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I’ve been seeing way too many girls becoming Lipsense reps lately so today’s #SwapItOutSunday is all about this brand as it’s surely one I avoid. If you are new to my blog, every Sunday I encourage women to swap out one dirty item for one clean item, with the goal being to reduce their exposure to toxins. LipSense is not the first, nor last brand I will bring ingredient attention to and the point of this post is mostly for those that may be misled by this brand as many email me asking if this product is clean or not.

This post was inspired by various groups like EWG and Think Dirty, with all sources are linked in each ingredient. Also, to everyone saying these are not the ingredients, these are from various Lipsense products, not just one product. If you go to the Lipsense website and explore the LipSense products, you will find every single ingredient listed below in these items- LipSense Liquid Lip Color, LipSense Gloss, LipSense Ooops! Remover and the LipSense Lip Balm.

There is also a blog Lipsense reps love to dispute this with by some Chemist and while yes, she is sharing some truth in her scientific findings, she is completely ignoring the fact that there are various studies out there showing that using similar products can come with health risks when used collectively, over time. I have also worked alongside chemists over the year on different projects and let me tell you, they share incorrect information too. The research is out there for those that seek it and ultimately it is up to each person to decide what products they desire to use. Using Lipsense once will likely not cause these issues but when used alongside 30 other products with similar ingredients for years on years, that is when you start to create a greater risk for yourself. 

First of all, if a product stays on “too long” this is usually not a good sign as it’s likely composed of durable paint-like chemicals that I do not want on my skin, especially an area I could ingest it. Second, I dislike their selling points, as most mean very little. Just because something is Vegan or Cruelty-Free, does not automatically make it safe. Often times, it just means that they use synthetics in place of those items and probably left the animal testing up to their supplier instead. They also mention that their products are {Gluten Free} but did you know that the Gluten molecule is too large to enter your pores?

While yes, you should be mindful of gluten near your mouth and consuming it, in cosmetics, in general, the risk of absorption is scientifically not there. Besides fluffy selling points, the ingredients are anything but clean with women having bad reactions like chapped and peeling lips. Many Lipsense reps try to defend the tingling and burning women experience but I personally wonder why anyone would want to experience that when there are Natural, clean, non-irritating lipglosses on the market? 

What You Can Find In Different Lipsense Products-

  • Propylene Glycol– Lipsense glosses actually contain Propylene Glycol, an ingredient in antifreeze, paint and electronic cigarettes. Many reps claim the alcohol is what is breaking down people’s lip skin, however, this ingredient comes with skin irritation risks and should never be used on pregnant women especially.
  • Parabens- According to the EWG, this preservative has been found in breast tumors with links to hormone disruptions, allergic reactions + more.
  • Disodium EDTA– This is a penetration enhancer which means it allows for other bad ingredients to more easily absorb into your skin.
  • Phenoxyethanol– A common substitute for parabens with links to dermatitis, organ system toxicity and reproductive complications.
  • Alcohol Denat– This is basically what you drink when you drink alcohol, it’s just been “denatured”. Not only is this super drying for lips, when consumed, but this also has links to birth defects and cancer.
  • Ferric Ferrocyanide– Classified as expected to be toxic, this ingredient comes with links to organ system toxicity and allergic reactions.
  • Parfum– I always avoid any product with the word “parfum” or “fragrance” unless 100% Natural. Synthetic scents are disruptive, with risks of hormone disruption and allergic reactions.
  • Acrylates Copolymer– Often tested on animals, this ingredient has links to skin irritations and allergic reactions, possibly contaminated by toxins depending on the source.
  • Propylene Glycol– Links to contact dermatitis, organ system toxicity + allergic reactions.

As you can see, this line is not one I would use but fortunately, there are other brands out there without all of the above! If you need help choosing a cleaner lipgloss, feel free to explore my favorite more natural alternatives here.

281 thoughts on “Swap It Out- LipSense

  1. I decided to try this. I try to stick to all natural but am very much a “newbie” in educating myself what does that mean. At first glance I thought it would be good to try. After a few days my lips were cracked and slightly swollen. My lips hardly ever get chapped naturally and I can only correlate it to this product. -after a few days of not using , my lips were back to normal. I started doing research and realized I should of done that before hand. Thank you for using your passions in helping others learn how to research and what to look for. Not just this product but in general. Learning to recognize important ingredients further than the advertisement is essential. Sincere appreciation to you and your hard work in helping me (and others)! Elle

    1. Hey Elle, I totally am on the same page as you. Look me up on Facebook – I love talking with everyone about this stuff.

      Thank you for this awesome post. I am new to this product and I was just looking for info and you nailed it. Thanks !!

      1. Wendi,
        How do you buy? Been interested in lipsense, even selling, but decided to do more research before signing up. Yours is the first article I read. I will not be signing up. Is there a way we could talk more about this? Don’t listen to the haters. Thank you for speaking the truth about a product with dangerous components.

        1. Jo, Wendi & Elle,
          The answers are always on the back of the label. The rest is just MARKETing! Check the ewg.org (although grain of salt as their largest $ contributor is Walmart!). I am a cancer survivor and only use product that I can clearly read. Try Pure Haven Essentials…on the website id exact ingredients for every single product! Plus way more reasonable in pricing than lipsense.

          1. My mother in law is a cancer survivor too. Since she was diagnosed, we have all been more aware of what we put on our bodies. We use Limelife by Alcone skincare. It all vegan, 100% botanical and cruelty-free. Leaping Bunny approved, Peta too. (Although Peta is a little lax when it comes to their rule as what Cruelty-Free truly means) I love the products so much I became a sales rep. I used the product for about year before I decided to do it. My mother in law’s oncologist and dermatologist were what really gave me the final push.
            But I am always down to try new brands! The Pure Haven Essentials is on my list to try! Do you have any other favorites?

      2. Good article! I kinda had thar idea, if it stays on too long…not good theory. ..and if it’s gonna make my lips that are NOT chapped, or cracked, do that. It CANT be good!

      3. I bought some and when I put it on my lips burned so much and the sales lady said that was normal (how?). I took it off and my lips were literally burned and swollen and bleeding. I told the lady I wanted a refund and had she ever heard of this and she said no she had never heard of it and now she is refusing to give me my money back

        1. It’s SeneGence Cosmetics company policy to give you your $$ back

          1. I just tried lipsence for the first time. Sunday I put it on and again on Monday. My lips are raw and swollen, even the inside of my mouth..what is going on.. so today i don’t have any on. I don’t want to ever put it on again. My mouth is so sore. What is in this stuff?

          2. Not if you’re a distributor!! Distributors like me can’t get refunds from them, only customers can. I think I’m having sensitivity issues to their gloss and balm. And one article warns against wearing LipSense without the gloss because of its alcohol which they claim peels your lip skin in a GOOD way!!!

        2. I am a distributor and she has to give you your money back because our company is 100% satisfaction guaranteed or money back. And or choose another product.. she is breaking our policy by not immediately giving your money back after you requested and I am so very sorry about your lips I truly have never heard of that happening with this stuff but everyone is different and anything can happen to anyone. Just cuz it’s not heard of doesn’t mean it’s not possible. If you have her distributor id number go to corporate with it and file a complaint.
          Thank you.

          1. I just purchased my second color. They both burn my lips.

          2. Mine burned my mouth also. It didn’t leave any mark, I could just feel it burning. The rep told me the “uncomfortable tingling” was normal and would go away with frequent daily applications. With that in mind, I tried daily wear, but in order for it to last, you have to put gloss on repeatedly throughout the day. So, of course, you run out of that $20 item faster than the color. That and ya know, the burning, um… I’ll just stick with Ofra.

          3. I tried it and it caused bubble like painful rash. This stuff cannot be good and now I know why. I’ll never ever use again. They should be banned from ever distributing this crap!!!

          4. Same reaction happened to my lips. I have pictures to prove it. My lips were just fine before I used LipSense, but once I used it, I had a rash or almost like a chemical burn on and around my lips. It took MONTHS for my lips to get back to normal. I will never use LipSense again.

          5. SeneGence has 100% money back guarantee. Look up their phone number and tell them. That your distributor is refusing to refund your money. I was a distributor for 2 months and couldn’t do it. I can not lie to people and this company tells you to sell it tell a story even if it’s made up. I can not do that and be able to lay my head down at night and ask for forgiveness everyday. I have tried so many time to prove to people how bad this product is and maybe 5 out of 50 May listen. Then the other 45 argue weather younhave prood or not.

          6. My rep said the burning and peeling was normal too but the more I used the sooner it would go away. I continued using a couple different colors and it burns every single time. I am trying to detox my home & my body with intention to start a family and have healthy pregnancies. Thanks to this article, I’m discontinuing my use completely.

          7. My sister had a horrible experience with this product. She has severe burns on her lips and blistering. It’s somethhg I’ve never seen before….ever. What a horrible product. Disgustung! What horrible crap do you have in this shit!

          8. I got chemical burns from LipSense on my lips and a rash and sores around my mouth. Only left it on for about 2 minutes because it was so painful.

          9. Mine also had a reaction to it. Alcohol and Parabens are so bad for my skin as I’m sensitive anyways.

          10. Thanks Kyla, you are probably a really good person that is honest and admitted you are a distributor. But all you distributors are saying the same thing. “I’ve never heard of that”. My own tried to tell me that when it caused rashes and blisters on both myself and my mother and it’s happened to other people also. The distributor happened to be a friend of ours who we don’t speak to anymore – and now she is trying to sell us another distributor business (Avon). She keeps saying the same thing – everyone loves the products, nobody has had any issues – but unfortunately with LipSense, a lot of people have had many problems – hopefully more have not. I don’t respect the business, because they also try to tell people that the “burning sensation and alcohol smell” is an exfoliation process. That is just not possible. We did get a refund though – their policy was good and we got all our money back.

          11. I would say if any product burns that should be considered a adverse reaction and reported. I have used lipsense and it never burned my skin but definitely dried them out so I could never use it. Some people may need exfoliation on the lips but it’s very rare. If a re tells you that’s why your skin is peeling, burning etc. they should be careful what they say.

          12. I’m jumping in here late. I bought LipSense 2 years ago and had such an adverse reaction after two weeks that I stopped using. The sales rep kept telling me it was normal, but my lips cracked and bled. I thought it would clear up after a few weeks, but my lips remained damaged for several months. I tried many products to heal, including coconut oil and Shea butter. The only thing that helped was vasoline and O’Keefe lip balm. I’ve never been able since to wear any lipstick or tint on my lips. They burn and start peeling. I’ve tried expensive organic lip color and even tinted vasoline. They all make my lips peel. I never had chapped lips before LipSense. I’m surprised that no one else has complained of permanent lip damage.

