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As most of us know by now, keeping our gut’s microbiome happy and healthy is critical for keeping our immune system strong, ensuring proper digestion, keeping inflammation down, and nutrient absorption just to name a few incentives! Sadly, the things we consume each day, actively contribute to the demise of our health gut bacteria which is why we must fight back to keep the good guys strong and the bad guys away! Curious which is the best Organic & Vegan Probiotic? Keep reading!

You may not realize this but by drinking alcohol, excessively exercising, eating non-organic foods, taking antibiotics or medications, consuming sugar or processed foods daily or not handling your stress load, are all things that can disrupt our healthy gut bacteria leaving us with an imbalance. This imbalance then leads to a possibly damaged gut lining which can cause many other health issues you may not realize are related.

A healthy gut truly supports so much of our health and well being, this applies even to our pets too! So, how can we go about correcting any imbalance in our gut? Well, that’s what today’s blog is all about!

Choosing a Probiotic-

I have a few probiotics that I personally love to use each day and both are vegan and USDA Organic making them some of the best around. Probiotics are very important for good food digestion, supporting our immune system and keeping our microbiome strong. But, I bet you are asking, are all Probiotics created equal? The answer is no. When choosing a probiotic, you want to be sure to check the strain for Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS®-1.

This strain has been studied and found to improve bloating and overall abdominal health after taking it for 60 consecutive days. It was also shown to produce acidophilin which is great for tackling pathogenic bacteria. Another important ingredient to look for is Bifidobacterium. In combination with the above, this has shown to improve bloat, gas, and constipation! So, which are my faves? Check them out!

  1. ORA ORGANIC Trust Your Gut Powder– This is both and pre all in one! Made with 6 different probiotic strains, this has a fruity taste and supports optimal digestion and immune function. I like taking this one before or with a meal, it’s super easy to just plop it in a smoothie or some water. I do carry this in single servings so you can try it first and also carry it in pill form if you prefer that.
  2. MARY RUTH’S Liquid Probiotic- While this does not contain the above strain, I like taking this one before bed because it’s super easy to take. If I forget to take the above during the day, I take this right before bed so it can work hard while I sleep. This has no taste and is SO easy to take but the Ora is my #1 choice since it has the most beneficial strains.

Choosing a Prebiotic-

So, what’s the deal now with a prebiotic needed too? Well, it plays well with the above probiotic as it is a non-digestible food that helps the good probiotics grow! By adding a prebiotic to your probiotic, it gives everything an overall boost and helps you get the best results possible. The ORA ORGANIC options I listed above are my very top pick because they contain both!

The Ora Organic Pre & Probiotic powder comes in two flavors- Apple Raspberry or Lavender Lemonade, both are really great!

Pet Probiotic-

Great for dogs, cats & horses, I love the Adored Beast’s Love Bugs as it is a Pre & Probiotic and super easy to add to their food! This is made to support your pet’s resistance to fungal overgrowth, soothing allergies, preventing tooth decay, supporting digestion, increasing food absorption, and more.

We must also note that Probiotics are not always the end-all answer. If your dog has more complex issues like leaky gut, SIBO, or a majorly broken microbiome, it is not enough and you will need advanced, specialized care from a holistic vet. Conventional vets will not usually be of much help in this department as it is usually out of scope for them.

You will also want to make sure to pair this Probiotic with a Prebiotic like us humans do. Some of the best forms of probiotics for dogs, that can be added to their food are-

  • Apples
  • Dandelion
  • Chlorella
  • Beet pulp
  • Raw garlic- in tiny amounts, large amounts is toxic.

Because the microbiome is so complex, I will continue to expand and add to this information here but I sure hope these tips help for now!

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  1. Amanda- what about Organic Olivia’s probiotic? How do you feel about that one?

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