Non-Toxic Vegas GLAM!

Thankfully, I am home from Vegas in one piece… Honestly, Vegas is fun and everything, but it’s soooo much work, I’m happy to be home. Not only do you have to get there, hello 6 hour car ride, once you’re there it’s never-ending cabs, dinners, shows, lounges, walking, etc… and while yes, that is super fun for a few nights, by night 3 I was more than ready to be back at home haha. Anyway, I really did not get to create any amazing makeup looks to share with you, I really was just in such a lazy mood, but here is one ok one I can share! This was my I want to get ready, but not really makeup, as I just did a quick, simple smokey eye paired with a bright, bold lip! To learn about how I did this look, check out this play by play recap below!

Naturally Glam Vegas Makeup!

  1. Skin Care- First you want to prep your skin with a hydrating facial oil to allow the foundation to sit properly. I use Kypris Antioxidant Dew first and then layer the Beauty Elixir III on top. Let each saturate in for about 5 minutes before applying makeup. Be sure to not overdo the oil or you will be left with super oily skin.
  2. Foundation- Now that your skin is hydrated properly, you now want to apply your foundation. I am in love with the Kjaer Weis cream foundation in the color Just Sheer. I apply this to my entire face using their Blush Brush which really allows for the most amazing, smooth, flawless application. This foundation is my #1 must have item as it truly covers everything, all while being non-toxic and made with Organic ingredients. Once my KW foundation is applied, I then will apply a bit more with a Beauty Blender when I want a more full coverage. Because this makeup is so lightweight, you can apply it with a pretty heavy hand without it ever looking heavy or thick. Any item from Citrine, code organicbunny10 saves first time shoppers!
  3. Cream Bronzer- Now that my foundation is on, next up is a bronzer. I start with the Vapour Luminous Foundation Stick in a darker color than my face to contour (#135), applying it along my cheekbones, forehead, chin, and nose for dimension. Once I have it drawn on, I then blend in with the Blush Brush, it really blends out so nicely and almost effortlessly. Once that layer is blended into my foundation, I then go over certain areas I want shimmery with the Vapour Bronzer in Spicy. Apply where needed and blend again. 10% OFF with code organicbunny.
  4. Powder Bronzer– Because sometimes cream bronzer is simply not enough, I like to set the cream bronzer with a powder bronzer on top as well. Lately, I have been love, loving my pressed Antonym Bronzer! It’s the prettiest color and never ever looks caked on or muddy!
  5. Powders- After all the bronzer is applied, now it’s time to set it all! I set my makeup with the RMS Tinted Un-Powder in 2-3, my absolute favorite way to set my makeup! This soaks up all extra shine, leaving you with a matte, flawless finish. You can also add more, as needed, throughout the day, this never looks cakey or heavy which is why it’s my fave.
  6. Brows- I only use Eco Brow to fill in my brows, it’s 100% Natural and lasts all day long without ever smudging. I use a small amount of the Penelope color, dipping my Defining Brush into the pot and using short, light strokes to fill in the brow. With this product, you only need a tiny amount so this will realistically last you all year, if not longer.
  7. Lashes- My all time favorite mascara is the Lily Lolo classic black mascara. This gives me long, clump-free lashes that do not smudge and hold up all day.
  8. Lips- To create a glam, bold lip, I used the Zuii Organic lipstick in the color Sugar Plum. What’s cool about Zuii Organic is they offer samples which is always helpful before buying the full sized items!
  9. Shadows– Because you all know I love a bold, smokey eye, I had to create a great one for my birthday in Vegas! I used the Diva quad by Zuii Organic also, to perfect this look.
  10. Brushes– I used my new pink pearly brushes by Luxie, these really are such amazing cruelty-free tools if you are in need of new ones. Code organicbunny will save you at checkout also!

Luxie Pink brushes

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  1. Do you recommend a specific beauty blender? Thanks!

    1. I use the original hot pink one!

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