        3. They have to refund your money , contact customer service and request her up line boss , they can not refuse a refund unless it was purchased at more then 10% off

          1. I used it for the first time last night after about two weeks of not wearing it, and had it on for two hours and this morning I woke up with a cold sore on my upper lip on the right side. This happens every time I use LipSense…I want to know why and what is in it that’s causing me to break out in a cold sore.

            There’s something in it that is causing cold sores to appear. It is so frustrating.

          2. Do you have to return the items in order to get a refund? I am having a horrible reaction to the product.

        4. It does burn when you’re not used to it.Its the alcohol they use to keep it germ free.Its hard to get off too.Tge only good thing about it is it stays on all day!I am wondering if it’s a good idea to invest in healthier products though

        5. I JUST applied this stuff for the first time and it burned pretty badly so of course I took to the internet to google it and see if it is supposed to. This will be the first and last time I wear it. It was a gift from a friend who loves it so I’m definitely going to have to educate her on this article!

        6. Get her distributor number or name and contact SeneGence. Refunds have to be given, no exceptions. They are 100% guaranteed as long as you have the original tube of color..ect…

        7. The distributors are mostly housewives (the ones that have tried to push me into it anyway) that are not qualified to sell the product. They are told by their upline every time someone has a bad reaction “I have never heard of this”. I got a rash and blisters also and so did my mother. When I checked with the distributor who was forcefully trying to push me into her business “Oh I checked nobody has ever heard of this they must have a rare allergy.” I am not a fan of MLM, it is just a business that makes others do the work for you. Get a REAL job instead of roping all your family and friends into making money for you and trying to tell you the product is good for you – these housewives have no idea what they are talking about. There are plenty of mothers struggling out there working jobs and the three girls that contacted me have the nerve to say it can make me a lot of money, people don’t look back on these products, it is a revelation. Do they think I am stupid, I have a PHD and they are just using me for my network who are too smart never to do anyway – they live in the real world.

        8. Get her name, and call Senegence’s Customer care line and complain BIG TIME!!

        9. You should of got your money back no matter what, my partner is a lipsense distributor and sometime people that sigh up don’t follow rules

        10. I have been wearing Lipsense for several years. I only associated the noticeable lines that have since developed surrounding my mouth/ lips to Lipsense. However, I have recently heard several others who have related their “smokers mouth lines” to Lipsense. Too much of a coincident to ignore!

        11. The burning is what made me find out this crap is toxic. Only bought it bc my friend was selling it. Wasted my money. Its trash.

        12. I used the lipsense for the first time yesterday and mine burned too. Not nearly as bad as yours though. I was never warned that it may burn. I looked up that it was “normal” as well. What is normal about that? Also my color doesn’t last all day. I read somewhere that it takes a few days. Again.. WHY? like come on now. I’m all for all day wear as i hate having to reapply, especially after eating. Nothing irritates me more then half my lip color smudging off after eating. Because it looks horrible. But why such damaging products. No wonder they want you to reapply the plain gloss. Their color gloss is drying out your lips. It’s as bad as Bath and Body Works lotion. SMH

      4. I tried this about 5yrs ago. The smell, burning and dry feeling lips as well as nasty taste turned me off. What a waste of money.

        1. Wish I had seen this 3 years ago. The lipsense burned my lips so bad they were peeling and cracking and bleeding for over 3 months. To this day, I still cannot wear ANY lipstick without burning and peeling. The women who sold it to me said she had never heard of that happening and didn’t offer a refund or help from the company.

    2. A friend of mine is selling it! It burns my lips ands mells like alcohol.

    3. I was told the chapping would happen because it is exfoliating and will only do it for a short time.

      1. Yeah… me too…. so much for that!

      2. That’s what I was told too. Thanks for the honest review.

      3. Your lips are not meant to exfoliate. It can actually me damaging to your lips. That’s a marketing strategy.

        1. I agree, anything that burns that much and causes damage is not natural. If there is pain – cease to use, it is just plain common sense.

      4. I’ve been wearing it for a while. All of a sudden I’ve noticed more of a reaction like what I thought was pimples but might be cold sores & little blisters. Rep is telling me that it doesn’t suddenly start doing this that it must be another cause. She said she’d refund my money minus a 10% restocking fee. Then was told to find another rep

        1. Did they go away? What did you use to help them? I’ve worn it for years now and I just startes noticing little pinples and blister things in my lips. So I stopped. Just curious to how you got them to go away

      5. I read the same thing. But if it dries your lips out, no wonder it says to exfoliate every time before using

    4. I wish I read this before trying LipSense. It burnt my lips big time and I gave it a few tries. Company reply was make sure you use the lip gloss for the “Tingle” Well no lipgloss was taking away the burning and numbing. I am returning this product for refund. I did not realize alcohol was in it until reading blurb from the company later. Alcohol is a red flag for burning and dryness of my lips.

    5. I wish I could post my before and after pictures here. I used the Senegence Senederm Solutions LipVolumizer. I took before and after pictures Bc I thought I would post my plumper results. I developed zits and acne on and around my entire mouth. You can see clearly before using this product my skin was blemish free and now it looks horrendous all around my mouth area. Please be wise and not try this product. My lips are not plumper and my skin looks horrible right now. Huge waste of money.

      1. It’s because it has like 5 different types of alcohol. First off I was a distributor. And stopped after 2 months of being fed lies. Truth is alcohol burs. When u exfoliate anything does it ever burn? Well of course not all lipsense does is dry out your lips as much as possible this is the only way for lipsense to stay on hence why you have to put the gloss on. Because if you didn’t could you imagine afte 17 hours what your lips would really feeel like.

        1. I was rep for about 2 years. I still had the burning, tingling sensation plus my lips feeling dry and my product was peeling off.. not to mention that several of my glosses would seep through the top when closed.

      2. Hi Sherry, I am a consumer advocate and interested in starting a class action lawsuit against SeneGence in regards to this products and the terrible side effects consumers are suffering with. Would you be willing to send me an email at [email protected]? I would love to hear more about your experience.

        1. Hi Katie,
          I have used lipsense for many years , now I have what looks like a hole on my bottom lip, I am calling my doctor today I am actually scared that I have lip cancer! Yvonne

        2. I started using LipSense in late December 2017 and early January 2018. I normally use light colors, so no need to use the Oops! remover. But I bought one color that turned out to be too dark for me; so after applying it and not liking it, I used the Oops! remover. That was January 6, 2018. By the next morning, my tongue, outside of my lips and inside rims of my lips were burning and stinging so badly I almost couldn’t stand it. It is now May 10, 2018, and it has not gone away. I’ve been to my primary care physician, dentist and dermatologist. No one seems to know what to do. I have an appointment on May 22 with an allergist. I don’t know what to do. I’m in pain every day — burning tongue and lips. All I know is, I cannot live with this for the rest of my life.

        3. Hi, I’ve stumbled this blog because I was really searchung for the answers to my question. I am a licensed distributor of Lipsense and after two days of application my lower lip got burnt and got blisters. I sent a picture to my upline and she sent it to the company and they said I have herpes or sore. Before I didnt have any problem with my lips and I didnt have any herpes. My lips just got burn and I am on the second week now. I called the company to get my money back and they give it to me without asking any reason.

        4. I’ve been getting weird rashes around my mouth for MONTHS. I never thought about the LipSense! Why didn’t I think about that? I’ve changed my diet, cutting out gluten, sugar, dairy, etc. The rash has gotten better but never fully gone away. Ugh! Now to try cutting out my lip colors. I can’t believe this!

    6. I come in peace lol. I am a rep for Senegence and I will absolutely not sell this product anymore or encourage others to buy it. I agree – thank you for this article!

    7. I just bought some Lipsense today after my stylist suggested I try this gorgeous color. The color was absolutely beautiful, stayed on until I took it off tonight at 10. But, when I ate my afternoon meal at work I tasted chemicals which freaked me out. And after that it was like the product broke down or something because I just tasted a horrible chemical taste all night! Now my lips have weird bumps on them! So, no more Lipsense for me, hopefully I can get my money back!

    8. I went through the exact same problem! I don’t care what anyone says, the burn is not worth it! And my lips never get chapped and I have been dealing with sore, cracked lips for 5 days now since applying one time! No thanks, I’ll stick to chapstick lol

      1. I wish I would have done my research before buying Lipsense, it burns and all I can taste is alcohol. I also have a sore throat . I made a comment from the rep about the alcohol and she claimed there was no alcohol in the product.

      2. What helped you – Im peeling like crazy from Lipsense! I need to use some thing to heal them – DOes anyone know what works?

        1. Yes, coconut oil on your lips will heal it over night.

    9. Hi, at first I was excited about lipsense. I love lip color and loved the options offered. But the first try was super painful..my lips were burning, tingling…it passed and I used the glossy gloss numerous times during the day. My lips were so dry and chapped. I gave them a break and used a natural exfoliater (coconut oil and brown sugar). I tried lipsense again…still the painful burning each time.. my rep told me to persevere. I got the worse, cracked and painful lips I ever had. They cleared up and I had maybe two days where my lips were ok with wearing lipsense Then the chapping starting again. I really think people should think twice about this product on their lips. My rep recommended the lip balm..I bought it for $20 only to see that the first ingredient is petroleum. If I wanted to use petroleum I’d go to Walmart and buy carmex for 99¢. It’s over priced for the quality of the ingredients. You can buy EOS for $4 and its not only cheaper but less harsh on your lips with several natural moisturizers.. Lipsense lip balm has nothing natural in it. I bought some other Senegence products which I’m happy with like the evening moisturizer, but I would definitely stay clear of the lipsense if you have sensitive skin and a desire natural products..

    10. I have been using LIpSense long lasting lip color for a month. It looks great but it burns my lips when I apply it and then there is an aroma that burns my nostrils and my lungs. I have been suffering from soars in my nose for the last month. I was wondering if this was caused from the burning aroma when the lip color is applied. I searched online and found this blog in which many people have noted allergic reactions on their lips and mouth. My allergic reaction is in my nostrils which I think is related to the aroma which burns my nostrils when I breathe it when it is applied on my lips.

    11. I have been using Lipsense for several years. My lips are fuller…. however during this same time period I have developed strong vertical lines on the outside of my lips (smokers lips and I have never smoked)! Has anyone else had this experience? I haven’t seem to have developed any other wrinkles/lines elsewhere on my face.

      1. Hi Louise, I am experiencing the dark irritated lips as well (like smokers lips). My son noticed it first. The remedies recommended only burn more. Have you had any luck getting the darkness to go away. The only relief for the burning is Vaseline.

  2. Hello,

    I am new to your site and I love it. I am a bridal artist in Austin TX and want to redo my kit with clean products. I began with Arbonne but I know they are not 100% clean. Do you have any long lasting lips you can recommend? And maybe other faves for bridal. I looked thru your archives, like this one, and will continue to but thought I’d ask. I don’t know if you’ll get this or not but if you do and provide an answer thank you!

