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As many of you know by now, I am extremely anti-dog kibble. Not only is it not a well-balanced, fresh meal, the links to numerous health problems and the fact that it is high heat processed and likely carcinogenic was enough for me to know I had to dump it. Also, according to Dogs Naturally magazine, a study of 522 dogs by Lippert and Sapy (2003) showed that dogs who were fed high-quality, freshly made, real food diets had an average life expectancy of 13.1 years versus just 10.4 years for dogs fed commercially processed pet food! That’s an extra THREE years, hopefully, with your favorite fur baby. Not to mention, once you get your pets off kibble or low-quality food, you will be blown away at how much healthier they become. Any skin issues or allergies will often clear up and their coat becomes so shiny and strong!

I know, it’s not always easy, financially, to eliminate kibble and make your food from home the way we do, but if your priority is your dog’s health, I wanted to at least have some better options for you all to choose from. For more reasons on why we dumped kibble, yes, even the better brands like Acana or Orijin, I highly suggest renting Pet Fooled for FREE on Amazon ASAP.

So now that we know kibble has to go, what do you feed your dog instead? Well, I know that it’s not always easy, financially, to eliminate kibble and make your food from home the way we do, but if your priority is your dog’s health, I always want to share some better options for you guys to choose from and The Farmer’s Dog is one, plus, you can even try them out for 50% OFF right now which is major so let’s go through some pros & cons on this option for your pet to see if it might be the one for you!

Farmer’s Dog company offers fresh dog food formulated by board-certified Veterinarian Nutritionists and delivered right to your door. For us, this was our #1 choice, here is why!


The Farmer’s Dog company offers fresh dog food formulated by board-certified Veterinarian Nutritionists and delivered right to your door.


  • For us, this was our #1 choice, here is why!
  • Food packs arrive lightly frozen but very slim to make storing easy.
  • Meals are packaged with environment-friendly, biodegradable packaging.
  • They offer a pet questionnaire that takes into account your dog’s age, breed, weight, and activity level to customize your food plan.
  • Meals are made with human-grade ingredients and gently cooked at 165 degrees to kill bacteria but not beneficial nutrients.
  • Contains their special vitamin blend including vitamin B12 supplement, zinc amino acid chelate, iron amino acid chelate, vitamin E supplement, copper amino acid chelate, thiamine mononitrate, sodium selenite, riboflavin supplement, potassium iodide, vitamin D3 supplement, and folic acid.
  • Contains Fish Oil to help give your pet a healthier coat.
  • Recipes are egg-free for those sensitive to eggs.
  • They have several different blends and recipes to choose from, view them here.
  • The website offers info on how to transition their diet over easily.
  • Preservative and filler-free, already cooked, just thaw and serve!
  • They offer a 50% OFF two-week trial here.
  • Farmer’s Dog offers free shipping on their orders!
  • Each meal pack arrives with your dog’s name on it, perfect for those with multiple pups that may order different blends.
  • Adjustable food blends, portion sizes, and delivery frequency.


  • This came slightly frozen which means it needs more time to thaw out before serving but it very quickly thaws in warm water. However, it is in plastic so heating plastic does increase the risk of the plastic leaching into the food so thawing beforehand is best.
  • An entire day’s worth of food is in one pack, so you have to portion it out.
  • Ingredients are not Organic.
  • They do not allow you to choose the delivery day since it depends on your location.
  • They do not have samples, only a two-week trial period.
  • The only subscription option is delivery every two weeks.
  • Does not offer cat food.
  • Does not offer a discount for subscribing to a larger delivery.

PRICE- This is based on my dog’s size, age, and serving him just two meals per day.

  • Weekly- $70 for 14 meals.
  • 2 Weeks- $140 for 28 meals.
  • $280 a month for one 65 pound dog is the average cost.

Get 50% OFF Farmer’s Dog here.

6 thoughts on “The Farmer’s Dog Review

  1. Thank you so much for this honest review! We have been looking to make the switch but didn’t know where to start. Often times you can’t trust other ppls opinions when an affiliate code is involved so I appreciate all the extra work and research you put into this! Will help decision making much easier.

  2. Have you tried the brand “Ollie”? 🙂 my dog loves it and would love to hear your opinion.

    1. Another one to consider is Lucky Dog Cuisine. Very nice family run company.

  3. I’ve signed up for NomNomNow and so far I really love their website and how they offer different mix boxes to start. A pro is they ask a TON about your dog to help with your recipes if you fill out the 5 surveys, long but worth it I hope. My dog is healthy but needs to lose weight!! A con I would add is they are giving you 20% off half what you would normally feed for 4 weeks to start. So, good for trying it but slightly misleading for planning pricing. I was assuming 92 dollars a month at first but pre pay is 200 for 4 weeks of food so I will get 20 dollars off on prepay next order.

  4. I have been making my own dog food but I wanted to give Farmers Dog a try. I just got my first package. Do you recommend putting any supplements in the food? If so, which supplements do you recommend?

  5. A HUGE tip-of-the-hat to Farmers Dog! These folks truly care about OUR PETS and they CARE about us, the pet owners! Allow me to explain. My wife and I had two Boston Terrier rescue dogs. We lost one, Dustie Rose, suddenly last November and our remaining girl, Maggie Mae has Cushings and advanced dementia. We just started feeding Farmers Dog to Maggie Mae and have had her on it for about a week now. She is responding quite well and has new found vigor and appetite. She is more alert than we’ve seen in several months! We are truly grateful for Farmers Dog!
    My review doesn’t stop there. It is with great pleasure that I bring you “the rest of the story”. After Farmers Dog learned of what my wife and I have been through since Dustie Rose passed, the fine folks at Farmers Dog sent us a BEAUTIFUL POTTED PLANT and a very thoughtful card! How many companies elevate to this LEVEL OF CARING for their customers and pets?! This POTTED PLANT will serve as a living memorial to the FOND MEMORIES we have of Dustie Rose and Maggie Mae for MANY YEARS TO COME!
    THANK YOU, FARMERS DOG for going ABOVE AND BEYOND! My wife and I are grateful!

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