Organic Aromas Essential Oil Diffusers

As you know by now, essential oil diffusers are nothing new, however, most are made with toxic plastic and heat up the oils, which is why I was never a fan of using them before. I came across these handmade, glass Organic Aromas diffuses, and because they use no plastic, heat, or water, I had to try them out!

I ordered the Raindrop Diffuser, which silently nebulizes the oils to allow for the most complete, effective, and reliable dispersion on the market. I also liked this model because you can adjust how much oil is diffused, making sure you’re always getting the amount that works best for you. Because it’s sort of confusing, I wanted to outline exactly why the Organic Aroma diffuser was my choice for defusing!

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Good Juju Organic Treatment Candles

Organic treatment candles? How cool is that!? Made with nothing but Organic Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Lavender, Chamomile, Rosemary + Peppermint, these cute little candles by Good JuJu are actually for soothing stress and migraines by simply applying your heated wax to your temples, forehead or neck to onset headaches! The essential oil blend aids the body in clearing and calming the mind, refreshing the spirit and stimulating mental agility, while the lavender and chamomile flowers calm the nervous system! Also, when heated, Beeswax actually emits negative ions into the air which basically means new clean air is headed your way!

All September Organic Bunny Box subscribers found this Stress + Headache blend, however, they have TONS of other blends to choose from! Stock up on these while you can as code organicbunny saves you $$ at checkout now!

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HollyBeth Organics Review

Love Organic skin care that is truly clean? If so, you will definitely want to explore the HollyBeth Organics line, a USDA Certified Organic skin care line I recently had the pleasure of trying out thanks to The Choosy Chick! Because I prefer more unique items, the ones I selected to review were the:

  • HollyBeth Calming Perfume
  • HollyBeth Grits + Honey Body Scrub
  • HollyBeth Rose Geranium Toner
  • Holly Beth Rose Geranium Face Moisturizer

My favorite item of them all was for sure the Grits + Honey Body Scrub as I really just love a good exfoliant! Made with Honey, Organic Sweet Almond Oil and Corn Meal to scrub, this is amazing on both the face and body to really leave you with radiant, glowing skin, especially during these Winter months! 

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Meet & Greet TODAY at 100% Pure UTC

I know it’s last minute, but today I am having a meet and greet at the UTC 100% Pure location here in San Diego! Because they just launched a brand new super chic skincare line, we will be giving away free facials to try out the new goodies, makeovers with items from the entire line, shopping fun with me, and, of course, major discounts! There is no need to RSVP, simply pop on in today at 3:30 PM!

Who: 100% Pure + me!

What: Free facials, makeovers, discounts + more!

When: Today, September 17th at 3:30PM – 5:30PM

Where: 100% Pure UTC Mall store location at 4465 La Jolla Village Dr. #H1 San Diego, CA next to Lululemon

Online Shoppers-

For anyone not local, don’t worry, you can shop all of the awesome deals online too! Check out all of my faves now! <SHOP>

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Nu Evolution Organic Lipsticks

Want super clean, dye-free lipsticks? These Nu Evolution lipsticks are seriously some of the very best! Not only are they made with Certified Organic ingredients and no toxins what-so-ever, they’re super long lasting, come in amazing colors and apply smoothly with the perfect finish! Pictured here are the colors Chianti + Sultry but to view all of the colors click here.

To see one of the colors on me, continue on below!

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Daily Harvest Organic Smoothies Delivered

Talk about the coolest invention ever, check out these Daily Harvest, pre-made, frozen Organic smoothies that you can now order, straight to your door! With over 14 different flavors to choose from, this company is for sure my new obsession, making eating healthy truly a breeze! I get so busy during the day, I usually will grab a juice or a bar, but now, thanks to these, I can actually get a healthy, filling snack in under 1 minute.

Daily Harvest Smoothies Are-

  • 98% Organic
  • Always Paleo, Vegan + Unrefined
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