Organic Aromas Essential Oil Diffusers

As you know by now, essential oil diffusers are nothing new, however, most are made with toxic plastic and heat up the oils, which is why I was never a fan of using them before. I came across these handmade, glass Organic Aromas diffuses, and because they use no plastic, heat, or water, I had to try them out!

I ordered the Raindrop Diffuser, which silently nebulizes the oils to allow for the most complete, effective, and reliable dispersion on the market. I also liked this model because you can adjust how much oil is diffused, making sure you’re always getting the amount that works best for you. Because it’s sort of confusing, I wanted to outline exactly why the Organic Aroma diffuser was my choice for defusing!

Benefits of Organic Aroma Diffusers-

  • Never use heat to ensure the oil composition is not disrupted.
  • No need to add water which keeps the air dry.
  • Super quiet and uses minimal power.
  • Use the Bernoulli principle, to learn what that is, click here.
  • Are the safest, longest-lasting, most natural way to diffuse pure, organic oils.

They also have the ability to laser cut your logo into the wood and even feature a LED mood lighting which you know I love! Wondering where I got my EO? Organic Aromas offers a line of 100% Pure Organic essential oils which was nice to be able to order everything I needed, right from this website.

How It Works-

Select the diffuser and scent that works best for you, remove the small glass top and place the oils in according to your included directions. Flip on the switch to the level you want and watch it begin! I am obsessed with using mine before bed to relax, it makes the room smell amazing and the fun lights are icing on the cake. Kyle probably loves this more than me and always asks me to turn it on.

Coupon Code-

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5 thoughts on “Organic Aromas Essential Oil Diffusers

  1. This is perfect! I have put off getting a diffuser for so long because I couldn’t find one that wasn’t plastic. I searched and searched and nothing came up. THANK YOU!

  2. What a beautifully designed diffuser!! This is on my wish list now for sure! Good thing Christmas is only 3 months away ????

  3. Can you now turn off the LED while keeping the nebulizer on?

    1. Yep! Off or on!

  4. Hi Amanda…
    I just came across your post as I am currently looking for a glass diffuser and I was wonder if you still use, love and recommend this diffuser?
    Lots of love… xoxo

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