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Ah, Azulik Resort in Tulum, I had such high hopes for you! Many of you asked how my stay was at Azulik aka the treehouse hotel in Tulum and sadly, it was a true nightmare. I typically do not like to leave negative reviews but our experience was soooo bad, I had to share for those considering this place as an option as we lost thousands on this place. First, yes, this beach is stunning, the rooms overlooking the water, the outdoor swing, the unique structure… it’s all so instagrammable and fab but, the reality is, your actual stay there is anything but. When choosing this place, we did read that there was no- AC, wifi, showers or electricity and honestly, I thought it sounded fun and romantic as I love a good ocean breeze. Turns out, it’s well, not. In attempt to save others the agony, here is my PRO & CON review of the Azulik Resort in Tulum! And no, our whole trip was not this way, we had so much fun at the other resorts, UNICO was totally worth the money in my opinion and I will share more on that soon.


The beach is beautiful and the rooms overlooking the water truly was a sight to see, so stunning but, there are lots of pretty beaches in Tulum, this is nothing exclusive to Azulik. The whole treehouse vibe is also so cool, they have these giant hammocks all over, you really are on sensory overload when you arrive because it’s all so different and fun. I would have to say, the only true pro for me and this resort was the design and uniqueness.


  • No Air Conditioning– I can handle no wifi, I really can. I can handle no electricity, I really can. But, what I could not handle was the no AC. It’s hot, so, so hot, like beyond humid as you are in the middle of a jungle and your only option for air is to keep both room doors open which in exchange, brings in hundreds of mosquitos. It was so hot that I was sweating simply unpacking my bag. It is so hot that you can not even sit in your room so we were left wondering why we were paying for something we could not even sit in. I specifically paid more for an ocean front room for the breeze, however, there was not one at all.
  • Mosquitos- To avoid being bitten, you must sleep in a mosquito net which sounded cool until you wake up with 100 bugs staring at you as you drip sweat. The net is not 100% contained so no matter what, the bugs will get you. I was covered in bug bites, even after using bug spray.
  • Phony Marketing Claims- They also claimed to be very much into energy, healing and wellness but that all quickly ends the second you have a complaint which I did not like as it felt very fake, they are only nice to you as long as you are spending money. We explained to them the issues we were having as I did not want to be paying $700 a night to be bitten and sweating and they told us flat out there was nothing they would do about it.
  • Overpriced Spa– I was also so excited about massages on the beach, however, the sun shifted during my massage and my entire body was left in the sun to burn. I tried communicating this to my therapist but the language barrier made it impossible so I just sat and burned because I felt badly. When I mentioned it to the manager I was not happy with our over $500 massage experience, he asked me “Did we force you to get a beach massage?”
  • Bad Food- They also claim they are super into healthy eating and Organic, however, their food was not. I saw Yoplait yogurts and tons of boxed milks for breakfast, which again, for $700 a night, I did expect more from a place that preaches health and wellness.
  • Rave Music- There is a hotel next door that blasts rave music all Saturday night, it was so loud that we did not sleep. There are no phones in the hotel rooms so you can not call to complain, instead, I called long distance to the front desk, all to have no one answer or ever return my call. When I say the music is loud, it’s honestly like the room shakes loud, do not plan on sleeping.
  • No Returns- Despite telling the manager all of our issues, as well as that we were on our honeymoon and that Kyle had 12 stitches in his hands and the environment was adding to his unbearable pain, they refused to refund us and were actually super hostile when approached. We did not expect them to refund the night we stayed but we did expect a partial refund for the above problems their website does not mention that they are fully aware of. They are not ethical people so you will be out of luck if any issues do arise.
  • Under Construction- They are renovating the hotel the more they grow so you can plan on hammering and pounding pretty much your entire trip.
  • Smells Like Sewer- Because the plumbing is so outdated, the entire hotel smells like sewer and no, this is not an exaggeration.
  • Dangerous Railings- The shaky, wobbly railing in our room was the only thing between us and falling off the cliff, I am shocked no one has fallen over yet, it is so unsafe, it seriously sways when you touch it.
  • Unlocked Room- Because it is so hot in the rooms and you are forced to sleep with the doors wide open, it means anyone can walk into your room by simply going around the side path. There is no security or safety, anyone that desired could simply walk in as you sleep. They will say it’s my fault for sleeping with the doors open, however, you have no choice with no AC. I ended up piling up the lawn chairs to act as a wall lol.
  • No Customer Service- If you find their bad reviews online and read their replies, nothing is their fault. They blame everything on you but they will learn quickly that won’t add to their growth or success. All of their business is based on tourism so you would think they would be more appreciative of those dropping thousands on their resort but they are not. If anything goes wrong on your trip, they will do nothing to fix it. We tried talking to various managers and employees about all of these issues and we were told we were simply out of luck. They also knew it was our honeymoon and that I was a wellness blogger and still, no service or compassion what so ever. One meal, I was so hungry, but with no interest in their menu so I asked for plain rice and they flat out told me no.
  • Simply Not Worth The Cost– I believe we paid over $700 a night for basically indoor camping and ended up abandoning our second night it was that bad I paid that $700 to leave. You would have to pay me at least $10,000 to stay here again.
  • Pitch Black- Because they use no electricity, it is literally pitch black at night. I had to leave a few candles on, mostly because I was scared to sleep with the doors wide open since someone could walk in. Try sleeping while your subconscious knows candles are burning as you sleep… With that, the bugs, the heat, the rave music, I did not sleep more than I think 2 hours from 2-4am when it finally cooled down a bit.
  • Even Kyle Was Mad- It takes a whole lot to piss Kyle off. He is really great at keeping his cool and rolling with the punches but it was actually his idea to change our flights in the middle of the night, even he was miserable.

