Book Club With Amanda & Kyle

Anyone that is in any type of relationship, or has been in one in the past knows one thing is true- they’re hard work! And once married, the work doesn’t just stop, if anything, I think the work increases but don’t worry because today I will be sharing some of our favorite books that really Kyle and I better understand one another. Men and women are truly created so differently. Our perceptions, problem-solving methods, ideas of love, what fills us up, etc… and those differences, if not properly understood, can destroy a relationship. Since we are all under quarantine, I really think having books you can read together, to encourage positivity, is so critical for enduring these times together so let’s explore some books we are loving right now!

The Mastery Of Love- 

We are not done with The Mastery of Love yet but I truly think this is one of the most important books anyone in ANY relationship must-read. As humans, we tend to allow fear, assumptions, and selfishness into our relationships more than we realize and this book will help you show you how to grow closer together to live a truly healthy and happy life. This book is so easy to read, repeating it’s lessons again and again. Kyle and I read it together out loud and then have a book club after, it will give you guys the best topics to discuss and give you a whole new perspective on love and what it truly means.

The Four Agreements-

Written by the same author as the above book, The Four Agreements book HAS to be read by every single person on the planet, it should be required in schools to be honest. Another super easy to read, this book teaches us four simple but critical lessons for living a happy life. One of my favorite parts of this book is learning how badly humans sabotage, not only each other but themselves with made-up assumptions and stories in their heads that aren’t even true. Fear truly leads in so many of our lives and this book will force you to change that immediately with some easy to implement tips. This book will change your life and your entire outlook.

Keys to the Kingdom-

Another life-changing book, the Keys to the Kingdom is critical for anyone confused about their relationship as it goes through the phases every man experiences while “becoming a man”.  Men grow like clockwork and the way we, as women, respond to each phase can quite literally make or break your relationship. With Kyle being younger than me, this book was a must-read for me personally to understand where he is at in his life and how to best support him. There are some phases of a man’s life, you nor he can change. Understanding this will allow you to decide if you can stay and support him or perhaps it’s time to go. This is another must-read I think anyone in any relationship, even healthy ones should read to better understand how men think!

I will leave you the above three books because they are so important, I do not want to overwhelm you with too many at once but you can check out all of my other faves here if you’d like! I can promise you one thing for sure that by reading all three, or heck, even one of three, your life will be changed in the best way. Have you read any of these books? Or, have one we should read next? Leave a comment below!

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