    1. Love pure haven essentials. Great colors, none safer.

    2. Check out beautycounter lip sheers. Clean products and the lip sheers are amazing!

      1. I use beautycounter as well. Very clean products.

    3. I’ve just recently learned about Root Pretty. Very clean. I have some friends who are very sensitive to makeup products yet who find it works well for them.

    4. Au Naturale is Lip stains are amazing!

    5. Have you looked into Savvy Minerals?

  3. Can you tell us what’s in the organic bunny lipstick ingredients m?

    1. I do not have a lipstick 🙂

  4. I mostly use natural products but I got suckered in to lipsense. I spent a fortune and tried it. When I first put it on my lips it stung and burned! That feeling went away in 10 secs or less but it made me question what the hell is in this product because it wasn’t a nice tingling sensation that you get from an organic natural peppermint lip gloss or chapstick. It felt bad .
    I put 3 coats on ..my lips felt instantly dehydrated like whatever I just put on my lips sucked all the moisture out of them.
    After I put on the clear gloss it felt a bit better . That night my face ..especially around my eyes felt weird ..I went to the washroom and looked in the mirror , my whole face was swollen and around my eyes was red , dry and felt raw. It had an itchiness to it. Hives started developing on my face an neck . Its been 2 days and I still have a slightly puffy face , and my lips are super dry.
    I don’t have sensitive skin, I have never reacted to make up before . There is something not right with this product .

    1. Ugh exactly. It’s full of cheap synthetics to ensure their margin stays low to keep their reps well paid. It’s all so sad and I wish more could hear your story!!!

      1. What are the costs of these “cheap” synthetics? Also what synthetics are being replaced?

    2. The same thing just happened to me! I’ve been trying to figure out why my face (especially around my eyes, nose, and checks are red, swollen and itchy. I am now on medication for this allergic reaction. Now that I am reading more about lip sense and other cases like mine I’m certain this product has caused it. Not good…

      1. Right because they are to blame for YOUR allergic reactions? This makes no sense.

        1. If a product THEY make causes someone to react, then YES, they would be responsible? #CommonSense + fun tip- Many people are allergic to the loads of synthetics their products contain.

          1. If you’re allergic to it then don’t use it? Like if your allergic to bananas and you eat one and have an allergic reaction the banana isn’t to blame… you are. It’s not the bananas fault, it’s not a bad banana and not everyone is allergic to bananas like you might be. Don’t use things you’re allergic to. That’s a choice. It doesn’t make it a bad product.

          2. Sadly, most people do not know they’re allergic to the zillions of toxins they use. The brand should be responsible for allergy testing or producing products that hundreds don’t poorly react to.

          3. 1938 was the last time a law was changed relating to what can be put in cosmetics. The European Union has banned the use of 1,400 substances for cosmetic use. The United States…11. It isn’t a matter of being “allergic” it’s the fact that they put known toxins, hormone disrupters and carcinogens in our personal care products.

        2. Thank you

      2. OMG. I have been having hives since last summer when I started selling Lipsense. Are you kidding me? I never thought of an allergic reaction. Probably because I wanted the business opportunity to work. Dang.

    3. I just started using this product because the hype. It burned my lips. I have used for 2 days now and i have a bad rash on both of my arms. I will be seeing dr this afternoon!! My lips are so chapped after using this product as well….I never wear lipstick or make up anyways…dont need it. Mascara and slightly tinted lipbalm. I talked to a friend that is selling this stuff and she is addicted. She also said its normal for the burning sensation, its my lips healing themselves she said….really?? She said just keep using the gloss it will help….yeah right…now im off to doctor for a rash i can not explain. The only thing that is different is the use of this product.

      1. It makes no sense to tell people their lips should be burned off lol, take an Organic Sugar lip scrub and gently remove dead skin, there is no need to rely on Lipsense to do that.

        1. I just got into selling this stuff and when I did my little bit of research I didn’t find anything bad but after I signed up to be a distributor I am finding all sorts of stuff out!? I like the long lasting but I don’t think I want to sell this anymore! And i couldn’t agree more that Joni has had to have work done because she does not look natural at all! If this is all she has ever used….I will gladly walk away and wash my hands of this because I may not be gorgeous but I most certainly do not want to look like my face went thru a face lift gone bad permanently! Could you help me find better alternatives?

          1. Same thing happened to me with Beautycounter… 🙁 Super frustrating. It’s not a product I want to recommend to my friends and family, after reading through the training and learning more. Lesson Learned 🙂 Now I’m constantly looking through this site for alternatives. Cannot thank you enough Amanda!!

          2. If you’re wanting to sell a cosmetic you should check out Crunchi makeup! I LOVE it and Organic Bunny sells on her site and approves as well?

          3. Just FYI… Joni was in a disfiguring car accident. I thought the same as you. But I did research and in her book she speaks of her car accident. Her face now is years of effort to repair the damage done and was the beginning of her journey for skincare products. I personally do not have the issues you all speak of. However, I do agree education is always good.

      2. Omg. I have a bad rash in my arms too and I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what I ate or soap or whatever it could be as I’ve not had anything dif except the lipsense

        1. I just purchased this after so many friends are wearing it and one is now selling it. I could not understand why on Earth my face was so itchy. I googled to see if anyone else experienced issues with allergic reaction and found out I am not alone, then to see the highly toxic ingredient list…TURN OFF!

          1. I wore two colors for 3 days. My lips are now broken out like crazy with fever blisters and hurt so bad. I can not believe I didn’t check the ingredients first! Lesson Learned!

      3. Wow!
        I am new to lipsense and decided not to use it after my lips became irritated and sore a few days ago and today my right arm was so itchy and red.
        It’s good to read someone elses experience.

      4. HI Abigail, I have had a blister on my lower lip since Thursday. Hoping it will go away on its own but damn, it burns and the scab keeps coming off and the healing has to start over. WOndering what the doctor said.

        1. Hi Deanna, Did your blister go away? I have one and I am really scared realizing how long I have been using lipsense!!Yvonne

    4. OMG I literally had a reaction which resulted in a extremely swollen top lip that I am now on antibiotics and a steroid cream for.
      I have never had a reaction to makeup before.

      1. I wore this the other night and took a drag off of a cigar my fiancé wanted me to taste. I awoke with the most grotesque swollen lips and looked like my palate had be flash burned as well as the inside of my upper lip. I don’t smoke but has anyone smoked normally and worn this product??

    5. I am having the same symptoms. I wore Lipsense a few weeks ago and noticed the itchiness and hives around my mouth and eyes. It felt like an itchy burn. I tried it again yesterday and had the same experience except worse and now my neck is also itchy and bumps. I don’t know exactly how to treat this. I know I can’t wear it again.

    6. I have had the same reaction- Red cheeks, swollen face and burning feeling around eyes and on forehead. I have had problems with eye makeup causing itching and redness, but their eye makeup didn’t cause it at first. I also became a distributor, but the last few weeks, it has gotten much worse- the burning around eyes- I thought maybe it was the eye cream, but now that I am reading this article, I wonder what else it might be. I have a lot invested in this, but If I can’t wear it, I can’t sell it

    7. Same here… initial burning of bottom lip, then after the gloss lips felt dry – makes you want to keep applying gloss, then 15 mins after tingly burning lips especially around the outline of my lips, then it took a while using oops to get it off and my bottom lip haf a reddish plum ‘stain’ to it. I pulled over at the nearest drug store to get chap stick. Then my lips felt puffy and swollen my friend said they looked like I had fillers in them. Then under my eyes felt puffy and lips have been tingly and.burning like their chapped nonstop ever since…and I drink tonnnns of water so my lips are never dried out…

    8. This happened to me too. The problem is with the distributors they are not qualified professionals just typical house wives who don’t want to get a real job like everyone else and get told they can make money if they rope their friends into it. I was convinced by a friend (all she wanted was my corporate contacts) who changed since joining this business. My lips burnt too and she told me I need to keep ordering product to feel the real effects. Bye bye scam business and by bye “friend”

  5. Just curious but I can’t find some of these ingredients listed on their website, where did you find them?

    1. I can send it. Can i post a pic here?

    2. I am looking at the ingredients in the glossy gloss in my hand that I have been using for about a month now and see 3 of the above ingredients off this list!!! Very disappointed right now…….

  6. I don’t see some of these ingredients on their website, where did you find them?

    1. I don’t see these ingredients listed on the product at all, and I am holding it in my hand looking at it.

      1. Lipsense makes more than 1 product. Did you read this blog? This list features ingredients from VARIOUS products 🙂

        1. I think you mean SeneGence then not Lipsense? I don’t think you mean to be misleading but if those ingredients aren’t in the lipsense which is the lipstick, then maybe you should say SeneGence products not Lipsense?

          1. No, I mean Lipsense. These ingredients were all found in the Lipsense products that came from the website. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/50/20/1c/50201c0d004f5a1a8b54bc0e9bb7f3e1.jpg

        2. Anyone can make a graphic like the one you’re referring to. LipSense IS the product made by SeneGence. There are several LipSense Products. Maybe you should fine an actual label from the product and post it instead of something you found in google images.

          1. These ingredients are listed currently on the Lipsense website. Maybe you should check that first before insinuating this is a fake graphic 😉

        3. I just wanted to point out that SeneGence, the makers of LipSense, DO list their ingredients on their website. https://seneweb.senegence.com/us/products/lips/lipsense/
          And for all their products. So not shady. And I do completely understand if you do not like or chose to use products that have certain ingredients. I just think that the correct information she be out there for each individual to make their choice and not be misrepresented. That goes for both sides! 🙂

        4. Good grief, look at the back of your lip-gloss, lipstick, lip balm labels and you will see that YES all this awful ingredients ARE in there plus all the artificial color dyes that are cancer causing as well. I as well got curious and tried it out. Made my lips break out into cold sores which I never had till after using it. I will be staying far from that stuff.

      2. Don’t you think that’s a bad thing if they won’t even put the ingredients on the package?

        1. Like their moisterisur they don’t list the ingredients on the product

      3. I see three of the ingredients listed on just the color portion that doesn’t even include the glossy gloss. Not sure how you missed it.

  7. Thanks for all your research!
    I have someone petitioning my google group of about 1,000 to sell this stuff and wanted to know more.
    I’m not into recommending things that are not clean, organic or natural. They didn’t look natural to me so I began digging and found you.
    What alternatives do you recommend?
    Also have you done any research into lularoe? I’m sure the clothing is all synthetic but is the industry clean?

    1. My daughter had a terrible experience selling lularoe. The company has grown so fast that they can’t service their reps. Every time she would attempt to contact them it would be hours on hold!!! They made a mistake on her account and one of their Vice Presidents called her and verbally attacked and insulted her!

