How to Repair Damaged Hair, Naturally!

Let’s face it, if you own hair styling tools or like to dye your hair, chances are your hair might be suffering from some damage! Considering I used to have bleached blonde hair, then jet black hair, and now have a more natural hair color, I am no stranger to hair damage which is why I wanted to do a blog on exactly how I repaired my hair after some major self-inflicted damage!

First, yes, there is some hope at growing longer, healthier hair, however, the downside is it simply takes major commitment and time. So, without further rambles, here are my personal tips for repairing damaged hair!

How to Repair Damaged Hair, Naturally-

  • Shampoo & Conditioner- Because conventional hair products are full of cheap, oil stripping ingredients like sulfates, you will want to change to a cleaner, more gentle shampoo as soon as you can. Haircare products make a huge difference in your results as they will no longer strip your hair of the beneficial oils it needs to stay healthy and protected. For a full breakdown of the products I use religiously, click here. I also only wash my hair about 2-3 times a week in total. The other days I do ponytails, buns, or hats!
  • Hair Regrowth Shampoo & Conditioner- For those that want a little extra boost my customers are having great results using the Tulsi Bloom Shampoo + Conditioner. Many are noticing faster hair growth and super healthy hair!
  • Reduce Styling- No, you don’t have to stop styling your hair forever but if you can reduce the amount you style it, that will help a ton! Working from home means I never style my hair and I must say, wearing buns and ponytails for the last 3 years of my life has majorly paid off. Every single time you subject your hair to heat, pulling, brushing, teasing, straightening, round brushing, blow-drying, etc… you are damaging your hair. The less you can style your hair, the better, adjust anyways you can.
  • Hair Cuts & Reduce Hair Colorings- When I was blonde, I was dying my hair every month. As you can imagine, my hair was in horrible condition. I finally came to my senses and realized I looked best with my natural hair color and stopped dying my hair different colors. It took some time but I dyed my hair back to my natural color and left it alone for almost 6 months and cut off all of the majorly dead sections. Sometimes, cutting off the damage is the only hope. True hair health can really only happen when new, fresh hair grows so the less you can damage your hair, the better, obvi! Now, I literally only dye my hair once a year with minimal color to reduce damage and avoid toxic fumes. I prefer to leave my natural brown color and add balayage highlights on the ends only.
  • Heat Protectants- If you can not stop styling your hair for a while, at the very least you will want to make darn sure to protect your hair before you style it. I personally use the La Brume to protect the hair from heat, and also the Jordan Seban balm after brushing, and before blowdrying. This duo makes sure the strands stay coated and protected if I do style.
  • Hair Ties- Because I wear a whole lot of ponytails and buns, I try to avoid thick rubber band hair ties as much as I can as they lead to MAJOR breakage. Every time I use one, I end up ripping huge chunks of hair out which leads to split ends and flyaways, aka- damage. I personally love using velvet scrunchies instead. You can get your own Organic Bunny scrunchis here. I also love the Kitsch Sleep Scrunchis as they are a satin-like material that are perfect for pulling your hair back before bed.

