by theorganicbunny on
November 13, 2015


Just when I thought I found a great new natural lash serum, yet another is released and has me wondering now, which one is truly the best!? Because it’s basically my job to figure this stuff out, I decided why not put these two to the test and try both at once, one set of lashes at a time!?

So, for the next few weeks, I will embark on the ultimate lash growing mission, with today being Day 1! Each morning and night I will apply a few coats of each product to one specific eye, so at the end of this journey it will be easy to see the winner with your very own eyes! To be honest, these products are very similar so the results will basically determine the winner, but before I start, let’s chat about the differences between the two!

NuvaLash- $80

To learn more about NuvaLash, or to shop, head to Safe & Chic where code organicbunny will save you at checkout!


To learn more about LASHFOOD, or to shop, head to Shop Conscious Beauty where code organicbunny will save you at checkout!

And there you have it, off I go to put these two to the test, I will be back periodically with results! xo


11 thoughts on “NuvaLash Vs. LASHFOOD”

    1. Yes Nuvalash performed better for me! I will update this soon! 🙂 I had to use it twice a day, morning and night to see a difference! How did the brows work?

  1. Hi,
    Discovered your blog recently ant literally obsessed with it! Thank!!
    Anyhow, any result yet? can’t wait to hear yo

  2. I just checked out the ingredients at safe & chic and they are great, but the price is now $120 ???? Any insight on the $40 increase and whether or not the price might go back down?

  3. FYI Safe and Chic has a promo code right now that gets you Nuvalash for $80 again! The code is just “Nuvalash”. Not sure how long the promo will run.

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