Matte Foundation for Summer

Happy Monday bunnies! It felt so good to get ready today, I don’t know about you but it feels like it has been ages since I have done a full get ready. The best part of my “job” here is that I get to play with clean makeup for a living so today I decided to do exactly that and mix things up to try out some other items that are great but get overlooked due to my not wanting to stray from faves. Many of you ask me for a more matte foundation so I went ahead and played around with an old favorite matte foundation. With Summer here, I find myself extra dewy during these warmer months so it’s nice to have a more matte option available. Want to try a more matte foundation but not sure your color match? Email me! [email protected]

Because I lean more normal to dry, I like to have a more dewy base to allow the matte foundation to glide on seamlessly. I prepped my skin with the Holi(Oil) Ageless Serum but I gave it time to absorb before rushing into makeup. I like to apply my skincare, then do my hair while it absorbs and then, I do makeup. The older I get, the fewer products I really feel like using so it’s safe to say my getting ready routines are getting simpler as the time passes. I really like to focus most of my time on keeping my skin happy and healthy, that way, I feel more comfortable in my skin and less reliant on makeup to cover things up.

For those that want to take the same approach, I am happy to help you customize a new skincare routine that will leave your skin glowing and you feeling more confident! The Organic Bunny esthetician is available for a FREE consult to any new or returning customers so give her an email today letting her know what issues you’d like to work on! From hair or skin to body acne or sunless tanning, we are here to help! Email: [email protected]

And now, for the details! As you know by now, my makeup stays pretty natural looking so here is the quick breakdown of both how I did my hair and makeup today. Any questions? Just shoot me a comment or email for more help!



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  1. Good job….really liked it

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