    2. LuLaRoe is not safe! Many issues with mold

  8. I was wondering if I was the only one in the world who had had a bad reaction to lipsense! I bought lipsense recently, applied 3 coats of it and almost couldn’t handle the burning sensation. I was told that I would get used to it, so I thought I may have been overreacting. I used it a second time and the pain was almost unbearable. The next morning I woke up with TWO fever blisters on my lips. I am very fever-blister prone so my dermatologist always avoids my chin/lip area when doing chemical peels. I guess the alcohol or acidic agent that is in these things made me flare up. So painful! :- (

    1. I had the worst outbreak of fever blisters I’ve ever had when using LipSense. I thought maybe it was from sun exposure but thinking it was the LipSense. My entire body was so itchy and I had rashes on my arms which all stopped once I discontinued using LipSense.

  9. I have so many friends selling this right now???? What are some some lipsticks you recommend?

  10. Which products would you recommend? Is there any natural ones that won’t kiss off???

    1. I use Pure Haven and while it lasts a little while (I get tons of compliments) , I can feel good about looking good! With a degree in chemistry, anything that says it “lasts” for hours is probably something to avoid.

      1. I am so thankful to home across this post!I have used senegence products for two years but couldn’t afford to restock,I still have tons of LipSense but no gloss to go with it,I let my children use it while playing dress up.Now I’m kind of worried they should not be using it and neither should I.Although the only plus is it stays on well .Im going to try new and healthier products when I am able to afford them.

  11. I just had the same thing happen. Got some of the diamond collection. I didn’t personally know the Girl girl I bought it from but sent her a picture of my skin. Around my lips was broke out. She said it was the exfoliating process. So I kept using it. Well today I got a huge bump on my lip. It had a ton of pus ( sorry ladies) and 2 pieces of the diamond stuff in it. Totally mad at this point.

    1. This is so sad! I would definitely recommend reaching out to the distributor who sold this to you and ask for a refund if you’d like. Were your lips chapped/cracked when you applied it?

    2. I too have 2 big fever blisters come up after using this.

      1. I got a cold sore too and when I asked my girl she checked with a bunch of girls who sold it and sounds like it happens but won’t after the first time… uhhh no thanks! Not going to put it on my lips again!

    3. They have a money back guarantee. The Rep who sold it to you is supposed to refund your money.

    4. I was told LipSense was safe to use as eyeshadow and the rep showed me on her eyes, I put a small amount near my eyebrow and the burning was extream and now I get dry skin in that one spot constantly for 7 months. The CEO I’ve since found out does not use the products they make now, she uses batches from 4 years ago when the quality was there.

  12. LIPSENSE INGREDIENTS: SD Alcohol 40-B, Acrylates/Octylacrylamide Copolymer, Isostearyl Alcohol, Silica, Fragrance (Parfum), Water (Aqua), Paeonia Suffruticosa Root Extract, Hypericum Perforatum Extract, Tilia Cordata Flower Extract, Isodonis Japonicus Extract. May Contain: Mica (CI 77019), Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Iron Oxides (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499), Bismuth Oxychloride (CI 77163), Ultramarines, Yellow 5 Lake (CI 19140), Orange 5 (CI 45370), Red 33 Lake (CI 17200), Blue 1 Lake (CI 42090), Red 7 Lake (CI 15850), Red 28 Lake (CI 45410), Red 6 Lake (CI 15850), Red 27 Lake (CI 45410:2), Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Palmitic Acid, Methicone.

    Found on this website link: https://www.alinaboutique.com/pages/lipsense-ingredients

    1. Lipsense makes a variety of products not just gloss so the ingredients I listed covers the entire brand, not just 1 product 🙂

      1. Senegence is the parent company and Lipsense is a product of theirs. You can’t say that Lipsense makes a variety of products because Lipsense is a product so yes you are misleading.

        1. No, there is nothing misleading here. Lipsense has products that contain different ingredients and this list is a compilation of ALL ingredients found in LIPSENSE products.

          1. I think the confusion is that Lipsense is what they call ONLY their lip color. The other lip products are not called lipsense. The gloss is just called gloss. The lip liner is called linersense and the lip balm is just called lip balm. I think that’s where the confusion is. So when you say Lipsense you are really only referring the lip color.. If you are wanting to refer to other lip products offered by Senegence (Lipsense is a product made by Senegence) I would suggest perhaps saying Senegence’s lip products, which would include the liner, the gloss, the lip balm, the volumizer ; and, of course, the lipsense, and if might help with the confusion.

          2. But the packages all say LipSense so technically this statement is correct, this perhaps is just not what reps consider it to be but thank you for explaining it politely 🙂

          3. when I looked at the ingredients there are “glycols” listed in the Lipsense lipstick that aren’t listed above. I suggest each person do their own research on EACH ingredient. You will be amazed at the REAL TRUTH!

        2. Not misleading. Lipsense also contains st. Johns wort which can be dangerous for people on certain medications.

    2. ????Wow! Thanks for the info!

    3. I don’t think this list is correct. There are “glycols” of 2 types in the Lipsense that are very dangerous!

    4. I see that Silica is high on the list of ingredients. That stands out as an odd ingredient to me but I’m not an expert in these things. It looks like there is a naturally occurring version in fruits and vegetables, but a synthetic version is used as a bonding agent for industrial purposes in paints and other construction based products. Ever heard of silica gel? Those little packs of crystals that keep moisture out of products? Not sure if it’s the same ingredient but it could explain why users are experiencing dryness and chopping, not to mention the blisters and rashes. I don’t have enough information to definitively say there is a direct correlation but it’s enough to steer me away.

    5. I am currently holding a lipsense color in my hand along with glossy gloss and DID in fact find some of these ingredients on the list. If you’re going to defend a product at least know what you’re talking about.

  13. I see most of the “Bad’ ingredients are more in the lip gloss rather than the actual color. The color only has the Denatured Alcohol. I wonder if you can use the lipstick without the gloss or does the gloss set it all?

    1. Hi there, so you do need to use the gloss to set the color.

    2. The color is very sticky without the gloss and the color dehydrates your lips

  14. I received two tubes of lipsense as a gift, a color and a gloss. I had a burning sensation from the color, yet the “instructions” tell you it’s exfoliating , normal, etc. Shortly after, I broke out with three bleeding hives on my face and my skin-cheeks, nose, and chin, were flaming red and itchy. What the??? I didn’t know what product did this, as I use lots of cleaning products and foundation. I went to Sephora and was prompted to research many of the new products I have been using. I am convinced after much reading it is the lipsense product causing this reaction. I can’t believe they are allowed to sell this stuff! Happy to have found this blog! My skin is just now beginning to calm down after a week of discontinued use. Needless to say, I’ve thrown out the products and can’t believe this toxic garbage is on the market. I’m going back to my beloved MAC and NARS. Never had a problem before!

    1. And you just made yourself look very uneducated. Please read what’s in their products.

      1. Check ALL of their labels and eventually, you will find all of the ingredients listed, they make more than lipgloss 😉

      2. LOL I agree! Those products might be cleaner, but the animals endure much pain! It’s hard letting go of products I have used for years. I rarely wear make-up, but when I do my go to in my bag of older (that’s prob dumb to use old product) is the fancy brands and feel so nice and apply smooth. I’m trying to swap products, but haven’t put a lot of effort into it as I rarely use the make-up I own. Still I’ll feel so good when I make the switch. I’m bummed that I live my face gel and researched finding out it’s not clean. It’s LaMer. :-/

      3. Do you work for the company? Your comments seem rude and you are blaming people for having what could be a serious reaction to a product. At the very least the product should have a warning on the label.!

        1. People can and should read ingredients before using a product. Do these women against Lipsense use deodorant with Aluminum, do they eat nothing but organic veggies, fish and chicken? My point is people can be completely health consciencous or they can pick and choose which toxins they put in and on their body. Shampoo and conditioner has chemicals as well. Are they using those? What about talc in their make up? If they are going to go 100% naturalnon their lips, they should do it with everything. Lipsense works for hundreds of thousands of women. Some have a bad reaction? None I have ever met and everyone in my town uses it. Apparently only the ladies on this blog have bad reactions lol This products isn’t anything worse than what these ladies are using/eating. They just can’t see the effects yet.

          1. No, I do not use aluminum in deodorant, nano particles in makeup, synthetic fragrances, toxic laundry detergent and yes, I only eat Organic so yep, you are correct I pick and choose what I put on my body and Lipsense is not one 🙂

          2. Just an FYI for Kim, this is an organic website. People who are looking to stay away from red die, and many other chemicals. Most people who go organic, are doing it for a reason. Yes, there will be more people on here that will have a reaction to the the lip products including the lipsense product. The reason for this is because they have had to, or wanted to change what they eat and use. If being full of toxins is what your body is use to, you will not have much of a noticeable reaction. If you have changed all of the things you eat and use, or started to make healthier options, you will have a more noticeable reaction. Your body clearly lets you know what is not good for you when you have cleaned it up. The reaction your body has is to get you to stop what you are doing. Standing up for lipsense on here is probably the wrong place. You will not win people over very well on this website. Sure you mean well, but that is not what this group is looking for. We’ve already seen damaging affects on ourselves or loved ones do to these ingredients. Our body was never made to ingest or absorb these chemicals and dies on a regular basis. Just my opinion from what I know.

          3. Kim C, You are seeing all these ladies that have issues here, because they probably googled something along the lines of “is lipsense toxic” after having a reaction and this post showed up. Seeing the effects now or later is not the point. We should be able to easily know what is going into our bodies.

          4. LipSense was a dream-come-true for me! A beautiful product that seriously did not come off! And it looked fresh all day long. But the burning was annoying. And then I started seeing some redness outside my lip lines. Then itching. A little bit itchy here and there, not a constant itch. Taking it off at night got to be painful. My lips were hurting, and I noticed that they were changing after I’d get my LipSense off. But I thought I was rubbing too hard to remove it. I had to put the remover on about 5 times, then wipe with cotton, and even after all that, it never came completely off. Then one day, my lips were in pain. Burning, itching, painful and ugly!! I called the rep, who is a friend. She called corporate, offered advice & support and offered to refund my money. It’s been over a week and my lips still burn and itch. The redness has gone down some, but it’s not going to go away overnight. I just pray that it does go away! Going to work with no lipstick and just lip balm (actually, hydrocortisone) slathered on my lips has been embarrassing! I will not use LipSense again. I have many allergies, but I have NEVER ever had a reaction like this to cosmetics before! AND my rep told me that she had received 3 other complaints of the same nature, so I wasn’t alone. Kim C, you don’t know that your entire town is using this without a problem! I kept it to myself until I couldn’t hide it any longer. Others could wear regular lipstick and cover up the rash. But nobody wanted to admit we had a reaction to it. Seems like it’s our nature as women to not talk negatively about a up & coming new product that we mistakenly thought everybody loved and we were the only freak who had an issue with it! Once one person speaks up, then everybody else feels more comfortable doing so. LipSense is not good. It scares me now.

