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Last week, I posted on Instagram asking you all your favorite Organic underwear brands and it was interesting to see how many of you were interested in this too! To be honest, I did not get a ton of suggestions but there were a few brands that people mentioned again and again so I decided to start with those as they seem to be the most popular. One of the hardest parts about sustainable and natural clothing brands is sadly the performance, price, style and feel so… did the two most popular options make the Organic Bunny cut? Let’s check it out!


This was by far the most suggested brand to check out. Probably because they are well known for their ethically and sustainably sourced Organic underwear which is still an underdeveloped territory. Besides being Organic, Pact is also a B Corp which means they are made responsibly as well which is, of course, awesome but, I also loved that they had some more feminine items that reminded me of my old favorite VS lace undies. For this brand, it got hit or miss reviews so my best advice is to really look at each item to ensure it is structured in a way you will like it’s fit. Pact also makes bedding which I thought was super cool.

  • Price Range- $12 per undie range
  • Perks- More feminine styles with lace, made with Organic, fair-trade cotton. Wide variety of items!
  • Selection- Bedding, bras, undies, loungewear, bath towels, baby bedding & full clothing options.
  • Feel- More cotton-like, soft but not as soft as Bamboo. Still soft though.
  • Fit- This will depend on the style but I got the low rise, soft lace band and it’s comfy.
  • Faves- Lace Waist Thong, Men’s Drawstring Pants, No-See-Um Socks
  • Runs- Pretty true to size, I got a M which is what I also wear in VS lace undies.
  • Unisex? Yes
  • Baby Items? Yes
  • Returning Customer? Yes, I would! I plan to try new items with each new order we make.

A bit about my faves! I really did not think I could find a clean swap to my VS undies but these made it possible! I do not like their other thongs that have the super-thin elastic as they do not sit comfy. The Lace Waist Thong sits perfectly even when working out. Many have compared these to the Organic swap for Hanky Panky too which I would agree with. Since Pact seems to be hit or miss, these are a great entry-level item to start with IMO!

CONS- Plain cotton can be boring and I do think most of their styles are so so when it comes to design. I am glad they make the lace undies as an option because it really is a winner!

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Boody Eco Wear

Interestingly enough, I did already have a few of these Boody Eco Wear items in my drawer that I picked up at a local health food store a while back. Made from Organic Bamboo and with low-waste production, this was another great brand to do a bit more digging on so I ordered more from them as well to compare! I love this brand for how soft and stretchy it always is but also because you can bundle items to save 20-30% off your order. I also love this brand because it does not have the typical thin elastic bands at the top. Those tend to dig into my bod and I am not a fan.

  • Price Range- $12 per undie range, you can bundle to save more, though.
  • Perks- Certified Organic by OCIA, tested for trace chemicals & eco-friendly.
  • Selection- Bras, sports bras, undies, socks, wraps, PJs, bodysuits & loungewear.
  • Feel- Super soft with a nice stretch!
  • Fit- Cozy, not too tight or restrictive.
  • Faves- Padded Shaper Bra, Chunky Bed Socks, G-String.
  • Runs- A bit small, I wear L in bras and L in undies.
  • Unisex? Yes, I got Kyle their socks and he loves them.
  • Baby Items? Yes, check out their Organic baby items here.
  • Returning Customer? Yes, I have been for a year or so now!

A bit about my faves! I love, love their Padded Shaper Bra because it gives your boobs a nice round shape and without being restrictive! It almost feels like a pajama it’s so soft and comfy but I still wear it daily undershirts. Shirts lay well over this bra. For the G-Strings, these are also super comfy and lay pretty well. I also love these as they stay pretty dry even when working out. My only con is that they do run small so I size up to an L so anyone much bigger than I am would probably feel these were too tight. Hopefully, they can expand on their sizes too! I would say my true size is a M depending on the brand typically so bump up when you order. My next order, I plan to get into their workout clothing to see how that goes. Check out all of their cute and cozy workout clothing here.

For socks, I am obsessed with the Chunky Bed Socks, they are the perfect, thick yet soft and cozy sock to wear around the house. I just got a few more pairs because theyre so great!

CONS- The only complaints I have are that the one-size-fits-all socks I got do not fit, they feel like they could fit someone with a size 11 foot. There is a ton of heel that flows out of the back of my shoe and it’s not cute hehe. And, if I am being super picky, the way the thong fits is slightly awkward. I prefer lace band sides as they seem to hold my hip fat in better lol. These are comfy but more so for lounging or bedtime. I would not wear these under a tight dress or thick pair of jeans since they are a little thicker than most undies.

SHOP- Want to check our Boody? Visit their website here.

Do you have a favorite Organic option that you think will accommodate my pickiness? If you know of any certified Organic, reasonably priced, feminine lines, leave me a comment below! XO

3 thoughts on “Best Organic Underwear

  1. Thanks for this!! Can’t wait to order some new undies 🙂

  2. I can’t wait order the bra! I’ve been wanting one without underwire and it looks so comfy!

  3. Ordered pact a year ago, I remember the lining from inside not being 100% cotton so I had to return it. Not sure if it’s still the case, better double check

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