Best Natural Products to Pack for a Mani Pedi

It’s rare I find time to get a pedicure these days but when I do, you better believe I like to pack my own products to bring along! I have done this a zillion times and I’ve never had any issues with a salon not letting me, you may get a few weird looks but hey, people already think we’re crazy so you might as well just go for it! I usually just ask them when I check in if they will be able to use my products due to having allergies to certain things. This just makes it easier for them to understand instead of trying to explain why you do not want to use their most likely toxic products. So, to give you a better idea of how I go about this, here are my favorite items to pack when pedicure bound!

Best Natural Products to Pack for a Mani/Pedi-

  • Foot Soak- Agent Nateur makes my current, favorite bath soak! Not only does it smell amazing like Jasmine and Rose but it leaves my skin baby soft! For those that want more of a detoxifying soak, I love bringing the Bathorium soaks in to draw out toxins and impurities from the body. These also neutralize body odor so if you have a hubby with smelly feet, he might like to try this too!
  • Body Scrub- One of the best parts of pedicures is when they scrub off all of your dead skin so packing a powerful scrub is key! I love bringing the Prim Botanicals Spoil Yourself Silly or Debauchery Detox scrubs! They are just the right balance between scrub and oil so they feel so good when applied and not to mention, leave your skin so moisturized after thanks to all of the nourishing oils they contain. I like bringing this scrub because it does not make a mess and I find it most effective for removing dead skin. For those that enjoy a more gentle exfoliation, the Chocolate Sun is another great, nourishing option with a less abrasive scrub.
  • Massage Lotion or Oil– I personally have them use the Life Flower massage body oil because it massages so well, however, you could also pack one of the Aleavia Body Lotions, they smell amazing and moisturize like a dream. Today, I used the Holi Body Oil by Agent Nateur and everyone around me was asking what it was, it smells that good. If you like a thicker lotion or balm, I also carry those options here.
  • Nail Polish- Huella makes awesome nail polish and yes, it really holds up amazing for a cleaner polish! While no polish is truly clean, this one at least does not contain Benzophenone-1, something most other “non-toxic” polishes still contain. These are pricey so my tip is to share them with a friend and trade-off! To view all of their color options click here.
  • Polish Remover- Looking for a cleaner way to remove your nail polish? I love using the nail polish removing wipes or actual nail polish remover by Gabriel!

Today I got the color Ambrosia! It’s the perfect mix of pale coral and pink, just in time for Spring.

So, there you have it! Everything you need to have a successful spa day at the salon or even just done yourself at home! All of these products are free of synthetic perfumes which is key for me since stuff at most nail salons are full of hormone-disrupting scents and ingredients! Have a fave I didn’t mention? Leave me a comment below!

4 thoughts on “Best Natural Products to Pack for a Mani Pedi

  1. What do you do about massages and facials?

    1. I go to spas that offer organic options usually! I bring my own oil if they dont for massages! The Good Medicine is awesome as it’s a massage oil!

      1. Thanks!!

      2. Do you still sell the Radiant Body Oil by Good Medicine?

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