Daily Harvest Organic Smoothies Delivered

Talk about the coolest invention ever, check out these Daily Harvest, pre-made, frozen Organic smoothies that you can now order, straight to your door! With over 14 different flavors to choose from, this company is for sure my new obsession, making eating healthy truly a breeze! I get so busy during the day, I usually will grab a juice or a bar, but now, thanks to these, I can actually get a healthy, filling snack in under 1 minute.

Daily Harvest Smoothies Are-

  • 98% Organic
  • Always Paleo, Vegan + Unrefined

How It Works-

Head to the Daily Harvest website and pick out your flavors! The pre-portioned, Organic smoothies will then be delivered frozen, right to your door. Simply take the liquid of your choice, dump it into your blender, alongside the smoothie of your choice, blend and that’s it. It’s literally the easiest, most amazing thing ever and the cup it comes in doubles as a drinking cup too!

For the liquid, I use soaked cashews blended with water to make my own creamy cashew milk. Simply soak Organic, raw cashews for 4 hours, then blend with 1-2 cups of water and you have an easy base! They also suggest using coconut water which would be delicious too.

Smoothie Plans-

You can choose from 6/12 or 24 smoothies per week or month. The more you buy, the cheaper they are.

Favorite Flavors-

Seriously, every smoothie I have tried has been so delicious, but my faves are the Mint + Cacao, Cacao + Avocado, Chocolate + Blueberry, Cold Brew + Almond, Pineapple + Matcha, Watermelon + Cucumber and Acai + Cherry, so yeah, basically them all.

Coupon Code-

Want to try this most amazing invention ever out for yourself? Affiliate code ORGANICBUNNY now takes {25% OFF} at checkout! <SHOP>

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