Naughty Monkey Footwear

Many of you are curious about what I do for a living, so I thought I would share a bit more about what I do for work! For the past 4 years, I have worked in the Marketing Department for a footwear company called Naughty Monkey. It’s a super fun job that allows me to be creative, all while playing with stylish shoes and maintaining this site on the side.

Because I do work from home, I am able to break my time up to work on that, as well as my own stuff, which is a great way to always keep the day exciting. I really love all things creative, stylish, fashionable, glam and organic, so I do feel lucky to have the best of both worlds when it comes to a career.

Naughty Monkey has some super adorable sandals, boots, heels, wedges & more… feel free to take a peek, and if you see any you like, I, of course, made you a code to take $20 off ANY style over $80!

Simply use code organicbunny at checkout ➳ SHOP

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