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With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I thought what better time than to share my Momma Bunny’s faves with you to show you bunnies of all ages can find their faves in my store! Hopefully, this blog helps you pick out a few new items for the Momma in your life. A little bit about my Mom- she is pretty girly but simple so the easier something is, the better. I would say her skin is considered both dry and mature but I carry a ton of products perfect for both so here are my mom’s favorite products!

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

  1. Zuii Organic Gradual Tan Body Lotion– My Mom is the sunless tanner type so she likes that this is not as committing as a sunless tanner but loves using this daily to keep a subtle splash of color to her skin. This is buildable so the more you use, the more color you create.
  2. Lip Gloss– She loves the Nu Evolution and Lily Lolo lipglosses because they’re super moisturizing and pigmented! You can check out all the colors here!
  3. Under Luna Shampoo & Conditioner– Because my Mom has color-treated hair, her favorite hair care line is Under Luna as the entire line is color-safe and super effective!
  4. Agent Nateur Holi Bright– This mask is a must for anyone, especially moms that may be looking for a more natural way to get similar effects as Botox! My mom is a Botox’r so this mask is something she loves because it gives her a similar result without the toxins so she can go longer without it.
  5. Suntegrity Impeccable Skin– This applies easily, isn’t heavy, and has a daily SPF. She thinks it gives the perfect amount of coverage and covers her redness well. She also loves it for days she wants more of a foundation look. It’s dewy and forgiving making it great for dry or mature skin.
  6. Emani Cosmetics Bye Bye Shine– When I asked her why she loved this powder she said: “I don’t know… it just seems to kind of blur things and sets my makeup nicely!” This powder is great for blurring fine lines and pores all while absorbing excess oil! The perfect setting powder.
  7. Prim Botanicals CBD Lotion– When using a body lotion, this is my Mom’s favorite as it contains CBD which is very relaxing on her sore muscles!
  8. Kitsch Hair Wrap– After shampooing her hair, she loves using this Hair Wrap to reduce frizz and dry time, plus, they have so many adorable colors to choose from.
  9. Konjac Sponge– She loves this facial sponge because it feels really good when cleansing and she feels it gently removes her dead skin with minimal effort. She loves how quick, gentle, and easy it is to use. I carry a ton of sizes and shapes, her favorite is the pink heart.
  10. Beauty For Real Brush Set– My mom is a pink girl so she loves the blush pink makeup brushes! This set is a steal and super cute and comes with everything you need for a flawless face while fitting perfectly in a cute travel bag! You can also check out our other brush sets here!

And that’s it! My mom’s top 10 faves available in the Organic Bunny store! Hopefully, this made it a bit easier to shop for Mom this year!

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  1. Thanks so much for this, Amanda! Such good ones I want them all for my mama. Can’t wait to order!

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