natural Products for Dry Skin

Winter is here which means it’s time to tweak our skincare routine to ensure we do not take away any of the moisture we so badly need right now! I don’t know about you but I am DRY right now and needed some help figuring out the best natural products for dry skin. So, who better to ask? The Organic Bunny Esthetician, that’s who! For those of you new here, we have our own, full-time Esthetician named Alexandra and she is the real deal! She has been with me for years and years now helping thousands of you to clean up your routines. We ALL love Alex here so keep reading for Alex’s tips for the best natural products for dry skin this Winter! PS- There may be a FREE gift hidden in the below! 😉

Swap out Your Cleanser-

Swap out your gel or clarifying cleanser for a creamier one! Clarifying or gel cleansers are great for the more oily or dewy months like Summer, however, when Winter and dryer times roll along, it’s a good time to opt for a creamier, less stripping cleanser instead to retain as much moisture as possible! Over cleansing is a great way to quickly dry out your skin so Alex’s first tip is to change to a cream-based cleanser. Some of our personal faves are the AnnMarie Aloe + Herb Cleanser, Sahara Rose Luminous Cleanser or the Om Organics Blue Azul or Ahoy Love Cleanser if on a budget! We also love cleansing oils as another great way to preserve moisture like Agent Nateur Holi Cleanse or a budget friendly option being the Earth Harbor Sunshine Dew.

Hydrating Toners-

If you are not oily, you can also considering skipping your AM cleanse and using toner on a cotton round instead as this will avoid any chances of dehydrating your skin. This is a quick easy way to get extra hydration into your skin too, before serum and lotion/oil. Some of my favorite toners to use like this are the Om Organics Pink Coconut or the Sahara Rose Toner. If on a budget you can tone with the Earth Harbor Tidal Rose!

Moisturizing Enough Creams-

Make sure your lotion leaves you feeling fully moisturized, not dry or tight as you may need to swap for something more moisturizing! Especially if you live in a climate where temperatures drop and the air gets dry. You can also add in a few drops of a soothing facial oil to make it more moisturizing! Our favorite rich cream for Winter right now is the Om Organics Gotu Kola or the Living Libations Beauty Balm. I also must note, I am LOVING the new Henne Organics Facial Lotion as a medium weight cream for AM or PM! If on a budget, we also love the UpCircle Night Cream! If you do want to add a few drops of oil to whatever lotion you are using now, we suggest our best selling Agent Nateur Holi Oil, Sahara Rose Divine Beauty Serum, Earth Harbor Calypso or if on a budget, try the mini Om Organics Cactus Oil! We actually have a whole kit by Om Organics that features many of the above items!

Exfoliating Off Dead Skin-

There is not much worse than seeing dead flakes of skin both with or without makeup on so be sure to listen up to this tip as it’s everything! Make sure you keep up with exfoliating 2-3 times a week, as dead skin will prevent your products from actually absorbing and moisturizing your skin. Plus, dry, cold air makes dead, flakey skin appear much more easily, so now is not the time to skip exfoliation! Our top pick for exfoliating is the Agent Nateur Holi Bright, this mask is the best ever, literally botox in a jar and worth every penny, just read the reviews! And, if you really wanna splurge on baby soft, dolphin skin, be sure to get their exfoliating body wash too. For those on a budget, you can try the Earth Harbor Glow Juice for a similar effect or any of the ARTIFACT masks!

Body Moisture-

Want to make sure your body stays moisturized too!? Don’t forget, our body skin also needs TLC to say baby soft and oh so hydrated. Right now, I am using the Agent Nateur Body Wash to gently exfoliate away dead skin and then, I lather my body up in their anti-aging Body Balm too. Yes, this stuff is PRICEY but again, it’s so moisturizing and loaded with actives to keep your body tight and toned. For those with really dry hands, make sure you are not using a harsh gel cleanser. My fave is the Aleavia Hand Wash as it never strips my skin! Then, for moisture on hands or feet, I LOVE using the Sade Baron Body Salve, it is SO moisturizing. Another great option are the body butters from Among the Flowers or the Om Organics Foot Butter! I then love pairing either of the above with the Kitsch moisture socks and gloves before bed. I apply my lotion to hands or feet and then, pop the gloves or socks on and you wake up with super soft and moisturized skin like no other!

Lip Moisture-

Nothing is worse than dry skin, we know, but dry lips? Ughhhh even worse! I am super picky when it comes to lip balms, they cannot be too thin, too thick, too waxy, too sticky… so the ones I love the most right now are the Henne Organics Lip Mask, or the Balm Balm Lip Balm, so good for overnight too! And then, for everyday, their V2 is perfection. If you really wanna boost hydration too, exfoliate first to remove dead skin, then apply a thin layer of the Henne Lip Serum and thennnn add your lip mask or v2! If you want moisture with a little tint? I have been obsessed with the Living Libations Rose Glow Lip Balm and oooh if you want a little plumping and tingling? Try their Cinnamon Hot Lip Balm! For super affordable lip scrubs, masks and balms, check out the Woolzies brand, such cute flavors for stocking stuffers!

Custom Consult-

Want to update your skincare routine but still not sure which items would be best for you? Sign up for very own FREE consult with our holistic- Esthetician today! No strings attached, yours totally free as long as you are a customer! Start your FREE consult today here! We sure hope this blog on the best natural products for dry skin helped you out. Most of the above items also come in mini sizes so be sure to try some out and see if it helps your skin this Winter!

Free Gift-

The lovely people at Agent Nateur let me know that they are willing to gift you a FREE travel Agent Nateur Holi Cleanse Facial Oil if you place any order over $99 today! This cleanser is a must for me during Winter as it is loaded with skin-nourishing ingredients making it the perfect cleansing oil to remove makeup and cleanse the skin without stripping it. This gentle formula contains a nutrient-dense base of luxury oils that emulsify dirt, oil, and makeup while calming plant extracts alleviate sensitivity, ease redness, and reveal your complexion’s natural luminance. Value $32. Please be sure to note FREE GIFT to have yours added to your order!

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