          5. Us ladies on this blog are not all lying. To me it seems only the distributors are on here trying to defend the product, I can’t believe “everyone in your town” uses it how can that be possibly known. I had a bad reaction, my mother had a bad reaction and that is just a simple fact, neither of us have had that reaction with any lip product before. This blog is helpful for people to share their true experience.

    2. Just so you know MAC is a horrible company that now cannot promise no animal testing!

      1. They can’t promise no animal testing because they sell in China and it is mandated by law there.

    3. I have to say that your blog is bringing me comfort and thank you for creating this Organic Bunny and to Gabrielle for sharing her experience. I am upset because a friend of mine did the same to me “I am sending you a gift”. Then she texted me and asked me to send her $70 for the product, I never asked for it in the first place. What is worse she used my emotional situation (I am pretty down) to tell me this “business” could help me perk up. And to further that I am an alcoholic and when I used the product it reeked of alcohol and made my lips burn so badly. I threw it in the bin. When I received her second text telling me “hey did you transfer the money and what did you think everyone I know loves this product and has never looked back the business model is the best in the world”. This is not a friend and she lost one!

  15. Interesting article. Thanks for sharing your research. Which products do you suggest for lip color?

  16. I certainly wish I could find the deck page on lip Sence. I’ve traded out most of my personal care and skin care products for toxic free and Organic. I bought a tube of red and gloss. The stinging is there and I can taste the alcohol. I’m surviving cancer. I want to live as clean as I can
    [email protected]

    1. You can Google Lipsense ingredients and then look at the images to find their labels :/

      1. I could not find your email on your website, but wanted to let you know I used to be a Lipsense rep, beginning in 2002 and ending around 2005 (after having a baby), but I have used the product faithfully until this year because I now have lip cancer. It started after a couple years as an odd fleck of flaky skin that I just ignored because it would only irritate and flake off once in awhile. But this past summer after needing to wear the lip color every day it developed and has grown into a sore that bleeds and flakes and is completely aggravated and growing. Lipsense is alcohol…. on the lips…. everyday….. and lipsense has caused my cancer.

        1. Bless your heart! I pray you will be healed from your cancer. Thank you for being so transparent and sharing your story.

        2. This is very interesting. Have you had it confirmed that it is the ingredients and the type of cancer it is? I would be very interested in Senegence’s response, as I am very sure they would want to know that their product had that affect on you. I know I would want to be informed if I were the owner of the company.

        3. That is horrible and am so sorry to hear of your news. As a LIpsense distributor I would really like to know if you can confirm that Lipsense caused your lip cancer. I use it daily, my customers use it daily (that I know of) and if this is confirmed, I can’t sell this product! Would you be willing to send or post your information regarding your finding? I would really appreciate it, and my customers would as well.

          1. I am a distributor as well. I have been using/selling the SeneGence product line for 17yrs. I have never had any reaction to any of the products. However, I do not use it everyday. I am a performer and (mostly) use it when I’m performing. I would be very interested to know the findings, and if the Dr told you it is truly the LipSense color or Gloss that caused this. I am so very sorry this happened to you and hope for you to have a full recovery/remission. I also pray it is not our product that caused it.

            If someone could please keep up on this particular thread of comments and let me know. That would be greatly appreciated. I could then pass it on to my fellow distributors, and my customers.

          2. One more thing… just for the record. Any SeneGence rep who tells anyone that her lips cracking, blistering or bleeding is normal and that’s what they’re supposed to do as part of a healing process… is WRONG!!! Obviously you have had a bad reaction/allergy to one or more of the ingredients. This is definitely not normal and you should stop using the product and be given a refund. No question.

          3. This is very sad and which is why these people should not be selling the product. There are too many stories that reps tell people “this is normal” with a burning reaction, my own “friend” tried to tell this to me. Burning reactions are not normal and the distributors are not doctors. Hope everything is ok for you x

  17. Can you please email me with other alternative options for lipglossed?

    1. I carry a ton of super clean, natural options in my online store here, just click MAKEUP / LIPGLOSS! xo

      1. So you’re bashing another product, masquerading as someone who is a qualified scientific researcher, and thus you have your own products to sell?
        Isn’t that convenient? :/

        1. 1. I never bashed anything, I shared my thoughts on why I do not use this brand and the risks it poses. 2. I never claimed I am qualified to do anything as this is a BLOG based on OPINION. I linked every ingredient to companies that ARE qualified, though 🙂 And lastly, yes, I have an online store that carries the best, most clean products possible to give women healthier options. I do not need to “bash” products to make sales, my customer is not a Lipsense rep. My customer is someone who enjoys learning how to clean up their routine and that wants to know what to avoid and what a better option is. You are free to use whatever you want and I’d hope most people think for themselves and decide that on their own.

          1. I cant click on the site where the products you recommed are. Can you repost or email me. My girls perform and im looking for a clean lip stick they can wear. Thanks.

          2. The menu has all the products just click MAKEUP then LIPGLOSS!

        2. BAM! And the truth comes out!

      2. Link to your store please. Do you have a gloss that is primarily made of Shea butter and vitamin E?

        1. My store is this same site, the menu is above 🙂 All of the glosses I carry are made with nourishing natural ingredients but check out the Crunchi glosses, those contain both!


  18. Thank you for this article but did just want to bring up a concern. You mention that the claim a beauty product is gluten free is kind of irrelevant because the gluten molecule is too large to enter your pores. One problem….my lips are in pretty close proximity to my mouth….so the chances of actually ingesting some of the product are high. As someone who has celiac disease, I am frustrated when I hear that I don’t have to worry if my products contain gluten. Even if it can’t get through my skin, there are many other ways it can be carried into my body. Just my two cents. T

    1. Yes, that is the only way it could go wrong, I understand as I also have a severe allergy… I am mostly speaking about it absorbing into your pores, anything you consume, obviously can cause a reaction.

      1. Not argueing– Judy curious, are you a dr? Because my specialist told me that I need to avoid any products even ON my body, i.e., cosmetics, toiletries, etc that aren’t gluten free.
        I’m not celiac, I’m almost 100% intolerant.

        1. I am clearly not a doctor but many doctors will explain this. If your doctor told you to avoid it, than I would follow his orders. My point is that most people are reacting to something other than Gluten so labeling it gluten free is confusing as gluten is not the culprit.

          Q- I have celiac disease. Do I need to be concerned about sunscreens, shampoos and cosmetics that contain gluten?

          “No. Gluten-containing skin care products and cosmetics aren’t a problem unless you accidentally swallow them. For this reason, avoid using such products on your lips or around your mouth. Also, avoid using gluten-containing dental products, such as certain mouthwashes and toothpastes. If you’re uncertain about whether a product contains gluten, check the ingredient list on the product label or contact the manufacturer.

          Some people develop a form of celiac disease called dermatitis herpetiformis (DH), which causes an itchy, blistering rash. This skin disorder is also linked to gluten intolerance. But although it involves the skin, DH is caused by ingesting gluten, not by skin contact with gluten. So, eliminating gluten from your diet will help clear up DH as well.

          If you use a cosmetic or skin care product that contains gluten and you develop a skin reaction, see your doctor or dermatologist to identify the cause. It is possible to have an allergy to wheat or another grain that could cause a skin reaction, but this would not be due to celiac disease.”


          Michael F. Picco, M.D.

    2. Very valid point!

  19. I recently tried Lipsence at a friend of mines party. I also noticed my lips becoming very dry after using it just the one time. Within a 48 hour time frame my lips top and bottom had broken out in probably 50 small blisters along the line of my lips where the inside of your mouth and lip begins. It has been over a week now and I’m still not able to put anything on my lips besides antibiotic ointment. The blisters have just healed up but my lips are still very dry, very tender and red. Needless to say I cancelled my order.

    1. I would try food grade coconut oil, olive oil or Shea butter to moisturize your lips if you don’t have allergies to them and the blisters are healed. These are intended to be edible. They are single ingredient so no need for research or risk of wrong info. Not very Luxe so may not be your long term go to. They are cheap, easy to find at local grocery store (except maybe she’s). Meanwhile they will be soothing until you find what meets your needs.

  20. Can you tell me about a competitor that I have seen online that seems to have cleaner products called “Lip Ink” Seems to have similar line of marketing, except it doesn’t seem to tast like alcohol.

  21. I cannot find where on their website it lists these ingredients. I see alcohol denat, ferric ferrocyanide, and propelyne glycol… but none of the others?

    1. They make more than lipgloss, these are ingredients found in the FULL line and NOT just lipgloss 🙂

  22. I tried a ‘starter’ kit and just started with the moisturizing gloss alone…no color. The gloss immediately made my lips feel super dry, but was told it was normal before I tried it to ‘sting’ as it’s exfoliating and softening your lips. I kept at it for a bit when other wearers and reviewers said to just ‘power’ through it. The final couple days of me wearing it, the dryness got to the point of feeling like my lips were burning as if I had applied muscle rub to them, large amounts of skin were coming up with bleeding involved-more than just’ small flakes’ like they claim is normal. This happened in a span of maybe two weeks, and again-this was just the moisturizing gloss, zero color. Wore nothing on my lips that would interfere with it, kept to the shea butter and jojoba oils the say to use, which I had used before and had zero problems with. I’m not sure what’s in it, but no more.

    1. Lots of synthetics not made for skin, so sorry to hear about your experience ugh!

  23. I was intrigured when an acquaintance who is holistically minded started selling Lipsense on Facebook. So I bought a color and a gloss. I experienced the horrible burning on my lips when I applied the color and my lips felt super dry and shriveled up. When I put the glossy gloss on top it felt and looked better. I messaged the rep and told her I didn’t like the color, which she offered to exchange or give me a refund and when I complained about the my lips looking like wrinkled prunes she said she didn’t understand what I was talking about. I tried explaining how every line in my lips were emphasized and were not a good look. She said this was the “exfoliation process” to just power through it, the years of my using Burt’s Bees and regular lipsticks had taken a toll and if I gave it a few days to a few weeks I’d get through this crisis point and have wonderfully soft lips! So I tried it a second day, same issuse and I hated the color, ordered another color and mailed back the original color, kept using the glossy gloss for “moisture and healing”. Third day I woke up, washed my face and a couple spots in my lips were bleeding! I messaged my rep, she assured me this was good, I was going through the “exfoliation/healing process”. So now me, who is typically your super researcher is researching and I found your site. Shame on me for trusting someone who is making lots of money off tons of unsuspecting women and didn’t do the research herself.

