Azulik Resort in Tulum Review

Ah, Azulik Resort in Tulum, I had such high hopes for you! Many of you asked how my stay was at Azulik aka the treehouse hotel in Tulum and sadly, it was a true nightmare. I typically do not like to leave negative reviews but our experience was soooo bad, I had to share for those considering this place as an option as we lost thousands on this place. First, yes, this beach is stunning, the rooms overlooking the water, the outdoor swing, the unique structure… it’s all so instagrammable and fab but, the reality is, your actual stay there is anything but. When choosing this place, we did read that there was no- AC, wifi, showers or electricity and honestly, I thought it sounded fun and romantic as I love a good ocean breeze. Turns out, it’s well, not. In attempt to save others the agony, here is my PRO & CON review of the Azulik Resort in Tulum! And no, our whole trip was not this way, we had so much fun at the other resorts, UNICO was totally worth the money in my opinion and I will share more on that soon.

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