by theorganicbunny on
April 3, 2018

Best Natural Products to Pack for a Mani Pedi

It’s rare I find time to get a pedicure these days but when I do, you better believe I like to pack my own products to bring along! I have done this a zillion times and I’ve never had any issues with a salon not letting me, you may get a few weird looks but hey, people already think we’re crazy so you might as well just go for it! I usually just ask them when I check in if they will be able to use my products due to having allergies to certain things. This just makes it easier for them to understand instead of trying to explain why you do not want to use their most-likely toxic products. So, to give you a better idea on how I go about this, here are my favorite items to pack when pedicure bound!

Best Natural Products to Pack for a Mani/Pedi-

Today I got the color Ambrosia! It’s the perfect mix of pale coral and pink, just in time for Spring.

So, there you have it! Everything you need to have a successful spa day at the salon or even just done yourself at home! All of these products are free of synthetic perfumes which is key for me since stuff at most nail salons are full of hormone-disrupting scents and ingredients! Have a fave I didn’t mention? Leave me a comment below!

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