    1. I don’t think it’s exfoliating, I.think it tears up your lips. Awful taste, feel and look. Lines, lines everywhere

  24. Just want to let you know that you are incorrect regarding your assertion that gluten cannot cause a rash upon skin contact. It abolsutely can, and I have a dear friend who cannot use oatmeal anything on her skin because of this. She also cannot use other wheat based skin care products. The rash is severe with a rapid onset. She is gluten intolerant.

    1. Oatmeal is oats, not gluten or wheat. Wheat is wheat, not gluten. I think you are confused about what is what, which is the problem- misinformation. She may get a rash when she CONSUMES gluten, but she is NOT getting a rash from products on her skin that contain gluten. “For such patients, they may have skin reactions to surface contact with gluten, but it’s not their celiac disease at work, it’s the wheat allergy.”

      1. Many producers of oats also produce wheat, and there are stray wheat plants in with the oats that get harvested, too. Additionally, if the oats are harvested with machines also used to harvest wheat, or processed in facilities used for wheat, there is cross-contamination. It is a fact that even if a product claims to only contain oatmeal, it may contain trace amounts of wheat.
        People who have wheat allergies need to be mindful of this, and only use oat products harvested from wheat-free fields, wheat-free manufacturing facilities, etc. Quaker has a good page explaining more about this here: http://www.quakeroats.com/about-quaker-oats/content/quaker-faq-gluten-free.aspx

        1. Yes 100% but people think it’s the Oats or the Gluten and really, it’s usually something else, like Wheat, to blame!

          1. That’s why they make “gluten free oats”. They’re hard to find, but it’s available! My belly doesn’t bloat after eating gluten free oats, but looks like I’m prego after eating regular oats. Lol. Crazy how human bodies react to even “natural” ingredients!

  25. I have recently stopped selling SeneGence for these same reasons. In three months of selling I had five ladies have reactions to the product. In good conscience, I could not keep selling something that might actually cause pain to someone. I have seen the posts regarding customers having reactions and people being told to tell them to power through. Why should your lipstick have to hurt? After seeing someone post a customer with blisters and somebody telling her to tell them to keep applying….I knew I had to stop selling. In all honesty, though I did not have a ‘reaction’ – certain colours did burn almost to the point of pain on application. And, my lips always had this tight feeling….the gloss did not feel like it was moisturizing at all. I loved the staying power….but, over time lost my confidence in the product. I can also tell you that most Reps just refund the money and keep the colour as a ‘Tester’ (without letting the company know of the issue)…..therefore, safety reports are not accurate.

  26. It is always easy to write slanderous comments when you are paid to sell other items from this site. Your goal ultimately is to sell your products as the best and I don’t fault you for that, but write up each post on their quality and why to by your product not why not to buy other products. Each blogger has a goal for or against some with monetary returns. Why don’t you research these facts and let us know if this is wrong and why? https://nerdyformysenesisters.com/2017/02/19/the-sciencechemistry-behind-lipsenses-staying-power/

    1. First of all, it’s no secret I have made my entire life’s mission to encourage women use cleaner beauty. My entire online store is stocked full of Organic, Natural or Non Toxic items so yes, my goal here is to bring awareness to the toxic products most women may be using, without knowing the risks. Second of all, slanderous means FALSE and malicious. The blog here is based on FACTS despite you not wanting to accept it. These are the RISKS of these ingredients as studied by various chemists, doctors and groups like EWG.

      The fact that so many reps have a problem with this is the real issue. I never said you should stop using it, notice that? I simply stated why I would never use it and do have an online store here stocked full of SAFE products for women to try. Why are you so loyal to a brand that contains the same ingredients found in anti-freeze and paint? That’s alarming. These cheap brands, all of them, not just Lipsense do not care about you, your lips, your family or your health. They care about their bottom dollar and their profit. It’s very very easy to make products without the plastics, dyes, paints, fragrances and chemicals that Lipsense uses and my opinion is, to opt for something that does not require my lips peeling apart. It’s sickening what you all have trained yourselves to believe.

      As far as this blog you have shared, I’ve read it several times. She does not even cover the RISKS, she explains the ingredient’s PURPOSE- there is a difference. You know our own government tells us it’s ok to consume dairy correct? And that Organic food is no better, despite there being hundreds of doctors that state otherwise? Well, it’s the same with beauty. You WILL find people who tell you this stuff is ok and safe but it’s simply not. Not when you factor in everything else you apply each day and that is the goal here- to REDUCE your toxic load. This is not just an attack on Lipsense, as many of you are confused on. I call out brands every Sunday to show women the toxins they are using each day, many without ever knowing it. So, please, feel free to continue using this stuff, but I will no longer invest my time explaining to you how blind you are to the reality of this brand.

      I care about myself more than a shiny lipgloss, which is why I choose to support brands that care about my health as well. There are plenty of MLMs out there you could work with that are not causing allergic reactions to this degree. Crunchi, Poofy, Beauty Counter, Neals Yard, all WAY better options and I profit not 1 cent sharing that info.

      1. I absolutely LOVE what you point out here – “These cheap brands, all of them, not just Lipsense do not care about you, your lips, your family or your health. They care about their bottom dollar and their profit.” This is so sad but true! So thankful for companies that do care! And typically the ones that go through the process of USDA Organic certification do it for exactly that reason…because they care!! ❤️

  27. As with ANY product if irritation occurs, DISCONTINUE USE. Gosh, that PSA has been around for years. I use LipSense. I love it. However, if for some reason it caused me harm I would quit using it. To each his own, correct? I honestly didn’t see that one word on my tube that you used…ferric ferrocyanide? Can you tell me which LipSense contains that so I can research?

    1. If a product is causing allergic reactions in hundreds of women, it’s probably smart NOT to risk it. Why would I risk it when I could use a natural, non-irritating product instead?

  28. Thank you for writing this ! I was thinking about trying a tube of Lipsense but now I won’t ! I just joined a new company MUE and they are new so they aren’t as big as younique or anything and they have more lip colors launching in April for anyone who asked for any recommendations on kiss proof lip wear , Amplilip. And it doesn’t burn or anything haha I could never wear something that burned my lips.. and it’s cheaper than Lipsense … I can’t believe you all spent that money and went through those reactions. 🙁 I’m sorry


  29. Thank you for Posting this article!!!! I just bought Lipsense and my husband told me there’s something weird about a product that stays on so long!
    I was going to buy a lipsense shade for my daughter! Thank God I didn’t!!!!!

  30. This is more of a community question versus comment.
    I have three colors. Love the colors, hate the burn and the flaking off ( side note kukui nut lip balm from Hawaiian bath and body works really awesome if gloss isn’t your thing).
    I noticed that I’m was getting tiny bumps in my lips, not surface bumps, just below, and thinking I am crazy I checked my bottom lip and it was clear. It’s been about a month since and only using lipsense I am finding tiny bumps in my bottom lip 🙁 has anyone else experienced this or am I just nuts lol

  31. I am really interested in non-toxic lip color. You said you could point us in the right direction in your review. I appreciate your review of LipSense. I am a true believer of eliminating toxins from my home and the things in and on my body. Thank you so much for being a voice of health, even when many do not want to hear what you have to say.

    1. Yes, in the menu above here, just click LIPSTICK or LIPGLOSS, tons of clean faves!!!

  32. Oh no… I too have developed two large blisters on my top lip and a very sore bottom lip from Lipsense. I’m very new to it, and bought a bunch to become a rep, as I have to say I LOOOVE the product! I didn’t buy the bunk about the flaking of lips being a natural exfoliation and healing process for your lips, healing from years of wearing lip balms etc. Biologically that makes no sense at all. I just figured, it has alcohol in it, it’s very drying, and this is what causes the burning and flaking, but your lips may desensitise to this – as many say it clears up after a week or so of use.

    I also thought my reaction might be that I tried a LOT of colours all on one day, applying, removing, applying etc. So I’m going to give my lips a break and try again – but if I have any reaction I’ll sadly have to say goodbye to LipSense :o( which is a shame. The first time I tried it, it stung/burned my lips but I thought it was perhaps from the wipes I used at the demo evening, to remove my long stay Rimmel colour, as I can be sensitive to some products. Never before have I reacted to a lip colour though.

    After reading your blog, I’m now thinking that it was always the lip colour that caused the stinging, and then burning sensation initially and since – today such a strong burn that I had to brace a little. It only lasted a few seconds, and the lip gloss really did help it a LOT. Regular application of the gloss throughout the day today calmed the reaction, but tonight the blisters are hurting a little, so sadly I will have to leave the Lipsense experience behind, and stick to my Rimmel, Covergirl and Maybelline long stays – which are all lovely – just don’t have the huge range of Lipsense, nor the possibility of layering colours – which is a fabulous concept. Disappointed but necessary I guess :o(

    Thank you for this page!! I’ll be contacting Sentence to see if I can get the items refunded.

  33. I have done my own research after having fatigue issues for several weeks after starting to use Lipsense products. I had adrenal fatigue 10 years ago and thought I had overdone it physically but I realize now th connection between the two! I googled each ingredient and found the glycols in the Lipsense to be VERY DANGEROUS!!! It states if you are handling the glycol ingredients to wear gloves and protective clothing and we are putting this on our lips and it stays ALL DAY???? Wow! I thought the rubbing alcohol had smell was a little odd, then the taste is bad when I lick my lips too. No more!!!

    1. yup, crazy how the reps justify these things, what may work for them now could very well cause various risks later. good for you for researching for yourself!

  34. wow! learning a lot! So has anyone found a non-toxic lipstick that stays on a long time? I have loved Lipsense but would love something non-toxic.

  35. This makes me sad. I am a Senegence rep and have been since Dec. I also was told the “tingling” was due to all the wax build up from other products and it is healing my lips. Also, when I first used it, I had a horrible taste when I ate anything while wearing my Lipsense. I asked.on several pages about it, and never received a response as to why it had a nasty taste. Needless to say, it went away. The gloss is meant to help moisturize your lips…what I was told…as it contains Shea butter and Vitamin E. I have done no research on the ingredients until today and what I’m reading is making me question just how good this stuff is for you. I have invested thousands of dollars into this product and my stock. Now I’m not sure I want to continue to sell this product. I, too, have small bumps onmy inner lower lip that seem to elevate and get irritated when I use the Lipsense. I thought it was a part of the “process” but the bumps are still there, and when I don’t wear the Lipsense, my lips begin to heal. As soon as I put it on, they’re back! I really hate that I found this.blog because I am fine of those “reps” that fell in love with the long lasting part of the color…and immediately signed up to sell it because there is nothing else on the market like it. Women are making TONS of $ on this product (not me, of course)…I am so confused now….because I don’t want to sell something for the wrong reasons. Thanks for your post.

    1. It is sad, and one of my good friends is selling it to. I feel bad knowing all this and not sharing. I may have to tell her what I found out.

      1. I tried to talk to my friend about the bad reactions I had and she refused to listen. They talk to their uplines and the response is always the same. “I’ve never heard of this”.

