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So, you all have been asking me to type up a list of products I use in my videos so, here it is! Today, I did a quick Insta-story on a fun everyday look and to make ordering the items easier, here is what I used! Everything used is available in my new online Organic Bunny store which packs the same day and ships super fast with 2-day Priority shipping! Any order over $125 also gets FREE shipping which is nice if you need to stock up on new clean items.

Products Used to Create This Look-

  1. Facial Lotion- Fitglow Beauty Vita Rich Cream. Amazing for brightening the skin, smoothing fine lines and worked well under my makeup, I was surprised.
  2. Face Primer- Crunchi Primer applied with clean hands to smooth out fine lines.
  3. Concealer- Spot treat blemishes and dark circles with the Hynt Beauty concealer in Medium. This stuff is no joke, it covers seriously ev-er-y-thing!
  4. Foundation- Crunchi foundation in Natural 2.5 applied with the Crunchi Foundation Brush. The brush is seriously essential and helps it apply flawlessly.
  5. Contour- To warm my cheeks up since the 2.5 is a tad light on me, I use the Vapour Foundation stick in 135 to add dimension. Swipe this to cheeks, forehead, and jawline for instant warmth! This is a great trick for foundation that is a tad light.
  6. Bronze + Highlight- I am obsessed with the Lily Lolo Sculpt + Glow Contour Duo. I used the lighter side for a luminous highlight and the darker shade for some bronzed dimension on cheeks.
  7. Brows- My brows are super natural looking today thanks to the 100% Pure Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder in Soft Brown. This is amazing for anyone short on time, simply apply where you’d like to add some color to brows. This is like a brow mascara so it’s not going to add detail or shape, mostly just some pigment.
  8. Lashes- Finally, my all time fave Lily Lolo Mascara is back in stock. I can not live without this mascara, it’s so fab and ALL natural!
  9. Powder- I only use a tiny bit of powder because the Crunchi foundation is the perfect semi-matte finish already. But, to remove any shine or dew, I add a few taps of the Hynt Beauty pressed powder in Sand.
  10. Lipstick- Can we say wow? How beyond gorgeous is this Dreamtime lipstick by nudus? It’s for sure my new go-to color and even more amazing in person. Photos do not do this justice. In person, it’s so creamy and almost a fruit punch wine color and these hold up for hours! Obsessed!

And, that’s it! This is pretty much all the makeup I use these days, with the exception of mixing up products here and there like lipsticks and brows. I love my current routine, it’s pretty much the best I’ve found over the course of my 3 years being a green beauty so hopefully, you ladies love it too!

Color Matching-

Not sure what colors you’d be? I would love to help you create a new clean routine! Please take a clear photo of your bare skin in natural lighting, facing a window is best. Avoid super bright sunlight, the goal is for me to see your natural tones. Once you have the photo, please email or direct message them to me on the outlet of your choice. Also, please let me know the items you’re in need of and a bit about your skin. Are you dry? Oily? Acne-prone? Spill it all! xo

Email- [email protected]

6 thoughts on “Quick Get the Look

  1. Are the products that you promote and supply on your website, are they vegan as well? I see they are organic and cruelty free, just wondering if they are created with any animal by product. Thank you in advance for your time. ?

    1. Yes!!! Cruelty Free but not all Vegan no. I have a Vegan section tho!

  2. Thanks for providing this! What type of foundation products would you recommend that contain sunscreen? Or, do you recommend a specific sunscreen to wear under the foundation? Thanks so much-

    1. Yes! These are my favorite primers, 2 have SPF! Kypris + Hynt! https://www.theorganicbunny.com/product-category/primer/

      1. Thank you!

  3. Are you wearing a lip liner? I recall you use a honeybee garden sometimes, and your lips are so lovely here.

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