Plant Dog Lick Mat in Pastel Blush


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Lick mats are one of my favorite way to spend the afternoon with my dogs! I really love this one because it has both the honeycomb and the licking component, which means that you can use both solid, liquid, and powders on it and use it both as a stimulation fun or for meal times! This lick mat from Plant Dog is also special to use as it has suction in the back that prevents it from falling, making it the perfect tool to use for showers or brushing sessions with simply some pb or your own creation by smearing onto it and sticking it to any surface! Add our favorite Organic Peanut Butter for a tasty treat your pup will love!

To Use- Simply spread wet food all over the surface and off they go for several minutes of intense activity. Your dog/cat will lick their carpet to pick up the food with their tongue. To extend the licking time, you can put the mat in the freezer, it is ideal during the summer to refresh them. Ideal as a supplement for gluttony dogs and cats.

Size- 8″ x 8″ x 1″

Attention: Never leave your dog/cat unattended with the mat. Once the activity is complete, remove the mat immediately.


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