  36. You know I looked up lipsense and senegence on EWGs website and nothing came up am I looking in the wrong place? I’ve looked up under general products and under cosmetics and nothing comes up.

  37. I tried Lipsense for the first time today. After I put one the first coat the smell was not pleasant. Then I put the second and third coat of the lip color, after about 30 minutes I had a burning stinging sensation and my lips begin to swell. I took it off immediately..this Lipsense makes no sense to my lips!!

  38. Hi! Just wore it for the first time this week, and could not understand why the inside of my lower lip felt painful and sore. Surprise, surprise, it made two small sores which I never have. Reading this, makes me realize I am not the only one. I will so hold off buying more

  39. Hello,

    Question. Looking at the ingredients, it says there’s caster oil in the lip makeup. Is that safe? I’ve heard it shouldn’t be ingested(and I lick my lips sometimes and wouldn’t want to ingest something I shouldn’t). Thank you for your time! I tried lipsense since a friend said it was safe then saw some extra ingredients not listed on their Facebook picture add that we’re in the gloss(paraben) and have decided to look elsewhere. Know of any color from a non toxic lip stick that is a blue red?

  40. Dear Organic Bunny ?,
    I would love to get your feedback on the new “natural” hair care product, Monat. Like Lipsense, EWG nor Think Dirty have any information regarding this product line. I need your help!

  41. I LOVED the color of LipSense I tried on (Persimmon) and was planning on buying it. It burned going on but they said that was normal. I had tried it on right before going to bed, so I was looking forward to seeing how it looked in the morning. I woke up in the morning and knew something was “off” because it was difficult to see and move my mouth. I went to the mirror and Oh. My. Word … my entire face was swollen!!! My daughter had tried on a color and when she got up in the morning her face was slightly swollen but not to the same degree as mine.

    I did a google search and found this page. It’s no wonder my face swelled up after looking at the list of ingredients. No, I won’t be buying it!

  42. This stuff always seemed a bit shady. From my own research, usually long lasting lipsticks generally have lead in them. Maybe this stuff does too?

  43. I tried Lipsense because a friend was selling it. The third time I used it (the last time, too) I used up half a tube of the gloss in one night just to keep the dryness at bay!! It took two full weeks for my lips to get back to some semblance of normal, I started breaking open vitamin E capsules and applying it directly to my lips…they are still dry but much better than they were. I’ll stick with the Cover Girl Colorstay dual lipstick/gloss that I’ve been using for years. It stays on pretty good but comes off if you want it off, and does NOT burn at all. I would not recommend this product.

  44. Oh I am so glad to have found this thread, I thought I was going crazy. I bought 2 colours and was told about the ‘tingling’ sensation but it felt like my lips were burning and it was scary as hell, it was not a tingling sensation at all. The smell was another issue, for me it was like a chemical smell, it was gross. It was so distracting at work, the fact my lips felt wierd, it felt like I was wearing a pair of lips 2 sizes to small for my face, like there was a tight mask on them? My lips felt imediately like a dried river bed when I would put it on and even after appling the gloss 1,600 during the day, it wasnt helping. My friend reassured me I had to see it through (she also told me the lip peeling was due to Lipsense being so good it was cleansing decades of lipstick build up from other lipsticks in my lips…hello really?) but by day 3 I had to stop. I had a large raised dry spot on my top lip for 3 weeks after and my lips are still so dry, it has changed the condition of my lips completely. I have had to look into lanolin products to try and get my smooth lips back ? Total regret buying this product.

    1. Wow. I CANT BELIEVE I found this article and your comment. My friend talked me into using Lipsense and I did. After 5 times my lips were burning and peeling and it smelled so I stopped using it. About 2 months later I still have the same problem. I thought it was something Ive been eating being that my entire life since I was a kid Ive been using cosmetics without a problem. Also Ive always had dry lips so I thought maybe it was some weird infection etc. Ive gone to the dr several times and they thought I had herpes! Ran tests and I dont. I was tested for all kinds of allergies, given benadryl and I cut out foods from my diet. Still no change. I am convinced this product permanently ruined my lips. They are tingly and feel like they are burning and fhave flakes all the time.

      1. I’d suggest you read about burning mouth syndrome. I’m having a problem now with my tongue burning and was told by the doctor that’s what I have. I’m thinking Lipsense is the cause and I’ve only been using it for a week. I’m in so much pain. It burns more every day, like if i continue to eat very salty or sour things. I hope it goes away.

  45. I would also be interested to hear your take on Monat and the AP24 toothpaste. I’ve heard mixed reviews on the toothpaste from dentists.

  46. Even if it didn’t have bad stuff in it it drys mu lips. Tried it for a month. It id bitter you can taste it wjen u eat or lick your lips. Back to the drawing board

  47. Has anyone had a problem with their tongue burning for days after wearing Lipsense? It burns and hurts to the touch as when consuming a lot of salt or sour foods. Thank you.

  48. The worst thing about this stuff is that they try to market it as natural ??‍♀️ I am an advocate with a natural makeup company and love how well it all works with NO toxins! When I hear people saying that lipsence is natural it drives me crazy!

  49. Is anyone experiencing sore throat from this stuff? I bought lip sense yesterday and was excited to wear it. I now have serious throat issues.

  50. I’m allergic to propylene glycol. Do you know if any clear glosses that don’t contain it?

  51. With my husband getting cancer we have decided to go toxin/chemical free. I came across this arrival and absolutely loved the read. Your points were right on. I would love a chance to chat with you. We came across a toxin free store and would love to know your thoughts.

    1. I would love to know what product you came across that doesn’t have all those toxins

  52. Thank you for writing this! I emailed the Lipsense company and they couldn’t tell the derivation of an ingredient so I decided to pass on this product. Why can’t they tell consumers what their product are made of? Especially if you can ingest it. (I have a soy and coconut allergy so it’s important to know ingredient derivatives)

  53. I’m a big junking when it comes to clean ingredients! Love this post! As a MUA people approach me very regularly and question why I don’t use or sell lipsense. Well you summed every reason why I don’t in this product review. Thanks!

  54. My sister in law is selling this and it’s annoying how she has to make the comment how I’m ruining my lips by not using lipsense. I’m a makeup collector so I thought why not give it a try to see if I see a difference in my lips since she said “it’ll remove the wax build up off your lips”. If I can say the starter kit price is kind of dumb? It’s $55 and you don’t really get a deal (since the color is $25, gloss $20, And oops remover is $10) why even bother trying to sell a “kit”. Also (and this is my opinion) it’s waaay over priced. My sister in law tried selling it as “affordable” to me but then when I jokingly made the comment that “Whoa there that doesn’t seem pretty affordable” she got upset saying “Good lips comes at a great price”. Not to mention when I paid for this over priced stuff she then tried getting me to sell it since I enjoyed make up and she would get some kind of bonus (I think?), but yet never even used this stuff? How can I sell something I know nothing about? Anyways, to my main point, this stuff burned my lips so bad I had to take it off within the first three hours of wearing it and tried this four other times (I really loved the color too since it was cocoa). This product hurt so much and I can honestly say wearing normal lipstick that apparently is “terrible” for your lips feels better than Lipsense. I was also told I would never be able to wear wax lipstick after using this product since it’ll ruin my lips forever if I switch back. Spoiler alert: my lips are fine after using a wax lipstick.
    Needless to say my distributor who is my sister in law butt heads with this since she is too pushy with this and doesn’t want to see reason.
    Also I just checked and this company is not with the BBB so take that as you will.

    1. They are with the BBB and listed as SeneGence International. They have anF rating.

    2. My friend sent me all three as a gift then asked me for $70, that’s how she tries it on. I never paid her thank goodness!

  55. Glad i found this! i have a lot of allegies to foods and chemicals! My friend sells Lip scence so i wanted to support her. I have been using it for 2 weeks daily and my mouth has been buring on the inside around my lips like crazy! I broke out in little white heads all around my lower lip! Ive been getting headaches. Just this week statred putting 2 and 2 together. I stopped using it. Thankbyou for what you do!!!!

  56. Hello The Organic bunny,

    I was being pressured to buy their lipsense through a friend of mine who is a distributor. I am into organic makeup and my husband wants me to stay in organic makeup line. So I decided to make research and your website came up on google. I am so glad I found this before I purchase their lipsense! My lips are always drying and chapped, I wouldn’t want my lips to get worse! I decided to show this to a distributor and sadly she kicked me out of facebook because of my truth through this. But I am glad I stood up for what I believe in organic makeup is only way to think of future health. Thank you for putting this for us to read!

  57. Lipsense is terrible. I tried 3 different colors and the gloss ( mind you I take my lol care very seriously) and I literally had a bad chemical burn from the product on my lips and the skin around it. So to those who are saying ” you cant blame a product or company for your problems” need to go elsewhere. It clearly doesn’t list all the ingredients on the product itself. And how can i get a CHEMICAL burn from something UNLESS it has chemicals in it? Its not normal and exfoliants don’t do that unless they have chemicals. Also “exfoliants” are NOT supposed to be left on your skin for so long. Hence the allergic reactions or chemical burns. Meaning there is chemicals in it.

    1. I agree Cheyenne and thanks again for the founder of this blog. Exfoliating means the dead cells come off straight away and it should never hurt. My friend tried to tell me this was natural and it was the best product in the world and people don’t look back. She is just using me and I am not going to annoy my own family and friends selling a product that didn’t work for me. I want to tell her off.

  58. Just recently made this point to a distributor who was harassing me, it was LOVELY sending them this article along with all the scientific chemical compounds and their terrible contributions to your health. Ferric Ferrocyanide also is a chemical found in antifreeze! EWW!

  59. Wow, I’m so glad I’ve never tried Lipsense! I can’t believe a product could cause so much damage!! I know a girl who sells it and is always posting things on Facebook about how great it is. I’ve never been that interested in trying it because I’m happy with the products I use, but after reading all these comments there’s no way I’ll every use it. While some people can develop reactions when switching to different products, the fact that so many people are having issues (major issues I would say – burning lips?!) then clearly there is something wrong with the products/ingredients. Thanks for sharing this!

  60. Thank you for this great post, I almost gave it! The reps are everywhere now!

  61. I recently tried it for the first time and after two days my lips were red and extremely sore, dry and chapped. It’s definitely not for me!

  62. I used lipsense and the very first time I didnt like it ,it burned my lips and was hard to get it off I had the diamond on was pretty but made my lips sore for 3 days ugggh so I wanted a full refund and she s taking 15% off for restocking fee so I lost 60.00 on it never again ,ladies , I’m better than that icky sticky yucky stufy.

