HollyBeth Organics Review

Love Organic skin care that is truly clean? If so, you will definitely want to explore the HollyBeth Organics line, a USDA Certified Organic skin care line I recently had the pleasure of trying out thanks to The Choosy Chick! Because I prefer more unique items, the ones I selected to review were the:

  • HollyBeth Calming Perfume
  • HollyBeth Grits + Honey Body Scrub
  • HollyBeth Rose Geranium Toner
  • Holly Beth Rose Geranium Face Moisturizer

My favorite item of them all was for sure the Grits + Honey Body Scrub as I really just love a good exfoliant! Made with Honey, Organic Sweet Almond Oil and Corn Meal to scrub, this is amazing on both the face and body to really leave you with radiant, glowing skin, especially during these Winter months! 

My second favorite item was the Calming Perfume as I really love expanding my natural perfume selection as often as possible! Formulated without any synthetic scents, this Flourish Organic Calming Perfume is truly a treat thanks to the beautiful blend of Marjoram, Geranium, Bergamot and Ylang Ylang! Not only is the scent super soothing, the roll-on application makes travel and application a breeze.

If you’re a lover of toners, the Rose Geranium toner is awesome, I loved using it on days where my skin felt a bit dry as the spritz hydrated it right up! Made with just Rose Geranium, Rose Water, and Organic Hydrosol, this is fabulous for cell regeneration, soothing stressed skin and setting makeup!

Lastly, I gave this luxurious Rose Geranium moisturizer a try and really did enjoy it! This specific cream is thicker but great for those with sensitive skin, rosacea or eczema as the Organic ingredients really help prevent breakouts and soothe upset skin. The Vitamin E also helps ward off environmental toxins and diminishes fine lines, while the Rose Hip, Camellia and Sea Buckthorn really so leave the skin silky soft! Because this is a thicker consistency, I love using this under my eyes and on my neck but Kyle loves using it on his full face so this is something you could be shared!

HollyBeth Organics Review

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Overall, I really enjoyed trying out this new line and am eager to see if any remain in my routine after I have more time to see their effects! See anything above that you want to try!? Code ORGANICBUNNY saves you now, head on over to The Choosy Chick to shop now! <SHOP>

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  1. love your blog! thank you for all the wonderful product you talk about 🙂

  2. What do you think about physician formula or pacifica products? Have you tried?
    Love your blog and kisses from Finland <3

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