  • Hair Masks- To ensure my hair stays hydrated, nourished, and healthy, I love doing hair masks at least once a week. Self-care is so important as the better you look, the better you feel. When your hair and skin is looking healthy and strong, it can only improve your mood 😉 My two favorite hair masks are the Jordan Seban mask or the Under Luna Mask! Both are super clean and work wonders on my dry ends.
  • Ditching Terrycloth Towels- Because terrycloth towels are made with tiny loops of rough fabric, this can lead to breakage and excess frizz. You should always opt for a more soft and gentle towel for drying your hair if you can. My all-time favorite hair towels can be found here. These are a must-have item for curly-haired gals, those with fine hair, or anyone in general that wants to avoid breakage.
  • Diet & Vitamins- While I do take vitamins occasionally, I am not that good about being consistent with pill form so I try to eat certain nutrients instead. Loading up on things like Vitamin A and C packed Spinach, Guavas, Peppers, Citrus, and Strawberries to prevent breakage and Vitamin D to encourage new hair growth are just two important parts of a healthy hair routine! If you need an easy way to get more greens in each day, this Organic Greens Powder is my fave to add to smoothies.
  • Collagen- I did not use collagen for years being Vegan but after having to add in Wild fish to my diet this year, I was more open to trying marine collagen as well. I only carry one collagen and it is more expensive, however, there is a reason for it- it works! I have researched so many different brands and the Agent Nateur Holi Mane is hands down the best. Both men and women report that they notice less hair shedding alongside, longer, stronger, thicker hair. I take mine every morning in my coffee and do think that it has played a role in the improvement of my skin, nails + hair.
  • Iron- Those with iron deficiencies can suffer from hair loss so making sure you get enough Iron each day is key to having healthy hair! Women between 14 – 50 should aim for around 15-18mg a day. If you are noticing much thinner hair, you can have your doctor test your Iron levels to see if they are low. Some iron-packed faves of mine are- lentils, kidney beans, sesame seeds, quinoa, swiss chard, pumpkin seeds, and chickpeas!⚡
  • Protein- Part of growing healthy, new hair is making sure you are getting in enough protein each day. Most people that eat primarily healthy do get plenty of protein each day, however, if you are in need of a Vegan and Organic protein powder as a quick way to get some nutrients in, my current favorite is Truvani! In just 1 smoothie, you will get 20g of protein which will hopefully support new hair growth! Some high-protein plant items you can also strive to eat each day are spinach, kale, broccoli, mushrooms, cauliflower, cabbage, cucumbers, and peppers.
  • Omega 3’s- To not only prevent hair loss and breakage but to also encourage healthy and full hair, you will want to be sure to get your Omega 3’s in each day. Wild Salmon is great for this but also chia seeds, leafy greens, hemp seeds, berries, beans, flax seeds, and black walnuts are all great sources of omega 3 which assist in nourishing your hair’s follicles and encouraging overall more hair growth and health.
  • Quality Hair Brushes- Many brushes can yank and damage hair when brushing but not these! These TEK Brushes are not only eco-friendly, Vegan, and non-toxic but super high performance as well, great for scalp stimulation and keeping hair tangle-free! Always start at the very end of your hair, slowly brushing up as the knots detangle. You never want to brush from the top or center, down. This rips the hair out.
  • Protect- If you are someone in the sun, pool, or ocean often, you want to be sure to protect your hair before exposing it to those elements. The best way is to get your hair wet first and then, apply a hair oil to the ends. This will keep the hair protected and moisturized.

This was just a quick blog as many were asking me how to get longer, stronger, and healthier hair so I wanted to just get something up! As I think of more tips and tricks, I will continue to update them here! XO

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  2. Love this article!! ♥️

  3. Do you have a hair brush for daily use that you recommend?

  4. Love your blog so much. You’re so right- let’s try to keep bad stuff out of our hair. I was embarrassed that I wash my hair 3x/wk. Not anymore.

  5. I was so excited to see this blog post! I’ve already purchased some goodies from your store and want to purchase shampoo and condition next! Loving the Josh Rosebrook hairspray!

  6. Much needed for my dry hair! Thank you!!

  7. Love this article! It’s helpful to see it in black and white; and, I need lists. Thank YOU for all the suggestions. you make it so easy to get beautiful results. Off to add to my next Organic Bunny order. I need to find vegan solutions for my daughter as well.

  8. You have the best hair ever and give me hope! Going to follow all of these steps 💕🙌🏼

  9. LOVE your blog! I have a question for you with regard to dying your hair. As a person who no longer colours my hair, due to allergies. I would love to hear your thoughts of natural hair dye? Is there such a thing? I have a lot of grey hair now about 50% which I really don’t like “Vanity” I guess. Although in saying that, I really do not want to use toxic chemicals on my head and risk allergic reaction again! I have done a lot of my own research but have been left confused and frustrated! thank you.

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