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July 29, 2015

Teaonic Wellness Tea Review

If you’re a tea lover like I am, get excited because I have just discovered a brand new brewed, bottled, and ready-to-drink herbal wellness tea from a company called Teaonic! This line of herbal tea tonics is unique because the teas are specially made to address the common health needs of today! From detoxifying the liver and aiding digestion to relieving stress, and suppressing the appetite, Teaonic really does have a wide variety of wellness teas to treat the issue of your choice!

Not only are the Teaonic teas great for you, they’re also Organic and all-natural, with no sugar, no calories, and no artificial flavors or preservatives. And, for icing on the cake, they are made locally in Los Angeles, in their very own micro-tea-brewery.

So, How Do They Taste?

These teas have a very “tea” taste to them because, well… they are pretty much just blends of teas, roots, berries and plant extracts! Because there is no added sugar, these teas are not sweet, however, you can always add an Organic sweetener of your choice if you need that extra sweetness.

Favorite Blends?

Some of my personal favorite blends are:

Teaonic Wellness Tea Review

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Overall, I really love this line! I think it’s such a unique idea to make high-quality products that actually have some truly amazing health benefits! Besides just being a tea, these really do work hard to balance your body to get you feeling the best, most healthy version of yourself as possible.

To try out this line, you can use code organicbunny at checkout for a generous 30% OFF! <SHOP>

What Teaonic are you excited to try, let me know in the comments below!

7 thoughts on “Teaonic Wellness Tea Review”

  1. I’m ordering mine today! I can’t wait to try these teas. I have always been a tea lover and I am excited to find a company that is all-natural & organic and that promotes both beauty & health and seems to work really well! 🙂

  2. Tried Love My Gut &taste good being I’m not a tea drinker.pretty good stuff can’t wait to try the others

  3. Our local store has Teaonic! I have tried “I LOVE MY LIVER” and “I LOVE MY ADRENALS” so far and all I can say is I LOVE TEAONIC! I am going to try each one they have available, and will also report back on them 🙂

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