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Looking for a new way to elevate your mind, spirit, wealth, romance, mood, happiness, or success? If so, crystals are an amazing way to manifest your best life yet. These magical stones are not only breathtakingly beautiful but they can also create such a shift in your everyday routine as each stone holds a different form of magic!

Like diamonds, there are various levels of quality and authenticity when it comes to crystals so you know I had to carry only the best! Entirely raw and natural, you will see a big difference in the clarity, sparkle, and shine compared to other stones as these are never heated or altered. Simply pick the stone that speaks most to you and let it work it’s magic! Want to learn more about your new crystal? Pair it with our favorite Crystal Guide!

DISCLAIMER- All crystals are one of a kind, naturally extracted from the Earth. All crystals will vary in pattern, color, shape, and imperfections.

Size- Between 1-2 ounces.

Cherry Blossom is for manifesting– Feminity, Softness, Blossoming, Growth, Trauma & Confidence.

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About- Known as the stone of blossoming, the Cherry Blossom stone is perfect for anyone looking to be more in touch with their feminine energy or softness. With natural blossom-like patterns included in each stone, this agate is the perfect choice for anyone needing a boost of self-confidence or growth as they are designed to help you morph into the person y0u’ve always wanted to become. The cherry blossom stones are also great for clearing out any resentment or hurt which will leave room for more love, light & happiness!

How To Use Cherry Blossom- First, find a quiet and calm place to sit and meditate with your gem. Make sure this space is comfortable and clutter-free. Start by holding your cherry blossom to your actual heart so the two can connect via the heart chakra. Once you take a moment to clear your mind of any racing thoughts, sit with your emotions, whatever they may be, and feel how powerful the connection between you and the gem is. As you meditate, focus on your breathing, inhaling an abundance of love, almost like your heart is blooming with pink, comforting light with every breath, really picture this pink light surrounding you. On the exhale, let go of all of the negative thoughts weighing you down. Feel them coming out of you deep from within and truly kiss them goodbye with every breath out. Continue breathing in love and exhaling negativity until you feel lighter all while picturing the energy you wish to become. Soft, gentle, kind, whatever it may be. When you feel ready to end your session, close it by saying to the Universe- “I am grateful to accept this light of love, I will now become the same light of love to all.” This will help you become a more loving and compassionate person to those you encounter each day.

Place In- Once you program your stone, you can place it close to you so you can be reminded of its intentions throughout the day. These are great displayed next to your bed or in your office while you work.


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