Overall, this resort has a beautiful concept but I sadly found out it’s mostly all smoke and mirrors and I totally regret losing money on my vacation. When you spend so much time planning your honeymoon or vacation, there is really nothing worse than arriving and realizing it’s not at all what you expected and unfortunately, that is what Azulik turned out to be for us. I will be doing a full blog on the places I do recommend in the weeks to come as our other stops were much more enjoyable than this.

8 thoughts on “Azulik Resort in Tulum Review

  1. Thanks for sharing! I was looking into this place.

  2. Wow! This place does look beautiful but I am reading the comments on Trip Advisor and I am shocked at how they are replying back to customers! You are completely right when saying they will blame you for everything yet nothing is their fault. Its really distasteful. How sad. I will cross this place off of my list to visit now. Also congratulations on getting married!! 🙂

  3. Such a bummer, thank-you for taking the time to share your experience. If it makes you feel better, you are saving several people from staying here which will definitely make them lose business. I now know not to stay here next time we go back, thank you!

  4. So sorry you had to go through this! Especially on your honeymoon ??‍♀️ I’m glad you posted the review so other people won’t have to go through this! That sounds like you should’ve paid $100 a night to stay there, not $700!! ??

  5. You should check out Casa Chameleon Las Catalinas in Costa Rica. The rooms are amazing and each has a stunning view of the ocean (most have their own infinite pool). The food is great and I have never had better service.

    I am not a promoter or anything I just recently went there and was blown away. The pictures of Azulik remind me of Casa Chameleon.

    Just found your website and blog and love it! You help just prevented me from purchasing chap stick that is too toxic!

  6. I had a bad experience there as well. The hotel bar would not have cash back and had very overpriced drinks. We were there in November of 2016 and were also so annoyed by the construction. When using the beach and wanting to use the bathroom we asctually had to go all the way to our room because there was no other public bathroom! The bed in the room was extremely uncomfortable. The last drop was that during breakfast I opened couple of the jam mini jars on the table which were full of mold and on top of that they were on my bill when checking out!!! Apparently they were extra cost! No refund for them either. We goo amazing photos there but not worth the money

  7. I wish I had read your review before going to Azulik myself! I admit, I went after seeing all the photos on Instagram and ended up being super disappointed with their service. I agree with you in that the rooms and views were stunning, but the customer service was horrendous. They overcharged my credit card by $200 and I had contacted them via e-mail numerous times. Their response was that their financial coordinator would get in touch with me. After 2 months of getting nowhere, I had to file a dispute with my credit card and that was the only way I got my money back. Oh, and their food was disgusting! (Minus desserts, which were quite fantastic) I’m still baffled by the whole experience.. I want to thank you for your honesty. It’s so important to find honest reviews like this!!

  8. Did you ever post about the resorts you do like? I thought I remember seeing one years back but now I can’t find it. I am planning a trip and would love to know your recommendations!!

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