Quinn Organic Popcorn Review

I’m not normally a popcorn fan, mostly because up to 93% of our corn is genetically engineered and sprayed heavily with chemicals, but when Quinn Popcorn contacted me asking if I would like to sample their Organic Popcorn I thought, hell yeahhh, I can finally eat popcorn again! I have tried a few of the Organic popcorns I have seen in the stores, however, most are pretty dry and plain so I never really bought them again. Not only is Quinn Popcorn Organic and non-GMO, their popcorn comes in so many delicious flavors it’s hard to pick a favorite!

Besides making pre-bagged popcorn, Quinn also makes microwave popcorn, without all the scary chemical coatings and toxic plastic & metal bags. Because I refuse to use microwaves, I was happy to learn that these bags of organic corn kernels can also be popped the old fashioned way by using a pot and healthy oil of your choice.

To learn more about why conventional microwaved popcorn is unsafe, check out the blog they wrote about it here.

why microwave popcorn is unsafe

So, now that you know why conventional popcorn is no good, let’s talk about why Quinn Popcorn is so good!

  • Quinn Popcorn is actually the first microwave popcorn free of synthetic chemicals and preservatives!
  • Quinn Popcorn uses only Organic, non-GMO Popcorn, expeller pressed oils and rBGH-free dairy.
  • All bags are compostable and chemical & plastic free.
  • Comes in a variety of delicious flavors, made with real ingredients like Organic Kale, Organic Herbs, EVOO, Sea Salt, Maple Syrup and more!

Curious what some of my favorite flavors were? Because I try to avoid dairy, I skipped all those made with dairy and opted for the healthiest ones they had. My all time favorite flavor was the Kale & Sea Salt and the Organic Coconut Oil Popcorn. While these two were my favorite, mostly because of how healthy they were, the Maple Syrup flavor was beyond delish as well.


Coupon Codes-

Because I always want to offer you guys a coupon code when I can, Quinn Popcorn has set up a super sweet 20% OFF code for my readers! Just enter in organicbunny at checkout to save! <SHOP>

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  1. Hi
    Love your blog and was reading your review of Quinn popcorn, just as side note as I also had stayed away from as well due to GMO and corn but I have found out that all popcorn is non GMO. Apparently, the corn kernel used specifically for popcorn is a different than the standard GMO grown corn. I didn’t believe this when I heard it but then did my own research and it is true.

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