  63. So, what do you recommend instead of Lipsense? Looking for a good alternative.

  64. Hi There,
    I’ve bought a few colors and a couple glosses from lipsense. The colors like the others above have said burned when they are applied and smell terribly like alcohol. One of the many problems besides my lips drying out, is lipsense causes me to have a cold sore. I was wondering if you knew of anything to moisturize your lips to prevent them from being dry all the time. My lips bother me so much that I pick the skin off which then makes them bleed. I would appreciate all your help! Thank you in advance!

  65. I only recently heard about this brand so when someone I follow posted a video review, it seemed impressive until she told me how long it actually stays on without budging and still looks perfect. What? That already sounded alarm bells making me wonder what they actually put in the product. I am normally sensitive to certain ingredients and after ready some of these comments, I’m not surprised there were so many reactions. Also worrying when a consultant won’t refund when another confirmed they do.

  66. Every single time I’ve applied Lipsense it burns immediately and then my lips are completely cracked by the end of the day. I used Lipsense 3 days in a row once, and by the 3rd day my lip was bleeding now I actually have a scar on my lip from how badly they cracked and bled. Beautiful colors, and definitely long lasting but not at all worth the aftermath of dry, chapped, or cracked lips.

  67. i tried it -forget the burn and dried lips i began having breathing difficulties i got a tightness in my chest and began wheezing since i tried three different colors, a few days apart, i know it was the product, not just random factors omg this stuff is TOXIC beyond belief glad i found this blog/site

  68. Have you researched any of the other SeneGence product ingredients, by chance? Or know where I might find information on them? I’m a rep – at the moment (I don’t push sales; signed up for personal use mainly), but, may well be on my way out. And, I agree that the burning/tingling/flaking line most reps try to sell you is a big load of BS. But, I’m loving their other products.

    1. Their website has the ingredients listed for each product they sell.

    2. I was wondering the same thing!! Same situation you described – signed up as a distributor for personal use and have ALL of the skin care and body products now too. Have you been able to find any information about the other products? I’ll be honest, after using pretty much the full line for 2 months I’m very unimpressed with the results. My skin seems to be looking worse (more wrinkles/ breakouts/ red blotches) than before I started using these products… and the Lipsense absolutely does burn and cause dry/ cracked lips.

  69. I tried LIPSENSE to support a friend that has become a rep. I have always been super health conscious and I am actually embarrassed to say that I tried it. For sure it is toxic. I wore it one day to the beach and that was enough. Within a month of trying the product I have developed lines around my mouth. It could be a coincidence but I don’t think so. The ingredients have a drying effect on the lips and surrounding skin. I would not recommend this product and would definitely warn people of the toxicity of the ingredients.

    1. A did the same for a friend except she posted it to me without asking permission, then asked me for money. This is the problem with this business and I am very upset with my friend – she forced me into a pity buy to support the fact she doesn’t want to work (but have others do it for her) and it gave me a bad reaction. She told me she has never heard of a bad reaction so happy to read these posts.

    2. I had the same results … lines around my mouth since using Lipsense! I also wondered if it were a coincidence!

  70. I started using LipSense back in the fall and have had problems with my lips for MONTHS (starting back in the fall) with being SO DRY. I LOVE the lipstick, I do, but I cannot keep my lips hydrated. I came searching this morning online to see if it is indeed the lipstick because the problem started when I started using the lipstick. They peel and are shriveled like an old lady (take no offense if anyone considers themselves this, please and thank you). I exfoliate and moisturize when I’m not using the lipstick but it’s only temporary. Even though the lipstick is touted as having “safe” ingredients, I have wondered about them with their complicated names. I do have a gluten allergy and have been GF for over 4 years….now I think it must be the lipstick causing these issues. 🙁 I, too, try to stay “all natural” as much as possible and I think this is hurting me.

  71. Thank you so much for this article! As someone who is usually ingredient-conscious, I didn’t think twice when a colleague offered me to try LipSense. I too experienced the burning sensation on my lips, and did not like the dry, painted, caked-on appearance. I like my lipstick to have some grace and flexibility. She offered the “oops” remover, and I inadvertently got some in my mouth. It tasted HORRIBLE. A couple of days after this happened, I had a sore feeling in my mouth on my gums beneath my lower front teeth. I wasn’t concerned, but then a day or two later the pain was so awful I was almost in tears. MAJOR gum inflammation and pain. I used natural methods to heal my mouth (oil pulling with tea tree oil, rinsing with salt water, etc.) and my gums were healed within a week. The ONLY thing different in my routine was that encounter with LipSense and the remover, and I was horrified to realize it could cause such powerful toxicity in my body! I will never purchase the product.

  72. What do know about their color correcting tinted moisturizer. I like that it stays on. There appear to be no parabens. But, some kind of itchy breaking out after using. Was going to try Lipsense but saw that the gloss has parabens as well as some of their other products.

    1. I should say, so I decided not to buy any of their products with parabens. Do you know of a natural foundation that will actually stay on for a good part of the day

  73. I’d hope others have commented on it by now, and honestly I didn’t scroll through all the comments to see, but as someone with celiac disease I just wanted to mention the validity of the gluten-free claim on makeup.

    Say, hypothetically, that gluten wasn’t a surface irritant and in light of the fact that the molecule is too large to pass through skin, gluten ingestion even in minuscule amounts is detrimental to the health of folks with celiac disease. Not only are lip products highly likely to be ingested at some point at some level through eating and drinking, but even products such as foundation pose some risk as you may touch your face and then contaminate the food you touch.

    It’s simply not worth the risk and the very real damage. There are plenty of healthy gluten-free lip products out there that may be kinder to one’s skin, but I just wanted to point out that this claim on this or any other brand’s products are helpful for those of us who need to be extra cautious about it.

    I actually don’t keep any gluten products in my house anymore at all, from hair to makeup to food to laundry because I was getting cross-contaminated.

  74. My cousin has hosted 2 of these online LipSense parties, and I have declined both times. Number 1: I have absolutely no interest in MLM parties because all the products are ridiculously expensive and never live up to the hype, and number 2: every time I get an invite to one of these parties (even tho I decline), I will always do my research on the company and the product. I already have a problem with chapped lips, and me trying this stuff would just make the problem worse. And the fact that they have alcohol…. I can’t wrap my head around! Why would you put these ingredients into a product if they are so harmful? Since when do your lips need to “exfoliate”? I exfoliate my face because i have dry skin and never experienced burning, cracking, or break-outs. I’ll stick to my Carmax chap stick, thank you very much! I hope others do their research first and find out the truth before being sucked into this lie…

  75. This is so BIZARRE! I have olive skin and have never had any problem with sunburn on any part of my body. The last 2 times I have been in the sun for any extended period of time, my lips have plumped up like an allergic reaction. A friend and I were just trying to figure out if I used a different sunscreen, or anything different. There was nothing we could figure out. Then, all of a sudden, I remembered that I had started using LipSense. I actually really like the product — it stays in place longer than anything I’ve ever used. So here’s the question: obviously, I’ve stopped using it effective immediately. How long will it take the effects to wear off and I can get in the sun without the reaction????

  76. I wish I had found this BEFORE I had my neighbor do my makeup… I usually don’t wear makeup and I am a health/wellness advocate. We do eat mostly organic, our home is chemical free and I asked if it was all natural… She said it was and warned me before hand that the lip color would “burn” because my lips were so chapped… (I didn’t think they were), GAAAAWD did it burn… and after an hour of having it on, I started getting a tingly feeling in my lips like they were swollen… Had to take it off after a few hours, but 3 days later, i still have what feels like a chemical burn and sores…. (I am a Pure Haven rep, which is a full line of non toxic products and I should have known better…) Please don’t try this…

  77. I am a new distributor. Prior to this, I used natural oils on my face to cleanse and moisturize. I even used Olay for a bit. Once I started using the 3 in 1 cleanser for Dry/Normal skin, the daytime moisturizer, the nighttime moisturizer, the dark circle eye cream – within a week my face now has dry patches and it hurts! Has anyone else had this?

  78. I should have done more research before trying Lipsense. I was intrigued by a lipstick that would stay on for any length of time since I have trouble keeping some on my lips. Each time I used it I got the terrible burning sensation but kept on using it because I was told it would get better. After several weeks of use, a sore formed on the inside of my upper lip. It stayed there for a month. I put every type of medicine on it I could think of. I eventually went to the dentist to have it checked out. My dentist took a biopsy to see if it was cancerous-thank goodness it wasn’t. I discontinued the use of Lipsense and the sore went away and hasn’t returned in the past 6 months. I am scared to know what I could have done to my lips, mouth and body if I kept using it.

  79. Really helpful! Needed to know all the products.
    Thank you for the idea!

  80. I wish I found this article an hour ago. I just ordered some from a rep selling out her stock so I’m sure I won’t be able to get my $ back. I try to find healthy products but got sucked in by family and friends loving this. I like the concept of staying on at least reasonable period of the day.

    Guess I go back on the hunt for a better safer product. I’m happy to have found this article as I was going to buy a couple more colors. And excited to read the other articles and explore the other recommendations. Thanks again!

  81. The thing I consider before purchasing my lipstick is its scent and taste. I used this Lipsense and didn’t find it interesting. Whatever I don’t like alcoholic scents. Not worth its price! I also faced the drying effect like the others. Lol, I love my nude lipsticks.

  82. I have been using the lipsense color fly girl 3-4 times a week and usually a lighter shade on the other days. I have been a fanatic for about 6 months. But I to think I’m having a bad reaction this product… not the burning of the mouth or blisters… it’s different… I break out in a full on sweat and get so so red in my face…. this reaction only last about 30 minutes and only happens in the morning when I first put it on, not when I reapply…. I’m curious if anyone else has had this problem..

  83. I also experienced a very painful burning after application. I didn’t leave it on for more than 30 secs to a min. I have a chemical burn on and around my lips. Extremely inflamed and dry skin still a week later. Dangerous, garbage product.

  84. Every Senegence rep: “Wow, I’ve never heard of burning/peeling/blistering from our lipstick!”
    And yet here there’s an entire page of people with adverse reactions. And if you do a Google search for “lipsense burning,” you get over 247,000 results.
    But it’s so rare no one has ever heard of it…according to the reps. A whole bunch of my friends bought Lipsense from a friend who was a new rep—everyone but me, because I googled it first. Two thirds had burning or peeling.
    Yeah, thot sure sounds “rare.”

  85. An avid user of Lipsense products for the past 3 years. I had an HTMA test done recently and my Bismuth levels were off the chart (an ingredient in the Lipsense color Bella I use) and Cadmium was in the high levels (also an ingredient found in Red 6 and red 7 Lake which are in the colors I used) I have invested in over 25 different colors of Lipsense and 10 different Eye shadows. After research on cadmium and bismuth I realized it’s time to throw out my Lipsense and cross my fingers that I don’t get cancer or something along those lines from the heavy metal intoxication.

    1. Soooo terrible! I’d love to see your test if you wanted to share with others to warn them!

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